“HTC One with Nexus User Experience” unveiled, will ship on June 26

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 30, 2013

htc one google edition

Google’s Sundar Pichai just announced the long rumored HTC One “Google Edition” – the device will run Android 4.2.2 AOSP and will be available starting June 26.

Rumors about a stock Android HTC One version emerged almost the minute Hugo Barra announced the Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Though HTC was quick to refute the rumors, today on the stage of the D11 conference in Los Angeles, Android boss Sundar Pichai made the “HTC One with Nexus User Experience” real.

On the hardware side, it’s the same HTC One we’ve come to know and love. Inside though, it’s all stock Android 4.2.2 AOSP. Just like the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, the One Google Edition will sell unlocked from the Play Store. The device will ship on the same day as the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, June 26.

As for the price of the device, it’s $599 for the 32GB version, which is $50 cheaper than the similar Samsung device. However, while the Galaxy S4 Google Edition comes with 16GB of internal storage (expandable), the One has 32GB, though without the possibility to expand it via microSD.

The HTC One Google Edition – let’s use this unofficial moniker for now – will be equipped with Beats Audio, but we haven’t hear anything about the software of the much touted Ultrapixel camera.

  • Brian P.

    I’m curious about the camera software. Without the traditional Sense 5 installed, will that flop the software dependant Ulta pixel camera. Also, what about the Zoes?

    • Anonymousfella

      I dont think Zoes will be integrated with stock AOSP….and most of the camera extras will be gone.

      • SeraZR™

        but it’s said to have the exact hardware>>?

        really interesting

      • fuzzy

        Features I haven’t used even once in 2 months I owned the device. Nothing to miss there. The opposite is true: I would rather prefer a clear camera interface and a gallery that doesn’t force me to see all Facebook images and a completely unlogical folder hirachy.

  • TronSTAR

    I don’t see the 3 soft keys on the bottom of the screen and this phone only has two capacitive buttons? I would love one of these but my nexus 4 is too good to upgrade right now :) plus I’m in Canada,

    • SeraZR™

      u can use the HTC logo as a button as well on the normal one

      Not sure if u can do it on this version of the ONE

      • TronSTAR

        That would be good. Either way it’s nice not to have them taking up screen real estate

      • fuzzy

        Not true, the HTC is not a button on neither version of the One.

        • SeraZR™

          LoL PLZ DO SOME RESEARCH B4 posting
          There is a place called xda. U know it?

          Doesnt seem so aka your a n00b xD

        • droidtomtom

          That is true for the out of the box experience but it does have a capacitive touch sensor under the logo that can be enabled.

  • kevin_gee

    Would it be ironic if someone who bought this phone, root it and flash a Sense rom.

    • SeraZR™


    • AndyCappLives

      You know it’ll happen. Just because.

      • Alex Serban

        Because it’s cheaper :D

    • Timmy

      Or Touchwiz

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    I hope Google keeps releasing “Google Edition” for other smartphones …

    One day for some mid range devices too … That will be awesome :)

    • David

      Well, the Nexus is a necessary evil. As we remember, ideally all phones would/could be gPhones (remember what Sergey Brin said at the beginning), without the need for Google to compete with other hardware manufacturers (even indirectly like the Nexus), in the same way that made the “Wintel” model successful. Nexus was never the plan, but bumps along the way changed that track somewhat (Oracle, Apple, Android OEMs themselves…). That’s also why I didn’t really get Googorola, and also why I don’t understand the media fear/FUD about Google competing with OEMs, and I don’t understand Microsoft’s strategy with hardware either (I think they are blowing it with the Surface). Google does not want to, they are a software/services company…

      Technically, I think the Xperia S “experiment” last year may have been a major milestone towards a more streamlined “plug and play” (for the lack of better expression) AOSP device support. I think the S4, One, Tablet S and others are the result of that.

  • MasterMuffin

    Ermahgerd, it actually happened :D

  • Timmy

    Waiting for a Note 3 Google Edition.

  • Alex Serban

    HTC, here I come baby.

  • John Mortimer

    The camera will be unusable

  • fuzzy

    I have been using the One since 2 months now. Let’s face it: Zoe is rubbish, the camera is already week and both this stupid power saving icon and the beats audio logo are annoying and impossible to get rid of. The HTC stock browser and blink feed are not bad but nothing you can’t replace easily. We definitely need a more consistent android strategy that enables in time updates, less fragmentation and less useless clutter. All the useless Galaxy S4 “air-whatever” features that nobody uses but instead ruin the devices performance are the best proof.

    I am glad Google starts to address this by introducing stock Android on the best hardware out there. Say no to custom skins. We don’t need them, we don’t want them. Android already is a highly customizable OS.

    • thereasoner

      I agree with most of what you say,in particular the over loaded Samsung devices. Half the reason i went with the HTC ONE and not the S4 was because i found themany of the features on my S3 to be gimmicky,of no real world use or to be used once and then turned off via the settings.

      As far as the ONE’s features go however I must disagree . HTC has shown us that a minimal approach to skins with useful/fun features can actually be done!

      Take your critisism of Zoe for example . My wife and I have only experimented with it at home so far and we have had lots of fun with it. We can’t wait until we can use it at an upcoming event/party by taking nothing but Zoe’s the whole time and then sharing the video collage with friends /family .Obviously you don’t have any use for this feature but it’s not as if you have to use it or that the phone performance is bogged down with this sort of stuff like the S4 is.

      Same go’s for beats audio. Your claim that it’s not easy to get rid of is false. Simply turn it off in the settings and you won’t see the logo on the notification bar. I agree with your dislike for the power saving icon, I much prefer to use a customizable battery saving app but again, it’s not like the phone is over burdened with stuff like that.

      Finally I must disagree with your claim that the camera is “week”. First off, we are talking about a cell phone camera. Those who want to take really good photos don’t use a cell phone to do it. That said, the HTC ONE has a great camera when compared to the competitions cell phone cameras. While it only comes out as average for day light shots it blows the competition away with low light shots using their new “ultra pixel ” technology . Poor pictures in less than desirable lighting have always been the amongst the biggest flaws in cell phone cameras and HTC has addressed this problem with the camera in the HTC ONE.

      As a former Nexus user I can agree that the user experience is second to none when it comes to Android phones, especially if your a fan of timely updates! Still, the last thing I want to see is every phone turned into a Nexus leaving only hardware design as the only difference between them. That would severely cut down on the variety of choice Android users enjoy today and choice is always a good thing!

  • Pablo Calero

    the great HTC ONE deserves to be part of the Nexus family http://allawesomeandroid.blogspot.com/2013/02/htc-one-x.html