HTC One’s UltraPixel camera put to the test in a few HDR sample videos

by: Brad WardFebruary 19, 2013

htc one

Those that want a look at the HTC One’s UltraPixel camera are in luck as HDR video samples surfaced this morning. The HTC One has a camera with a 4MP sensor, but the Taiwanese company claims that megapixels don’t matter as much as how well the camera is able to capture light accurately.

Make sure to check out the HDR sample videos below, courtesy of our friends at Phandroid! The videos should be watched in 1080p so you can see the full effect of the camera.

Perhaps isn’t as jaw dropping as HTC made it out to be. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 video camera is arguably the same if not better. What do you think of the HTC One’s camera so far?

  • meh… pretty nice I guess, looks the same as the one X though

  • GreenStone

    nothing awesome, only marketing. unfortunately

  • HollowM

    camera sucks, ultrapixel shit

    • le_lutin

      Well reasoned argument. Thanks for the input.

  • tois

    so many htc haters here.. damn it give the phone a chance

  • MasterMuffin

    Didn’t find anything extraordinary, maybe I was just expecting too much??

  • Nick

    Based on the videos. It’s the same as almost all “Top Tier” phones that are made in the last year or 2. People, phones will continue to take crap pictures till the sensors get bigger. The only camera on a phone that has any clout, was Nokia’s pureview. Which, by the way, uses a much bigger sensor than traditional camera phones.

    Cameras on phones have reached their limit. So how about we start working on battery tech now. Ya know, shit that’s important to using your phone.

  • the first video quality is at least awesome..
    the second video is amazing how much light eats! only the fps looks a bit bad, maybe cause is sample

  • KevinRamirez

    in the low light video i know that my gs2 is crap compare to this one

  • brady

    The lens is great. Nothing like “top tier” phones.

  • Nila

    I think most of you are missing the point.

    The camera is actually REALLY good. It’s demonstrating HDR so the lighting conditions.

    The point of the first video isn’t that the people look so clear, its the conditions that the video is being taken in – there is direct, extreme light behind them yet their faces are all clear.

    The camera is able to balance the lighting across the full picture despite extreme light patches.

    With the one below that, it is the same. It can go to the lights and still keep the whole image clear and balanced.