HTC One North American KitKat deadline will be missed by one to two weeks

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 29, 2014


Back in late October, HTC shocked the Android world by announcing it would be pushing KitKat to the HTC One at lightening fast speeds. The goal at the time was for ALL versions of the HTC One in the United States and Canada within 90 days.

Today marks the 90th day, so where’s KitKat for your carrier-branded device? Unfortunately, HTC’s Jason Mackenzie has now released a statement revealing that the goal will be missed, though not by much. HTC is currently in the certification phase will all of its carrier partners in North America, but it appears it will be another week or two before the updates are actually pushed out.

[quote qtext=”As we approach the 90-day mark, we are getting closer to delivering KitKat and the finish line is becoming more clear. We are currently in the certification phase across all of our carrier partners in North America, and they share our enthusiasm for getting this software in your hands. That said, the software development process does not always follow a linear path and we know today that we will miss our self-imposed target. The good news is that we won’t miss by much as, it shouldn’t be more than one to two weeks to complete each of the carrier versions of the HTC One.” qperson=”Jason Mackenzie” qsource=”HTC President of North America” qposition=”center”]

Even though HTC might have missed some of its update goals, the company has been very transparent about the whole process, which is a welcome change. Although HTC might not be out of the woods yet when it comes to their financial troubles, they’ve made some pretty important changes starting with the HTC One, and we’re personally excited to see what the future brings for the company.

What do you think of HTC’s recent direction? Do you feel that they have a long-term future or is the end near? Let us know what you think in the comments below! To read HTC’s full statement, click here.

  • dandroid13

    Another HTCrap fail lol.

    • Azeem

      Another dandroidCrap fail lol.

    • AndroidBoss


    • Cory

      Is that why the Unlocked HTC One and Developer Edition have had the update November and is that why it’s only the US carrier editions having to deal with a delay? It is the carriers. Not HTC you utter twat.

  • sflynn

    For those of us who own the device it’s great, android is evolving and we are among the first to get the update, HTC will still be around because they bring new technology and simple ideas to the table that work. They keep every other manufacturer on their toes because HTC love or hate them build beautiful and functional phones,

    • AndroidBoss


  • Jayfeather787

    Not entirely surprised.

    • Cory

      Nope. The carriers always fuck it up

      • Jayfeather787

        Yeah they do. Fucking carriers.

        • Cory

          Yeah. Honestly considering buying Unlocked from now on and switching to T-Mobile.

          • Jayfeather787

            I think that unlocked is the only way to go. Switch carriers any time and no contract!!

  • Enrique Feliciano

    I believe HTC is trying to do right by us. I believe there update will bring back faith to its consumers.

    • Cory

      If it wasn’t for the damn carriers we would ave the update.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    And here I was waiting like a kid on Christmas

  • BBone

    HTC is just like that…never make on time when software update. Yup, by one to two weeks…i doubt about it…and you will see…
    HTC is suck…don’t buy HTC again.

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