HTC One hands-on – first look! [video]

by: Chris SmithFebruary 19, 2013


The HTC One is undoubtedly the star of the Android universe today, and Android Authority has covered it thoroughly for you today.

We have already talked about designspecs and features, accessoriesavailability details and pricing, we checked out the official press images and hands-on photos, but also the first images taken with the device, as well as the first video samples.

We also showed you the first benchmarks of the device and explained what HTC Zoe, UltraPixels and HTC Sense 5 with BlinkFeed bring to the table.

Having attended the New York event live we also had the chance to go in for a first look hands-on experience with the device, highlighting again its main features for you.

Obviously we’ll take the handset for a review spin the first chance we get. Until then, check out our hands-on video above and keep close as we’re about to post the first versus posts (with video) starring the HTC One.

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  • Eh?

  • Guest

    that is not hand-on video :|

  • guest

    Lies! there is no video!

  • erikiksaz

    I’m sorry but that video is crap. Half of it is spent scrolling the stupid tiled home screen. The other half is speaking about the cool video capture features, BUT NOT SHOWING US HOW ANY OF IT IS DONE. Seriously, the end result pictures mean little to nothing, I’m interested in HOW it’s taking pictures during videos.

    • I agree 100% AndroidAuthority really needs to step up it’s game when it comes to video reviews. Most of the videos on this site are basically casually taken by the guys that run the site. You guys could learn a lot from engadget, verge, and cnet.

  • guest

    erikiksaz I agree with you. It seems like this website does many of their review videos like this. It bugs me sooooo much! I want to see the features and functionality of the device not the same gesture over and over and over, or the guy just opening the phone to the home screen repeatedly… SHOW THE FEATURES! Don’t just tell us

  • HTC says the megapixel race is over?
    They sure are trying to make themselves sound authoritative for a crowd that’s most of the way down the plughole.

  • “hands on and first look” consists in scrolling up and down like a retarded?