Android 4.3 update starts rolling out to HTC One Developer Edition

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 26, 2013


On Monday, HTC’s Jason Mackenzie took to twitter to announce that Android 4.3 would be making its way to HTC One Developer Edition handsets in the United States this week, with an Android 4.3 update to follow next month in Canada.

For those lucky HTC One Developer Edition owners, the time has now come!

So what’s new in software version 3.22.1540.1? First, you get all the expected Android 4.3 enhancements such as Bluetooth LE support, OpenGL ES 3.0, enhanced photo DayDream and more. On the HTC specific side, the changes are pretty light and include bug fixes, speedier system performance and a new battery charging animation in the power-off state.

All-in-all, Android 4.3 isn’t a massive update from Android 4.2, but there are still a few welcome changes and improvements.

So what about those without the HTC One Developer Edition? If you live in Taiwan, you’ll be happy to know that the update has already started rolling out. For those international users with an unlocked HTC One, you might also be in luck, according to several reports floating around the web.

Unfortunately for those with U.S. Carrier versions of the HTC – and for those in Europe – the wait is still on. While we can’t say for sure when the rest of HTC One owners will end up with Android 4.3, we’d imagine that the earliest would be sometime in October.

For those that have already upgraded to Android 4.3 on the HTC One, what do you think of the update so far? Did everything go smoothly while upgrading?

  • James

    when in i9505?

    • Amine Elouakil

      End of octobre novembre?

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Im curious, 4.3 adds setting toggles in the notification tray?anyone…..Or is it actually with the 4.2 update?And will the 4.2 updates be compiled into the 4.3 update…

    • Amine Elouakil

      It is with 4.2.2 so the 4.3 update has it + additional tweaks under the hood (Open GL ES 3.0 for example and so on)

  • frhow

    Keep up the good work HTC, you are holding true to your word with timely updates with this phone. But I’ve been on a ported 4.3 rom for almost a month now though and love it.

  • Tayjay

    This is it! I will never use htc again this is a joke. It took them this long for 4.3 update?! What the hell is this for madness of great proportions.

    I will now only buy Toshiba phones.

    • Amine Elouakil

      Are you being sarcastic? haha HTC is the first OEM to update it phone to 4.3 and you are complaining about it, are you even for real O.o

      • Alu Zeros

        how about samsung? they’ve been on 4.3 for a while now, at least i think.

        • Amine Elouakil

          No, they aren’t, heck the S3 and Note2 doesn’t even have 4.2 (like the One X X+ XL S) try to get your facts straight before commenting……

          • Alu Zeros

            calm down big guy, that why i asked with a ?, but honestly i thought the s4 was on 4.3, i know the google play edition is.

          • Amine Elouakil

            I’m really calm trust me, look at your first comment I’m not doing using exclamation marks to express his ! ?! or the comment it self for that matter, as fir the GE edition yes the S4 GE has 4.3 although the One GE got 4.3 before the S4 (aswell)

  • Amine Elouakil

    Just a little correction dear AA, HTC is rolling 4.3 internationally. in Europe tho still nothing for me. I’ll confirm if I get anything on my side.
    Also in the US, all unbranded One phones got the update and not only the DE

    • Jon

      How about the Canadian version? Same time approximately as the US?

      • Amine Elouakil

        if it is unbranded I’m pretty sure it will be next week, HTC usually do region by region (a week or two to move to next region usually) once they start a region they ll update country by country (a couple of days difference ) I guess canada should expect their update next week, but if you have a carrier branded version then it will depend more on your carrier although here in europe HTC is doing an amazing job by updating their carrier phone (CID) same time or one or two days after the international version is updated (1.29 update and 4.2.2 update)

  • JLS_Indy

    Received Android 4.3 update today on my HTC One non carrier 32 GB model. Upgrade went perfectly.

  • skaterjosh98

    They did it for the factory unlocked One’s as well as I got my update this morning. Update went smoothly and best of all I didnt have to wait on ATT