HTC One family of handsets banned in German Nokia suit over Android Beam features

by: Chris SmithDecember 30, 2013

htc one vs nokia lumia 928 aa both benchmarks

In its patent squabble with HTC, Nokia has delivered yet another blow to the Taiwan-based company, by obtaining another favorable ruling in Europe – this third one in Germany – that affects many HTC devices including One models.

A court in Munich found HTC products using Bluetooth or NFC connections to transfer files between mobile devices (basically Android Beam functionality) to infringe on a Nokia patent, awarding the Finnish company a permanent ban against these devices. The HTC One family of handsets is also included in the ruling, meaning that HTC would have to stop selling the handsets, or modify the software to remove such file sharing features, in order to keep the devices in stores.

HTC will obviously appeal the decision, but Nokia can already enforce the injunction after posting a $550 million bond. This is the third verdict for Nokia in the country, after the company won similar injunctions against HTC back in March and a few days ago.

Furthermore, in a matter of weeks, HTC has lost another verdict to Nokia in Europe, with a previous ban against HTC devices being awarded in the UK as well – the injunction, currently stayed, included the HTC One mini as well.

The two companies are duking it out in other European courts, but also at the ITC, and from the looks of it, HTC may soon strike a deal with the Finnish handset maker. After all, we’ve seen this picture before: after many defeats in court over the course of a few years of battles, HTC was forced to ink a deal with Apple in early November 2012.

  • fraserb64

    Nokia #patentCnuts

  • AndroidBoss

    Fk Nokia.
    BTW, their windows phones suck. Their phones should be cameras instead.
    Sorry to hear this happen to HTC.

    • MadCowOnAStick

      lol dat bipolarness

  • Is NFC etc not on all (well most new) Android devices? So should this not effect every other manufacturer… Why are Nokia going in hard on HTC and singling them out?
    Or am I missing something.

    • jspangenberger

      Yes, but you can pick and choose who to sue. You can’t just choose everyone who ‘might’ have stole it (like all Android manufacture) but instead you choose easy targets which then leads court rulings to get the bigger fish. Hell, you can even sue over the same patents between two different companies even if you lost one of the suits. It’s really stupid and doesn’t help the consumers at all.

  • stephane

    Any money if Nokia was suing Apple or Samsung the court would never ever ban a single one the handsets even if they Blatantly voided there patents.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    Oh well, more hate from me to Nokia…

  • mrjayviper

    Seems Google is having problems with patents in a lot of fronts (e.g. Rockstar, Samsung/HTC paying MS and now this). Did Google put other people’s IP into their products without licensing? it’s not like they can’t pay. just seems they think they’re above the law or something.

    Say what you will about patents but if a entity (person or company) can’t profit from their own innovations, what’s the point of spending time and money for R&D?

    • Mike Reid

      Um, yeah. I don’t like software patents or trolls, but…

      The Java case produced internal communications showing Google knew they could have IP issues from copying/using/modding Java.

      Youtube grew to prominence on the backs of videos uploaded without rights holders permission.

      The Google books thing a while back was also “interesting”.

      Google is just another large business making money. They don’t exist to be “good guys” fighting the “evil ones”. They exist to make money.

      And their money making strategies include credibly casting themselves as the good guys who do not do evil. And sometimes what they do correspond to our personal senses of what is right or wrong.

      Like software patents. Google buys them, but so far only uses them defensively. Good, IMO, assuming we can’t otherwise get to a world without S/W patents in the first place.

  • APai

    seriously now, nokia should curl up and die. as a onetime nokia fan, i detest where the company is going …. (to dogs)

    picked a entry level dumbphone recently as a standby – but, no more, will never EVER buy a phone from nokia, given that they have crossed over to redmond

  • martinkem

    HTC should just man up and pay up, this cat and mouse game is getting ridiculous

    • SimonC

      they probably would but Nokia haven’t offered them the opportunity to license.

      • martinkem

        i doubt HTC has tried licensing it, Nokia has licensing deals with virtually all the major OEMs

  • Amine Elouakil

    So Nokia is turning to a patent troll after selling it phone hardware devision to MS, or these patent are included in the take over? hmm

  • SimonC

    Apple have a patent on peer to peer NFC sharing also, kind of makes the whole system pointless especially as they have applied for a Bluetooth patent as well.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    people stopped buying Nokia’s, gotta make money somehow I guess. when Nokia comes to android we will remember what they did to us.

  • Murat Ates

    It’s Microsoft’s Nokia now, the handset business of Nokia is owned & controlled by Microsoft. They want to go against Android (Google) HTC is just a front of many to come