HTC One KitKat update causing mono sound camcorder bug

by: Robert TriggsApril 9, 2014


HTC has steadily been rolling out its Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to original HTC One (M7) over the past month or so, but it looks like the update may have brought an issue or two along with it.

Some users have been reporting that stereo audio isn’t working correctly when recording video via the HTC One camcorder app. Everything seems to work fine for the first video recorded after the update, but the following videos are then recorded with just the left audio channel rather than full stereo, making things rather hard to hear. Although this might seem like a hardware defect, rolling back to an earlier version will fix the problem, so don’t worry your hardware isn’t broken.

After testing the issue ourselves, we’ve found that the HTC software version 4.19.401.11 seems to be the culprit, that’s the Android 4.4.2 with Sense 5.5 update.

Whilst HTC hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue yet, there are a couple of workarounds that you can try if you are experiencing the problem. Rebooting your phone will reset the problem, meaning that you can record one video again before the sound issue reoccurs, but that’s not very convenient. The other solution is to trick the phone into resetting the way sound is captured, which can be done using Google Now.

After you capture your first video, which will have stereo sound, you will have to exit camera app. Then, open up Google now and click the Google voice button. It doesn’t matter if you say anything, as the button itself seems to activate both mics again. You can then go back into the camera app and record your second video in stereo. Unfortunately you’ll have to keep going back to Google Now for each new video that you want to record, but at least it’s faster than resetting your handset each time.

Hopefully HTC will resolve the issue quickly and will come up with a quick OTA patch for the problem. Until then, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a more convenient temporary fix.

Thanks to Joe for the tip off.

  • Jayfeather787

    That is a shame because one of the main selling features of this phone is the high-quality stereo sound. The camera is horrible, at least have stunning speakers to make up for that. Hope it is fixed soon.

  • genkidama20

    These are the types of reasons why I returned of my HTC One to begin with. So glad I did. I knew I would save myself additional headaches in the long run.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hmm. Didn’t notice this on my wife’s HTC One post KitKat, but I’ll check it out now.

    Probably a relatively easy fix, so hopefully it gets pushed quickly. I hope.

  • xlSamsonlx

    It would be bigger news if HTC put out an update that wasn’t riddled with bugs.

  • Rukshan Abeyratne

    just checked…No issues for me…

  • Nadq Lukasis

    My bottom speaker is much louder than top one and another problem after the update is I have to plug in five to six times to activate the head phones.

  • Agv

    Same bug. Surprisingly but I found description of this bug only on your site. And thank you for your solution it is really work. BTW shame to HTC.