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Recently HTC has really been ramping up the teasers associated with the HTC One M10, or what may formally end up being called the HTC 10. Now the teasing has reached a new height, as HTC has finally unveiled the day it plans to launch its 2016 flagship – April 12th. The event kicks off at 8AM EST and, just like the A9 before it, is an online only event. Yes it lists the times for New York, London, and Taipei, but the event itself will be conducted via the web.

In 2014, HTC launched and started selling its One M8 flagship on the same day, though the M9 didn’t come quite as quickly. What about this year’s HTC flagship? It’s hard to say for sure, though though previous rumors suggested the phone might hit retailers on the 16th, less than a week after its announcement.

Leaked images of the HTC 10

Leaked images of the HTC 10

As for the specs, we don’t know for sure what HTC will deliver just yet, though the rumor mill claims we are looking at a phone powered by a Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM, a 5.15-inch QHD display, a 12MP main cam, a 3000 mAh battery, and support for USB Type C. On the design front, the HTC 10 is expected to take more inspiration from the HTC One A9 than the HTC One M9. Whether this is a step up or down depends on who you ask, though many question HTC’s decision to move away from its front-facing boomsound speaker setup, which was billed as one of its biggest selling points.

Excited for HTC’s latest? Indifferent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Andrew Grush
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  • That One Guy

    Why take all this time to unveil your flagship when it will be inferior to the current flagships! Smh

  • Diego

    Show me what you got HTC.
    I’m probably going to be disappointed.

  • saksham

    if this is above $700 then htc is done

    • =

      You mean if it’s above $450 HTC are dead…

      • Rt

        It’s a flagship device…go troll elsewhere;)

        Can’t wait! Exited to see what it’s all about

        • =

          Flagship- yes… But when the brand/name cost $0 (zero $) you just can’t set a price tag equal to Samsung, Apple or even LG… It’s simple- HTC now are in one league with Lenovo & Xiaomi and must compete with their prices…

        • catapult

          same here, im super excited. due to some reason my gut is telling me htc is going to use what it learned from one m9 failure and the htc 10 is going to be quite awesome, amen ;)

    • Ethan Campbell

      Over 1000 in canada.

  • M42

    Another Samsung ripoff.

    • Noel

      How is it a Samsung ripoff? I don’t see what u are seeing.

      • daftrok

        Speaker grill is now on the bottom right, like Samsung (like Apple). Home button is a rounded rectangle on the bottom center, like a Samsung (which is also a fingerprint reader like the Samsung’s)

        • Diego

          Both apple and samsung copied HTC, actually.

        • Noel

          I won’t say that is copying samsung. There are just a few places u can put a speaker on a phone…back, front facing or bottom. I would’ve loved to see two ffs or put two bottom speakers . As for finger print reader..u can either put it at the back like many OEMs or the bottom front like they did. Though I would’ve preferred the onscreen implementation type of fingerprint reader.
          Despite those two features..I still don’t see Samsung. Phones thsee days all sort of look similar.. after the screen that takes most of the face of the device, there’s not enuf surface area for much differentiation.
          But they should have kept their trademark front facing BoomSound speakers.

  • Michael Dexter Monroe

    Call me crazy, but I think HTC is going to launch multiple devices with a device being a windows 10 phone. Look at the signs, They change the name to The HTC 10 instead of HTC ONE (M10), Then the add above has a building with the “windows” lit up. That’s just a little to coincidental for me. I HOPE this is the case, and they just haven’t shown the public the “real” HTC ONE (M9) replacement. I’m a devoted HTC user, but if the leaks that have surfaced are of the real upcoming phone, then I think I will be getting something else.

    • nicodemus

      I think the windows show how they are obsessed by staying up late XD but im an HTC fan too!

  • John Doe

    It looks slippery as hell ..

  • Daggett Beaver


  • Looking forward to the release. Maybe is time to upgrade my M7 :)

    • ibs

      Same here. Really tired of my pink camera. Camera is ok in day but night or dark situationss oh gosh. Plus , i think my battery has swollen , so if the leaks of 3000 mAH battery is true, i want this phone.

  • Giles Peach

    My humble thoughts. I like the design. I like the size. The battery capacity is acceptable. HTC’s software is generally accepted as being some of the best (and they regularly put out updates). The 2 unknowns for me are the new QHD screen (quality and effect on battery life), and more importantly…. that camera. I really hope they succeed in producing a great phone that sells…. as should all of us.