EU HTC One receiving second KitKat update today

by: Robert TriggsMarch 18, 2014


Just last month, European HTC One owners began receiving the Android 4.4 KitKat update. However, shortly after release the update was suddenly pulled by HTC, when customers began reporting a variety of complaints, including a substantial reduction in battery life. Fortunately, HTC appears to have fixed the issues, and a new KitKat based software update is now making its way out across Europe.

The new update, labelled as version 4.19.401.11, comes in at 205MB and is available OTA. Along with “important” bug fixes and enhancements, the change log also mentions improvements to the handset’s WiFi service, specifically support for a wider range of routers. Perhaps this is was another one of the problems found in the first KitKat update.

As mentioned, the update is heading out to various countries in Europe, although the roll-out process will be gradual, as usual. Also, carrier branded HTC One’s will have to wait a little longer for their carriers to get around to fixing up their software. For example the UK software update page still lists the unlocked and various carrier handsets in the “integration” stage, so it’s not being pushed out to consumers quite yet over here.

If you haven’t received an update notification yet, you can always force a manual check via Settings > About phone > Software updates.

  • musaddique

    When will the mea region recieve the update??

  • Jens Christensen

    Thanks for the heads up, just did a manual check and there it was :-)

  • Jeremy Cush

    Had the original kitkat update from htc and it was a battery guzzler , even having the phone charged at 100% and switching off the phone at night , only to find it at 96% in the morning , got the new update today and so far the battery is better , also the phone has more memory free , just over a gig , update for me was on an international version in holland

  • John Muchow

    WOW… surprised to see 4.4 available in Australia (Telstra) already! Downloaded and installed fine. Happy now…

  • sikandar

    please let me know that when would (kitkat) 4.4 be available in pakistan for htec one?? please??

  • sallu01

    Just did the update on my UK unlocked HTC One.

  • Uncle Darth

    Nothing for me yet on handset supplied by 3 :-( Can totally relate to it being a battery guzzler compared with 4.3, but other than that it’s been flawless. I totally love the HTC One (even in spite of its quirks!)

  • Craig

    just checked for update in uk on 2 devices and it’s available. EE & O2

  • jerome44

    Push to customer on the HTC website for every network apart from ee yet again network change next time and an unlocked phone I think

  • TrevorMatt Bowmanwood

    I’m on Vodafone UK & received 4.4.2 then the new update a week later. I had terrible battery life but it’s all good now. I don’t think hTC has updated it’s own site.