June 4, 2014


Yesterday HTC took the veil off the HTC One E8, which essentially is a plastic-clad version of the One M8 with the only other major change being the inclusion of a 13MP single cam instead of the M8’s 4MP Duo camera setup.

For those interested in the E8 but still looking for a closer look than we’ve seen to date, here’s your chance. Thanks to Chinese-based iGeek, we now have a series of new photos depicting the HTC One E8 in full glory.

While the HTC One E8 might only be available in China for the moment, it is a handset that is more than worth waiting for. What makes the E8 so special? It’s still unclear exactly when HTC will rollout the device to other markets across the globe, but when it does it will likely pack a price that is significantly cheaper than the M8.

As an example, the HTC One E8 is currently priced in China for $447, versus the $847 price tag of the metal-clad M8. That’s a pretty solid price for a handset that is almost identical to the M8 and even removes the less-than-popular Ultrapixel camera.

What do you think of the HTC One E8, intrigued or does the move away from metal turn you off on the device?

Andrew Grush
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