Next-gen HTC One leaks out in gray and silver

February 20, 2014


    Yesterday @evleaks revealed that HTC is following an approach we’ve seen with certain Apple, Samsung and Google Nexus devices: it’s next-gen flagship device will simply be named the HTC One (2014). Along with word of the “The All New HTC One” branding, @evleaks also showed off a press render of the device in gold.

    Today, @evleaks is back again, showing off two more press renders, this time the HTC One (2014) in silver and in dark gray. That means we now officially have seen press images of 3 out of the 5 colors that the handset is rumored to launch in, leaving only the blue and red hues as a mystery.

    htc one 2014 gold press shot

    So when exactly will HTC finally take the wraps off the next-gen HTC One? Unfortunately, we still have a bit of wait. While Samsung looks to be gearing up for a GS5 announcement at MWC, HTC is apparently waiting until March 25th. The dual unveiling event will be held both in New York and London.

    As for what the HTC One brings to the table, we expect a 5-inch Full HD display, no physical keys, a Snapdragon 800 CPU, an improved (dual) UltraPixel camera system, Android 4.4 KitKat with Sense 6.0, and likely a few other surprises as well.

    What do you think of the HTC One (2014) based on what we know so far? Excited to see that it will (likely) launch in multiple colors?


    • MasterMuffin

      the gold and silver ones look fake. Just look at their rear cameras

      • M3D1T8R

        Funny, I think those two look real and the gray one looks fake (screen doesn’t line up like the others, bottom speaker grill out of place, doesn’t show power button bump or bottom headphone jack), though I like the look of it.

    • talarico

      Sure it looks nice. Really nice actually!
      If it doesn’t have a better camera and a larger battery it’ll be a pass for me!

      Just looking “nice” will not cut it for me. I’m speaking from experience as I currently own the HTC One.

      • Amine Elouakil

        well it’s obviously has a better camera and larger capcity battery, as for the rest we shall see

    • Shark Bait

      nice looking, but the bezel look so 2013

    • Clemens van Os

      Between al the Shit from Samsung again a supurb design from HTC.

      • ehndrew

        what shit from samsung again?

        • Guest

          It was meant as:…Samsung. Again, superb design from HTC.

          I think HTC only did on screen because of Immersive Mode. That’s the only thing I could come up with.

          I’m guessing next to be green?

    • AndroidBoss

      The silver and the black look way better than that gold.

      • MasterMuffin

        duh :)

    • Luka Mlinar

      So no plan to fix the navigation bar +software buttons? RIP HTC :/

      • AussieGreek

        What phone do you have Luka?

      • Kassim

        I’m the first one to say that this isn’t the ideal look we all pictured/prefer but, why blow things out of all proportion for?

        Just because that redundant space looks ungainly doesn’t mean it’s single-handedly going to make HTC die

        • Luka Mlinar

          It could. They aren’t in a good position to start with. Not sure how many blows they can take at this moment, and this will for sure be a big blow.

    • Nicolo’ Brentan

      Industry-wide sentiment: let’s try and fit all the components behind the screen so we can shrink the bezels and maximize screen real-estate.

      HTC: Wowee our 2013 design is so great we have space to spare in the top side! What shall we do? Why not add a second camera, worked so well on the EVO 3D!

      In all seriousness, deep inside I still wish HTC could surprise me once again; I used to really love my Desire HD and then One X.
      The One was beautiful but the bezel just too big, I went with the G2 which I’m quite happy with.
      If this year there was just the grill part around the ONE I would very much consider it. But that black bar, expecially with on-screen nav buttons is just so hideous…

      Too bad, let’s hope at least their Toq inspired smartwatch (and possibly other variants) will surprise at MWC.

