HTC One Google Play edition KitKat update rolling out, OTA download link available

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 25, 2013

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Just hours after HTC (like Samsung) published the open source kernel and framework support files for the One Google Play edition, the OTA has begun rolling out to users.

Users on XDA-developers reported receiving the KitKat update for their HTC One Google Play edition, weighing in at 305MB. The update brings the software version to Android 4.4 KRT16S, and includes the fixes that Google applied last week to quash bugs pertaining to radio connectivity and encryption.

 htc one GPeandroid 4.4 kitkat

An intrepid XDA user managed to capture the download link for the OTA, meaning that all users can join in the fun with just a little elbow grease. Here’s the download link:

Android 4.4 KitKat for HTC One Google Play edition

Once you download the 305MB file, you can sideload it using ADB, following our guide here. You can also download the file directly to your phone and update it using the “Update from phone storage” option.

As expected, the KitKat update for the HTC One Google Play edition does not bring the Google Experience Launcher from the Nexus 5. If you really must have it though, you can sideload the .apk file or use Nova or another launcher that mimics the functionality of GEL.

We expect to hear reports about the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Galaxy S4 GPe very soon, so stay tuned.

  • AussieGreek

    Looks like I’ll get kit kat on my HTC one before I get it on my nexus 7.

    • ProfessorGadget

      Same here. Not sure I’m upset about it considering all the problems I’ve been reading regarding battery issues. I bought the Nexus to get upgrades first but being a long time Google Android follower this rollout has gone about as smoothly and buggy as iOS7. At least 4.4 doesn’t look like a pastel 10 year old birthday girl’s party.

      • ProfessorGadget

        I receive my update this morning when I woke up. Besides the Google Drive Icon and Settings Icon change I don’t really notice a difference. I have only used it for about half an hour but didn’t have any problems with wifi or general browsing.
        Won’t know about battery for a day or so.

        It does overall seems faster but that’s probably just me.
        Nexus 7 2012, KitKat 4.4

        • ProfessorGadget

          Spoke too soon. My tablet is in perpetual restart mode. It was fine for an hour or so and I picked it up and unlocked it. It immediately restarted. It’s restarted about 15 times now.
          Fortunately I don’t have much going at work this morning so I can hit the boards and look for a solution.
          I haven’t read of anyone having this experience.

  • feruizab

    What about the “OK Google” voice command? This is one hell of a feature and I’m planning on buy an HTC One GPe but if some KitKat features are missing here, I’d might go with the N5.

    • feruizab


      • Piterson Massenat Desir

        If you’re going to buy a device based on stock android, it’s worth less buying a gpe HTC one. Just go for the nexus 5. Unless you want aluminum and boomsound. Besides those points, $600 for the one gpe is worthless

        • Amine Elouakil

          If he is going to buy an HTC One GPE he shouldn’t be paying 600$ for it right now unless it is a version with higher storage

        • iamtravis182

          The camera on the HTC One is also better…but is it worth $600?

        • AussieGreek

          The battery life is better, the sound is unmatched, the camera rocks, the screen is the best on the market and the aluminium build is fantastic. Now that HTC has woken up with updates if you can afford it buy it.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Well played HTC, Well Played

  • allyson

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  • JoelW83

    You can’t use the previous guide for Nexus devices to sideload this update because “Update via ADB” isn’t an option in the HTC One GPe stock recovery. This update can only be applied via internal storage. Also, those of us with 100% stock, non-modded One GPe’s cannot manually apply this update unless we make our devices “S-OFF”. That seems to be the key to applying OTA updates manually on any HTC device.