What’s going on with the HTC One M10? Latest ad lets us know… kind of

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 2, 2016


What’s going on with the HTC One M10? The company has decided to leave its upcoming flagship out of the MWC battle, where the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 took all the glory. HTC did announce the Desire 530, 630 and 825, but there is more coming… something with “the power of 10”.

That is the slogan the Taiwanese manufacturer is going with this time around, and the latest ad teases that it is going to be something worth the wait. Sadly, the video doesn’t say much about the actual device, nor does it mention the phone specifically, but it gives us enough hints to figure out what they are talking about.

HTC One M10

The latest HTC ad pretty much tells us how hard they have been working on “something”. They are in their lab working non-stop, not sleeping and going nuts over making a great product they are obsessed about.

Again, not saying much. Thankfully, we still have a bevy of leaks and rumors to go by, at least until the announcement comes around. According to the latest rumors, the HTC One M10 is to come with a 5.2-inch QHD AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage (with microSD support), a Sony IMX377 12MP 1.55um (similar to the one on the Nexus 6P, which is amazing), a 5 MP UltraPixel front-facing camera and a design more similar to the HTC One A9.

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)See also: HTC One M10 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features14

But remember, this is all still unconfirmed information, so you shouldn’t hold your breath on anything. For now all we can do is hope for the best and wait to see if all that hard work was worth it. What are you hoping to see coming from HTC?

  • William

    they are working hard….day and night…still on the stage of the device’s design LOL

  • Mist Coconut

    boomsound or it’s doomed…

    • Mark

      There will be boom sound, just no dual front facing speakers.

      • Rob nuttz

        I think that’s what he means. Boomsound is nothing more that an equalization setting.

  • Gagan Deep Singh

    HTC seems like the kid who doesn’t study the whole year but tries to cram it all in the very last night.

    • saksham

      that would be me :(

      • Lafoot Choot

        Me too! Got 9.6/10 CGPA as well :D

        • Gagan Deep Singh

          Won’t be the case for HTC

        • saksham

          lucky u i got 8.2 -__-

  • Scott Lowe

    Personally, I really liked the design of the One M7, M8, and M9. I think that basic design looks way better than the A9, iPhone clone. Lack of front facing speakers would be a deal killer for me.

    • steadymobb

      If you don’t like the a9, you won’t like this phone. I’ve played with it and it looks the exact same except the back is a bit different than the a9 more m8 looking.

  • retrosurfer

    Who cares. I’m not even keen on following new phones.. As they are practically all the same. Great specs, cameras etc. But whenever I hear of HTC.. My mind takes me back to the awful One S. After that I got the Galaxy Nexus (awesome device!). Those early Nexus years were more exciting. ☺

    • DDroid45

      you say the same thing i hear all people say when they chose to go with the cheaper version of something… the One x and the time was a good experience, i would not have went with the S

      • retrosurfer

        Very true (the One X did feel great in the hand) .. But not everyone has the money to upgrade to a flagship every year! Plus to be fair.. Phones are on the cusp of getting ridiculous spec wise (does a ‘phone’ really need 4GB+ of ram to run effectively?) Software and UI is more exciting and important. Yes design is important also.

        • asdadsad

          Yes. It does need it.2015 phones struggled hard.

          • Anon

            I got a 2013 m7 that doesn’t struggle hard with 2gb of ram… What 2015 phones are you talking about? And what are they struggling with?

        • DDroid45

          ok maybe i should rephrase what i said because i don’t want to make you sound financially unstable. I just simply mean, most times the cheaper version of a phone does not perform in a desirable manor. So you really shouldn’t have a sour taste in your mouth because HTC top of the line offerings are very good

          • retrosurfer

            Thanks for considering my financial situation (yes that is sarcasm). It’s not about not having enough money every year to upgrade (plus I have kids that their needs are a bit more important than having the latest smartphone).. It’s why do people need to upgrade every year as devices have practically reached saturation point with high specs. It’s vanity only.. That’s the reason. Yes I upgrade.. But not every year. My Note 4 is perfectly functional for now.

          • DDroid45

            I upgrade because my drug is the latest tech, everybody got there own thing ya know, and you right, family before all

          • retrosurfer

            I agree.. It’s a perfectly healthy addiction to have.. New tech. ☺. I used to be more like that a few years ago.. And still keep my eye on new models (while my wife keeps an eye on the wallet!). Who nows.. If the Note 6 has expandable memory.. I’ll probably be in there when my contract is up!

    • I had the One S, and I loved it. And it’s why I kind of stayed loyal to HTC. I think I had the HTC Sensation 4G, HTC One S, and then the HTC One M7.

  • Marty

    I have a One M8 and am pretty impressed with BoomSound. I hope the M10 will continue it.

    • Ivelin Ognyanov

      Yeah, M8 was and still is a grear phone. On MM it’s reeaallly fast, smooth, battery life is still good after two years and it’s a blast for media consumption.

