HTC One in ‘Glamour Red’ now available in the UK through Phones4U

by: David GonzalesJuly 14, 2013

HTC One Glamour Red
The phone that Tony Stark would use — that is, the red-colored version of the HTC One — is now available online in the UK exclusively through Phones4U. This is in line with what was said in a report published about a week ago, where we showed you the first thorough hands-on video of that particular handset.

In our previous report, we mentioned that the HTC One would be made available in ‘glamour red’ through Phones4U in mid-July, and now here we are. Currently, the Phones4U web site has an online listing for the HTC One Red that allows customers to buy the phone with any one of a number of different deals. These deals have the phone tied to carrier contracts from the likes of EE, T-Mobile, and Vodafone, and they range from as low as £31.00 per month to as high as £47.00.

The HTC One Red has the exact same everything as the original, except for the color, of course. It still sports a sleek metallic case, which totally gives off an Iron Man vibe — and that’s pretty cool. It looks good enough in pictures, but as with most things, it’s bound to look a bit different in real life. Check out the hands-on review of the HTC One Red which we posted about previously right here.

And if you want to buy the HTC One Red through Phones4U in the UK, then simply make your way to the source link below and check out your options.

  • griso

    Most bautiful phone

  • Victor V.

    wouldn’t it show starches really easily? I doubt the red paint goes very deep. that was one of the benefits of keeping it plain aluminum colored. since it would not show starches on it as easily as a colored version.

  • wow

    Love it.

    (Audio track on that video is running backwards… It sounds all garbildy gook, but really plays a secret message bashing Samsung. I never have figured out how they record those backward recordings.)