One M10 boasts a “very, very compelling camera” says HTC

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 26, 2016
HTC One M10 Back

Leaked picture apparently showing the HTC One M10’s rear camera

HTC’s next flagship smartphone, tentatively known as the One M10, is nearing its April 11th launch date and the company has now begun dripping out a few teasers. Speaking in an interview at MWC, HTC CFO Chialin Chang has been suggesting that we will see a much improved camera inside the Taiwanese company’s next flagship smartphone.

Hit and miss camera performance was a common criticism levelled at HTC’s last few generations of One flagship handsets. The company has previously attempted to one up its competitors with its Ultrapixel sensors, which featured larger sized pixels than traditional smartphone sensors, and dual-rear camera technologies, but gave up on those ideas with its One M9.

“We can confidently say that HTC will have a very, very compelling camera experience … We’re making this comment after we’ve seen what’s going on in the market” – HTC Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang

The latest camera component rumors for the HTC M10 point to a 12MP Sony IMX377 sensor that features larger 1.55um pixels for superior light capture, along with a laser autofocus module and Phase Detection Auto Focus capabilities. Interestingly, this is the same sensor that was packed into the Nexus 5X and 6P, which are currently regarded as two of the best smartphones around for photography. This will apparently be paired up with a 5MP Ultrapixel camera on the front.

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)Read on: HTC One M10 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features14

Along with talk about the One M10, HTC also nattered a little about some of its other products. We know that HTC is planning to release its Vive virtual reality headset later in the year after pre-orders begin on February 29th, which will retail with a $799 price tag. HTC anticipates that it could sell a couple of million units, but doesn’t have a specific target in mind. When questioned about releasing a smartwatch, the company suggested that sales of its UA Band have been stronger than expected and also commented that whenever HTC does release a watch that it will “turn the industry on its head”. So no real clues there.

HTC is clearly amped up and ready to slug it out with its competitors this year, which is great, as the company could really use a big win to lift its struggling mobile sales. What are you hoping for from HTC and its One M10 this year?

  • Max Wong

    Good to finally see them making changes to the camera,
    But please give me boomsound or just simply die HTC


      What do you mean finally? The Hipster Troll Carwash can’t seem to get the camera right on it. They have thrown 47394747 camera variations at the One to see what sticks. All met with negative feedback

      • Max Wong

        I never seen a news piece regarding how much variations has been made. No 2 people has the same ideal which is why negative comments are abundant. If that is the truth you’re speaking off, then I am really really impress how much dedication and efforts are being put into making a great smartphone. You do know the story of James Dyson do you not?

        • ASYOUTHIA

          Same guy that made the Hoover vacuum?

          • Max Wong

            Dyson, only after 5100+ prototypes, a success. High hopes on HTC now. But still my ideal smartphone needs to have front facing speakers, ciao!!!

          • ASYOUTHIA

            Look at the N6P for that

  • Vito Bozo

    I discovered HTC with my A9 and I love it a lot ! So now my eyes are on the M10 and what HTC will be able to do.
    Hope to see something amazing like the M7.

  • moew

    Same sensor in the Nexus 6P. Let me remind you that this phone launched last year, AND Sony has a newer, better sensor out already.

    This is certainly not very, very compelling says me.

    • neo905

      If it adds OIS and has better than the vanilla camera software than the 6P then it would be much better. That new Sony sensor won’t be available in phones until the Fall. There will always be something better coming.

      • Anon

        OIS is not possible in that sensor

        • Zach

          That is not true. The perfume is using that sensor and has OIS

          • moew

            I think he meant “on sensor stabilization” like iirc oppo just announced. OIS is on top of the sensor and manipulates the lenses.

    • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

      What’s the sensor they’re using in new Sony devices?

  • That One Guy

    Heard that before! HTC should not charge high end prices with a phone that under performs. I have plenty of portable speakers so I am not one to make a purchasing decision because you have boom sound speakers.

    • wombat

      You have never owned an HTC then. Outside of the camera issues, they have always out performed the sluggish and bloated Samsung when they both had the same processor.

      • That One Guy

        I had an HTC amaze so I appreciate your assumption. It had Bluetooth connectivity issues, constantly resetting itself, etc. It never outperformed any Samsung phone I had (s2, note 2, 3, and 4, and now LG v10. So speak for yourself because everyone has different experiences.