    • madmills92

      In truth were all pretty annoyed at that bezel at the base, but it probably is due to the extra camera up top taking up space, so they’ve had to make room , don’t know why they didn’t just make it screen though :/
      On another point Samsung has had huge bezels with their hardware button for years and still plans on it this year I’m sure, yet no one bats and eyelid?I guess it’s just expected from them now right ? Still shouldn’t make them immune to our scrutiny

      • AussieGreek

        Unfortunately there are allot of haters around. If every company made every phone exactly the same way they wanted it there would be no choice. Google’s moto X is a perfect example, everyone here loved it but it was a flop.

    • Nick Dion

      If they add on screen buttons why the hell are they keeping that big bottom bezel?!?! That defeats the purpose entirely!

      • thartist

        Because they can’t fit the internals.

    • KillEmAllx

      I want to call fake on these ones, cuz I hope they don’t release the phone with that bezel/onscreen-buttons. It’s just too dumb.

    • Noel

      Seems we are all being duped…someone pointed this out on another site. Take a look at the bottom speakers on the gray device…it is all the way down at the edge of the phone. Also take a look at the little black band at the top below the top speakers…they are all different sizes. How could that be???? FAKE JOB…i will wait for the 25th to get the true picture.

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        check out the cameras too…there some holes around it on both of the devices (gold and silver) but they are missing on the black one…

    • jack

      that LED flash is just a rip off of iPhone 5S

      • Mega#24Dupont/PepsiChevroletSS

        really? Might as well say the HTC one having a screen on the front is just a rip off of the iphone

        • jack

          I wish you could see yourself from the view of another person.. you’d be surprised on how much of a hypocrite you are

          • AussieGreek

            Where did the iPhone’s pull down notifications come from? Where did the iPhone’s control panel come from? Shall I keep going?

            • jack

              This LED still looks like a rip off of iPhone 5S

            • Memphis May [S]unjay

              HTC and Nokia have both done Dual Led before Apple.

            • Dimitar Gospodinov

              It’s a LED what do you want it to look like?

      • AussieGreek

        Are you talking about the iPhone that didn’t even have a flash until a couple of years ago.

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        The HTC Sensation Z710e had flash way before the iPhone and it was released in 2011…

      • Jonduke19

        Dude, the iPhone 5s was released with a ultra pixel camera… The only person who did that in the market is HTC.

    • Groud Frank

      For me there is nothing to be excited about. They just barely made some improvement; especially the design.

    • Jonduke19

      I own the HTC and love it. My issue is the snapdragon 800. It’s lasts year processor. Also, the bottom bezel… And finally, if there is no SD card slot, it’s a deal breaker to me.

      It’s sad because HTC is taking the Apple approach. They delivered a snapdragon 600 last year just to have something to upgrade. They released the ultra pixel concept with a so-so camera so they could upgrade it the next year.

      That’s the exact reason I switched from Apple to Android.

      So, hopefully snapdragon 805 (which is very unlikely), no bottom bezel to keep the same size while having a 5 inch screen and (most importantly) a SD card slot.

    • Michael Freamon

      Nice in gray but will it run SVDO? My Evo LTE does and the One has a better processor. I hope HTC turns on the modem in the die like the S4. No licensing issues!

    • Rohit Naik

      Nice article
      Lets Bring everyone on Whatsapp

      Please be free to share the video among your friends


      if it’s really a 5 inch phone

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        This thing is going to be hudge…:(
        Only If the logo wasn’t there …

    • Flip Jumpman

      Kinda like the original One better. Wish it was a bit more squared on the corners. The HTC logo and button placement seems like a lot of wasted space. If they could put the logo in the speaker grill would look cool…
      Still looks nice overall.

    • Los5o7

      The black accents on the silver enhances the silver color. Hopefully The ALL NEW HTC One has a better ultrapixel camera (10 ultrapixels atleast) and a HUGE battery (3000 man) with slum bezels.

    • Aziz Aw

      I love the design and everything also the grey color is the best. I just hope that the 2 cameras on the back are fake and only one because it is not looking good!!!!

    • Mohammed Malek ALkhatti

      I wish that they but the snapdragon 801 or 805 CPU for the new HTC One