HTC One has distortion free recording with dual membrane microphones

by: Brad WardMarch 6, 2013


HTC has put up a post on its blog talking about how the HTC One has distortion free recording by using dual membrane microphones. This means that if you’re in the back of a classroom trying to record a lecture on your HTC One, during playback you won’t have to deal with weird noises and an “unintelligible voice”.

Today’s smartphones are created with a single-membrane microphone that is able to focus on high-sensitivity and better capabilities of capturing high audio levels. HTC is incorporating a technology called HTC BoomSound in the HTC One, which brings two dual-membrane microphones to the device to help record better audio.

How does this allow the HTC One to offer distortion free recording? Instead of the entire load put on a single-membrane microphone one membrane microphone will service a certain purpose. One will focus on high-sensitivity while the other is focused on high-sound pressure.

With this design, background noise has been significantly reduced thus making the quality of the recording substantially better than a single-membrane microphone. In other words, with the HTC One you can record a lecture in class with a very high sound quality. As they always say, “two is better than one”.

  • wonshikee

    I would love to see a real world testing of this. This sounds awesome. This might also make voice recognition much better as well.

    • Brad Ward

      Yeah, it does sound awesome. Here’s to hoping that the S4 and/or future Nexus phones will have dual-membrane. That can’t be patented, right?

      • I’d make a joke about Apple, but iGave up…

        • Brad Ward

          Nice one. ;)

  • bob

    that is what she said “two is better than one”

  • Cornstarch

    HTC is all about audio from playback to now recording them