        • neo905

          Amaze? How about a One series phone. The Amaze came out in 2011.

          • That One Guy

            Well, the s2 came out back then as well but it was not buggy and trash. See that is the problem, try a one series. Once a phone company makes a crappy phone that I purchase, I am done. Like LG for example, I owned the g2x and it was just as bad as the amaze but slightly better but I decided to give them a try again with the v10. I love this phone, it is so snappy and never stutters. With the SD 808, I did not know what to expect. Optimization and ram management is so important because this chip runs more fluidly then my friends overheating nexus 6p. It throttles him a lot as well. Lag and stutter. HTC is struggling with getting a decent camera, Geez! I would never get another one when they can not even make a decent camera. They should make mid range phones, lol. Jk

          • neo905

            I am sorry but Samsung make buggy laggy trash as well. I can’t stand Touchwiz. They have made an effort to tone it down but it is still a active complaint of most users. I have zero lag and stutter on my M9. Marshmallow has been a revelation in that regards and made it even smoother. The crappy camera I can agree with on HTC, they need to do better or I won’t buy another HTC phone. The software on the other hand on the One series is great. I still have my One M7 kicking around and I can guarantee you it runs more smoothly right now than the Note 3 that came out at the same time.

          • That One Guy

            Touchwiz is based on the individual. I do not like pure Android because it lacks any features. T Wiz on the note 2 was okay, but 5.1.1 on the note 4 was pure butter. The note 3 I can not even remember how well performance was to be honest. This V10 is a beast though. I can not speak on the one series because I have not tried it so I am with you on that. I am one who likes removable battery but not to swap batteries, but instead because batteries lose endurance quicker than some people think. After 6 month the battery is no longer the same as when it was new. It is not terrible but a difference can be seen when a new one is purchased.

          • neo905

            The only thing I like about pure Android are the timely updates. Not only in terms of software improvements but now security patches. Samsung is horrible at rolling out updates. Part of that has to do with the complexity of their skin. No doubt it provides many useful touches but some also not so useful ones. I guess that comes down to the user. I have heard nothing but good things about the V10 so I won’t argue with you there.

          • That One Guy

            I definitely agree with you on that. They are so slow with updates that you only end up with 1 major os update during phones support cycle. They have improved somewhat, but that was one thing I loved about pure Android as well. That is what I respect about IOS. No consumer should ever have to wait for updates (especially ones that fix security issues or stability issues). V10 does have some dislikes (speaker is not loud enough, I miss calls sometimes). It is weird because it starts off loud then the volume seems to decrease. Maybe it is software. The focus on auto mode could be improved (note 4 was better). Manual mode is great though. Battery life sucks, I get anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 SOT with moderate use. The stand by battery time is not even that great (can not wait for doze). If anyone is saying they are getting 4 to 5 hrs SOT they are lying. It is not possible with this battery unless they turn ticker display off and i still believe it is not likely. Right now, my battery is at 38% (SOT =2 hrs 8 mins)

        • Ivelin Ognyanov

          I have htc M8 and especially on MM it’s blazing fast, smooth and like a new phone. Got friend with sony Z3 that sports the same soc([email protected] in our case). Mine is smoother and faster, but if you like sintetics: 72-73k antutu vs 53k for his phone. Geekbench for htc clearly shows it performs better vs samsung/sony etc sporting the same cpu. Single core performance and multicore perf are just better and that translates in real world performance. For the newer phones I will not compare as my observations are lower. Still, he have a point about htc and sense performance.

          P.S. I don’t have a single reset, bluetooth problem or any problem of any kind. Also boomsound is just amazing for media consumption of any kind. Sorry to hear about your experiences tho. Cheers!

          • That One Guy

            Everybody knows bench marks mean nothing in real world performance. Samsung just about scores higher than every phone in bench marks every year. I already told him I could not speak for the one series specifically but for HTC as a company. I definitely appreciate your insight though.

      • Ferro

        True said, my 2 years old HTC m8 outperforms most phones out there and it’s the most reliable phone ever built

  • That One Guy

    I had an HTC amaze so I appreciate your assumption. It had Bluetooth connectivity issues, constantly resetting itself, etc. It never outperformed any Samsung phone I had (s2, note 2, 3, and 4, and now LG v10. So speak for yourself because everyone’s has different experiences.

