September update for HTC One Developer Edition will be Android 4.3

by: Gary SimsAugust 19, 2013

HTC OneAccording to a tweet made by Jason Mackenzie, President for Global Sales at HTC, the HTC One Developer Edition will skip Android 4.2 and go straight to Android 4.3. The HTC Developer Edition, which was announced by HTC earlier this year for those in the developer community, comes with an unlocked bootloader and 64GB of internal storage and is aimed at those who want to develop custom ROMs for the HTC One. It is currently being sold directly by HTC without a contract and SIM free in the USA for $649.99.

Both the regular HTC One and the HTC One Developer Edition launched with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean however since then HTC has rolled out an upgrade to Android 4.2.2 for the HTC One outside of the USA and the Verizon version of the HTC One will have Android 4.2.2 at launch. However there haven’t been any updates for the HTC One Developer Edition.

In a response to a HTC One Developer Edition user (Joshua Wein) who pointed out that Verizon customers will get 4.2.2 while those who opted for the Dev Edition are still on 4.1, Mackenzie said that since 4.2.2 is a minor update the company has decided to go straight to 4.3. As a follow up Wien pointed out that while 4.2.2 could be considered minor it does have some great usability benefits  such as notification toggles and additional Zoes, etc. Mackenizes response, “because 4.3 is so close. And 4.2.2 offered limited customer benefit.”

When pressed about when this would happen Mackenzie, added that HTC  hopes to make the release before the end of September, but added that this wasn’t written in stone as “sometimes unknowns can arise.”

It could also be possible that HTC are looking to upgrade all HTC One devices to 4.3 fairly soon as in a reply to the original tweeter, Jason Mackenzie added, “our plan/target is that all US skus will be updated before September end.” The term SKUs refers to stock-keeping units, or in simpler English model numbers, so could “all US skus” mean all versions of the HTC One sold in the USA, including those locked to the different carriers, let’s hope so!

  • Siblues

    Att won’t even have the 4.2.2 update available by the end of September so forget about the 4.3

    • Piyush

      Wow , that sucks.

  • DiGrifter

    HTC is full of… I’m fully willing to retract my assessment of their believability when hell freezes over, and I receive a software upgrade for my unlocked HTC One.

  • Alain Lafond

    How lucky was I to hold change my Nexus 4 for this outdated thing…
    Way to go, Samsung, HTC with the dev. edition…
    How lucky was I…

  • htowngtr

    Might be updating to the Moto X unlocked anyway.