      • neural_physics

        I agree my one m8 has aged very well for a 2 year old phone, it’s extremely fast on marshmallow cm13

      • Perry Carter

        I’ve had mine for a year and a half now and after the latest Android update, it’s running even better on my end. If the camera MP count and quality were just a tad higher, it’d practically be the perfect phone even by today’s standards (imo).

  • Dheeraj Yadav

    They need to remove the bar with htc logo on it it makes it hard for single hand use as it makes lower bezel very big!!

  • Greg Frye

    And anything less than a 3400 mah battery isn’t worth it

  • Gordon Bombay

    5.2? Whyyyyy?? One maxx replacement please.

  • George Buchan

    “boom sound front facing speakers” , “IR blaster”, Larger Storage for apps 32GB to 128GB apps format SD-Card as internal storage if not that least 64GB starting point large battery to get us least 2 days but lately all phones i have used only gets you half a day, basically everything what the m8/9 has but with better specs.

  • Manuel Schmitt

    I think “power of ten” stands for a 10 Core CPU like the mediatek helio x20 or even the x22/x30. 10 Cores in a One M10 that has 10 Ultrapixels… And of course a sound experience by boomsound 2.0 stereo front-facing… that is powerful like 10 speakers…. would be the coolest phone ever !

    • Krieg Nietzsche

      One could only hope

    • 3223

      Oh no… If it’s mediatek, then goodbye htc…. I still don’t really trust mediatek and it’s gaming prowess. Not yet, at least..

  • Alex Lin

    Why does everyone expect so much from HTC? Come on, HTC cannot appease everybody.

  • Josh Adams

    As much as I adore HTC’s landmark devices from years past, I believe they are following circling the drain at this point. If any of the alleged photos of the device are accurate, it is little more than a Galaxy clone that has abandoned the very things that set it apart. If HTC listened to the public, this would be the M10:

    5-5.2″ AMOLED at FHD or QHD
    BoomSound – stereo, they could be smaller, so long as they’re present
    Removal of excessive bezels/better screen ratio – kill the black bar…
    Rear Fingerprint Sensor – why add buttons to the front when it could sit on the back?
    12 UltraPixel f/1.8 camera with OIS and Laser AutoFocus
    Squared off aluminum body – better for handling
    UFS 2.0, MicroSD

    • KeyserSoze

      For a premium flagship it should have QHD at minimum, but 4K would be better for VR use. It should come in two sizes, 5.2 and 5.7 inch with no side bezel. F/1.8 aperture is blasé, F/1.4 would be excellent and more comparable to aperture on DSLR. Image sensor size should increase to 1/1.7″ for prosumer-quality photos rivaling stand-alone high-end point-and-shoot cameras.

      • Anon

        F1. 4 would be awesome but is asking too much I think lol.. F1.4 is not something you’re ever gonna find as stock is dSLR

        • KeyserSoze

          Huh? F/1.4 is common in DSLR 50mm lenses. I used to own an F/1.2 50mm lens. I don’t think F/1.4 is asking too much, on a zoom lens it’s hard but not on a fixed lens.

          • Anon

            Yeah that’s why I said ad “stock” ? of course you can get a 50mil prime, but even then 1.8 is the entry level at like £60 and the 1.4 is like £300 in comparison.. For just the lens…

            Still, if they did surprise everyone with a 1.4, M10 would be an absolute beast!

          • Josh Adams

            I agree with Anon. The first manufacturer to include F/1.4 will certainly not be HTC. Sony will develop the sensor, and Samsung will likely snatch it up immediately; on the other hand, Samsung’s own sensor efforts might crank out one soon enough.

            Since the S7 is the king of smartphone cameras at the moment, I feel that F/1.7 is the benchmark. If HTC doesn’t drop the ball (again), we might see an F/1.8 UltraPixel sensor in the M10.

    • Anon

      I think it’s almost safe to assume boomsound is history, but rumour has it HTC are dropping in an improved DAC as audio upgrade which, if true, will be clear evidence HTC definitely still has it’s finger on the consumer pulse and are still the innovating company everyone expects them to be

    • sateeshk

      Well Said Josh, i expect these to be the same from M10, i am no way thinking to see the M10 coming with the leaks or a A9 design or same look a like samsung devices. I guess HTC has got a huge fan base and are eagerly waiting for their new design

  • ADofCLE

    Haven’t owned an HTC since the EVO 4G.

  • nebulaoperator

    I hope no Amoled but quality LCD

    • Jrod

      one does not simply not want amoled

      • nebulaoperator

        One who burst deep black inky burble.

  • Giles Peach

    Same camera as the 6P? Intriguing.