  • vmxr

    Good to see them want to compete in camera

    • Blackhat Dog

      they always claimed that and they always wanted to compete…but it didn’t wok out well – ultrapixel, double camera, bigger ultrapixel…meh..let’s see.

      • Ivelin Ognyanov

        Instead that gimmic double camera I wish they used bigger single ultralixel sensor boosting MP to atleast 8… then it was going to be good. Now it’s just ok for fb and casual shooting, but not great or even good.

  • Cakefish

    IMX 377 is a very very good sensor that didn’t reach its full potential in the 2015 Nexus phones because Google didn’t back it up with OIS and a large aperture. It’ll be very interesting to see how it performs when paired with OIS, but HTC will need a large aperture to go along with that to compete with the Galaxy S7.

  • Aweso

    The whole argument fell apart on the “says HTC” part. Far from the first time they claim to have the best camera around.

  • saksham

    i really enjoyed my one m7 but htc gotta seriously step up their game

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      I second that. I loved every single aspect of the of my M7 except the camera. M8 was a big letdown especially in camera department and M9/ Plus were even more worse.

      • Ivelin Ognyanov

        The M8 camera is not that bad for casual fb style shooter tho, but yeah.. wish it was 8MP ultrapixel(bigger sensor). The performance on MM is top notch tho, it is like a totally new flagship phone in real usage. :)

        • Abhijeet Gupta

          I don’t have a M8 now, traded it for lagaxy S6 Edge .ened up with a 6 Plus . worst decision ever made.

  • Rob

    It’s the extra “very” in there that really sells it.

  • tik

    Why are they marketing everything with the word ‘compelling’?

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Andddddd They are lying again. in the last 3 years or so, not even a single phone of theirs had a great camera. Its like Motorola claiming that the Style/Pure edition has a ground breaking camera but in reality they are just mediocre ones

    • Andrew Benner

      Nah, the MXPE 2015 had a pretty stellar camera.

  • The6thgate

    I still have my M7 in use after 3 years, but now that we have a baby I really can’t live with the camera performance anymore (didn’t use it that much before and I’m still happy about how fast the phone is). If they don’t mess up the camera I will definitely upgrade to the M10.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      S7/ Edge has got a real good camera but touch wiz is really not my cup of tea. it will be either 6P or m10 for me or maybe il just wait for iPhone 7 Plus or whatever its being called .

      • The6thgate

        I know, but I really hate Touchwiz so will probably never buy a Samsung (although the S7 edge is the first time I think a Samsung actually looks good). I don’t want to have to root my phones anymore so looking for a good experience out of the box which I found with HTC phones. 6p is too large for me. If the M10 disappoints it will be a tough choice, but my hopes are up:)

        • Abhijeet Gupta

          Im hoping that HTC dissent disappoint us this time.

    • Andrew Benner

      I would love to get one of these… given its a well rounded device. Sincerely hope they didn’t remove BoomSound for good.. it was one of their defining features.

    • Sami Cooper

      I only just swapped out my M7. Loved that thing.


    I am a fan of HTC. I love HTC but seem almost of their product come out with flaws.
    I hope HTC can compete with other manufacturer this year.
    but what i can see right now is the S7 almost perfect in term of design( it already feel premium), display(one of the best if not the best), battery life(large capacity, fast/wireless charge), camera(the new tech and is looking great right now) and dust/water proof. HTC must have better spec or at least on par to compete with Samsung. finally sorry for my bad english

  • gubagub

    It’s important to note this is the CFO making marketing claims. HTC is trying to string along investors to keep them from panicking as they see Samsung/LG/Chinese OEMs squeezing HTC out of the premium and midrange markets. Even if the leak is true (I think it’s too optimistic), that would mean HTC’s flagship will be using a camera that’s well on its way to the midrange.

  • HTC’s have always been rubbish because they always only make 70% of the phone well. There’s always some flaw. My HTC Wildfire didn’t have a GPS for crying out loud. Subsequent models have either had poor camera’s or poor screens or poor designs or been sluggish or had junk CPU’s etc. This won’t be any different….

  • Sami Cooper

    HTC get so much right. I can’t help but route for them. We want that Boom Sound and chassis build to stay, just give us a great and fast camera… ois too please.

  • insomniac

    M8 (don’t try to modify a single thing, even those worst bezel ever in a modern phone) + steal a camera from S6 or G4 = it will be a great phone, we’ll love that HTC. Just don’t go too deep in camera tech, you guys sucks in that.