HTC One design story posted online (video)

by: Bogdan BeleMay 1, 2013

HTC One design

The HTC One design story has been posted online in a video by the company, maybe to show that not only Samsung can provide details on how its flagship device has been developed.

HTC’s video shows Creative Director Daniel Hundt and Senior Director of Manufacturing Design Jethro Liou offering some glimpses into the way the HTC One is manufactured, as well as where those ideas came from.

Hundt talks about the company wanting to create a 360 experience, a “zero-gap” device, that has no part breaks and no moving parts and doesn’t distract the user, while maintaining the company’s tradition of bringing new manufacturing methods to the table.

The most interesting images in the video, though, are the ones in which you can actually see the way the C&C and the diamond cutter create the shapes of the HTC One design, with the process explained by Jethro Liou. You can watch the video below and see how those beautiful shapes are achieved.

While we do love the way the HTC One looks, we also had to see how it does against the iPhone 5 in a drop test, which you can watch below.

What do you think about the HTC One design? Did HTC make the right choices or do you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S4’s polycarbonate body?

  • prateek sisodia

    No one is going to prefer a polycarbonate body. HTC one is a gem in mobile design matching or we can surpassing apples design standards.

    • ah

      honestly material doesnt matter, its texture and sturdiness that does

  • MasterMuffin

    “Everything your phone isn’t”

    My phone isn’t bad, so does that mean that HTC One is? :P

    • Jared Persinger

      Yeah htc has never been good at advertising but at least they are trying to advertise now, I have the htc one and it is amazing but it’s not quite that amazing

      • mumba

        Jared, your a twat..amazing but not quite that amazing? 0-0

        • aalcant2

          “you dance like a twat, youve been dumped”

    • Cao Meo

      Samsung student, aren’t you :)?

  • seyss

    fake and biased test. drop the HTC ONE face down you cretin

    • toiz

      did u even watch the whole video?

  • This video was available 2 months ago itself :)