  • Nahmsayin

    I’ve owned the One M7, M8, and now the A9, and honestly I am super satisfied with the A9. The performance is really good, the camera is solid and the battery life is actually pretty good. I don’t really feel compelled to upgrade to the M10 from this. Faster processor, who cares, more pixels on the screen, who cares, killer camera… well maybe

    • Rob nuttz

      I am compelled by the M10 and I also have the A9.The A9 does definitely need a better processor. The camera will mos definitely be better even though the A9’s is not bad, basically everything will be better.

  • Krieg Nietzsche

    My only problem with the rumors is the fact that they are throwing away the design that made HTC, starting with the m7 people loved it, when the m8 came out more people loved it, the m9 might not have made the biggest splash but it’s still the greatest phone I’ve ever used and would never choose an LG Samsung or Motorola over an HTC, but the m10 is seeming as if it’s a sell out and gave up what made it great, It’s not the phone for everybody it’s just the phone for the best people

  • karlD

    I think im the only one who thinks this phone is going to rock!! HTC’s teaser photo alone tells us its not going to look entirely like the A9! still, a little disappointed if, indeed no boomsound!

  • ISH-3000

    4,200 or higher mAh battery!!

    Is that too much to ASK???

    • DDD

      Yes, yes it is.

      • DDroid45

        it really isn’t, htc just need some real vision from a consumer perspective working in their camp.

    • If they made it, I would buy!

  • neural_physics

    If it has no boom sound or IR blaster than there is nothing to set this phone apart from the competition, so hopefully it has them plus an amazing camera or nobody will buy it

  • Jarvis Faumuina

    HTC should definitely keep the IR blaster. It’s one of the features that really sets their phones apart and it’s not gimmicky.

  • Stoffsprenger

    Boomsound is a good feature, but definitely not that important, for my needs. 90% of my videos and music come out of the headphone..
    I used to own the M8 and the key features why that phone won my heart were:
    – fast, snappy, reliable, powerful. Beast!
    – AMAZING build quality, really sturdy, plus beautiful (but the big bezels tho were not so pretty)
    – great record when it comes to updates (compared to other Android OEM’s)

    HTC struggled with camera softwares lately and with a low pixel amount (despite them being bigger), hopefully they’ll get all of that right this time.

    I still have a place in my heart for them and I’m looking forward for the M10!

    Soon I’ll be buying a new phone, the S7 Edge has won me over but I’m certainly waiting for HTC’s new flagship

  • CJ

    I’m due to upgrade from my current M7. Really tempted to go for the Nexus 6P but am waiting to see what HTC are about to offer up in the M10. I really, really hope they produce an awesome phone this time around. One that will make me want it straight away as with the M8 and M9 I didn’t really feel like it was a worthy upgrade.
    One thing I will say though, if they drop the front facing speakers, its a deal breaker for me. Nearly all my media is consumed within the comfort of my home without headphones and I have no intention of breaking that trend. As for the upgraded DAC within the phone rumour.. I have a really expensive system at home that does that for me. I have no requirement for it in a phone. What I do require is front facing boomsound speakers, which is probably why I’m interested in the Nexus 6P, I simply can’t cup my hand round the bottom or rear speaker anymore after having front facing speakers. I just can’t do it !

    It really is shocking to think that HTC are not listening to what their potential customers actually want and expect from them. We are all saying the same things. Boomsound, ultrapixel camera, just many many more ultra pixels !!, much bigger battery, and reduce dat bezel a tad. They innovate, get plaudits, then drop it all to bow to pressure but in doing so destroy their self respect by failing eg that shocking camera on the M9. Moved back to mega pixels through pressure and got it really really wrong !!

    • Perry Carter

      I never really got the whole “it’s not much different in design from the M8” criticisms for the M9 either. Do you really need the wheel to be radically reinvented every single time??

      • CJ

        Exactly ! Subtle changes perhaps but if it ain’t broke…..
        Apple, barely make any changes year on year yet it’s acceptable for them. Samsung has barely changed the galaxy edge and its acceptable for them also, although at least they actually listen and brought back expandable storage. HTC can learn a lot from this, so listen up HTC !, if you take away one of the best features from your phone (front facing speakers) then you have lost me as a customer. They don’t have to be big, but they do have to be there !!!

  • Mars

    Sound and front facing speakers are the dealbreaker for me

  • Alrightythen

    Yawn…..I’ll just wait to see what the Note 6 will bring.

  • Jason Birdsong

    Well at 5.2″ count me out. It’s 5.5″ or bigger or nothing. HTC will probably lose money again this year if they don’t do something creative, the spec sheet sounds like every other flagship phone coming out this year. I won’t be leaving my Nexus 6P behind for this phone it sounds like. But hey maybe we’ll get lucky and HTC will bring back the original G2 with updated specs and that amazing flip up keyboard OMG I would drop all phones for one of those!

  • Goran

    I expect underspeced phone in premium package and most premium price. That seems to be new htc policy for phones.