HTC One delays due to company’s past defeats, Peter Chou says he’ll step down if the One flops

by: Brad WardMarch 19, 2013

HTC One [aa] 600px (1)

HTC has had a lot of past defeats, and as a result of this the company is no longer a big wig in the mobile industry like Samsung or Sony, the Wall Street Journal says. Component suppliers no longer see HTC as a “tier-one customer” after the company saw a big decrease in revenue last year, which means HTC had to drastically alter its orders, and regularly too.

The main issue seems to be getting components for the One’s new UltraPixel camera along with the metal casing. HTC is hoping that the One will be its saving grace and is backing it with all it has, but despite this, component suppliers aren’t prioritizing the device or the company, which HTC can not do a whole lot about.

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HTC’s situation has gotten so bad that CEO and president Peter Chou has told other senior executives within the Taiwanese-based company that he will step down from his position if the One is another failure. Let’s hope HTC does not have anymore delays with the One, the company is beginning to push dangerously close to the Galaxy S4’s launch window. Things are already bad as it is.

  • no rply

    htc is dying………………… one good flagship cant save company

  • Allan

    was going to purchase a HTC One in Norway. However it will not be available here until AFTER the S4 (late May or June). After speaking to several vendors apparently HTC has put the One on “hold” until after the S4 is launched for some unknown reason. The vendors are speculating it is due to software problems With either the Language, or with the camera?

  • siddharth bachkaniwala

    the reason y i will buy S4 over HTC one its b’coz HTC is a chocker, since last 3 years they have done nothing gr8.. even thou their phones r brillaint but they alway lack that killer something n loose out in the end. they do not update their Phones quickly n only make phones wid good build quality n not features.. i think this year wont be any different.

    • Jason Yuen

      dat grammar

      • MasterMuffin

        “Dat”, you’re a great grammar nazi :P His point is good, but way of writing it is annoying!

        • siddharth bachkaniwala

          sorry.. but that’s the way i m.. annoying

          • Mike Reid

            English is a difficult language.

          • MasterMuffin

            No it’s not and he’s writing it well, but those “u”, “gr8” , “y” etc. Are the problem

    • Jim Sorensen

      The HD screen is like watching everything in blueray. If that’s not great to you you need help.

      • Nobody

        HTC said they are making phones, or just for using as monitors ? Or, you normally use a monitor as a phone?

      • lalala

        the s4 has a HD screen

        • Jim Sorensen

          After HTC

          • Nobody

            I guess you are a Taiwanese (by your name spelling), may be you are from HTC too, right ?

          • Bill

            All phone manufacturers are using full HD displays.

          • lalala

            Everyone is using the same screen too except s4.s4 wins.

    • uu

      for now ill go with s4, because of this issue, HTC myt step on horrible decisions that might make the materials of the One with low quality bcoz of lack of materials

  • walt

    Terrible .. I think the One is a great looking product and am excited to buy, but if I cannot purchase in the next 2 weeks, than I’m going to buy the S4 period.

  • 3 words, Nexus 7 Strategy.

    i mean make the phone and sell it for a great price example for 499USdlls and sell it worldwide ASAP

    • Hikari0307

      That would probably help increase marketshare a bit but won’t help much in terms of profit.

  • JGaLaXY

    This phone should be out now…I don’t understand when these companies will learn…TIMING IS EVERYTHING…if it was out now I would strongly consider it because i’m dying to buy a new phone but when the S4 comes out, i honestly will probably buy it based on expandable memory alone…I love HTC phones too, but the fat lady is warming up…

    • Mike Reid

      They know all about timing. Devil is in the details though. Everything is easier to say than to do. Armchair coaches, quarterbacks, CEOs and backseat drivers…

      Goodbye Peter Chou. Hope your replacement does better, and does what he says. Buck stops there. I imagine your golden parachute is all ready.

  • SonyFan

    i hate companies like that…they lie people and say HTC One will realese mid march…u wanna now why?? because Xperia Z started globally on 1.March …and now people can think…”hmm lets not buy Xperia Z and wait for the HTC One its just 2 weeks later” and now the two weeks are gone and news are coming that i will come later…so these are just marketing strategies i dont like…they just lie us…will never buy a HTC…

  • Let’s see what Mike Woodward has to say about this, though I expect him to of course remain silent unlike he did when the S4 was announced.

  • andyboy

    i and many others are boycotting htc due to the fact that they sold out to apple and are holding each others hand so…it is no secret that htc owners are apple want a be. fvck apple and htc ! please do not support htc.

  • Peter

    HTC is a Taiwanese company. I’m Taiwanese. I know how Taiwanese people are. They talk shit about other people when they lose and brag about the littlest things. If its a competition then they’ll start lashing out with discriminatory remarks. Obviously not everyone is like that but for a good 80% that’s how it is.

    • alter

      do Taiwanese also never care for customer demand ?

      talk big and bragging are normal in business I think,
      but they’re not gonna stay long in business if they ignore what customer really want.

      • Tom

        We do care for customer demand. Samsung is No.1 in Taiwan’s smartphone market.

        Like all other customers, we have complained of poor battery life in the previous One X along with other issues to HTC. But then again, htc doesn’t design phones based on taiwanese customer demand… had to make some big noise to make them release the htc butterfly in taiwan.

    • Tom

      Uh. How exactly is this relevant to the article? I’m Taiwanese too, your comments about us aren’t exactly great.

  • Don’t worry about it Chou your phone will get you back to number 2. I don’t think it’s enough to take on the GS 4 but close enough where you survive the fight. PERSONALLY. I would choose the GS 4 b/c of the software bundle that Samsung includes and bigger battery. I don’t care that much of the phone is plastic or metal but those 2 matter to me the most. I know many people will go for your phone b/c of build quality but for me it’s not a decision maker. Don’t sweat it.

  • Bill

    How embarrassing! HTC goes to the Galaxy S4 launch event acting like they are the hot stuff, and then they can’t even release a phone on time. Timing is critical, and in the places that the HTC One gets released after the GS4, it will suffer. HTC doesn’t have as much recognition as Samsung and their Galaxy line of phones does. Guess its just a matter of waiting and seeing what happens. The Galaxy S3 was never expected to do as well as it did, and the HTC One X was supposed to be king last year.

  • fixxmyhead

    better start packing your bags peter

  • I like the look of the HTC ONE but would only buy it without HTC Sense.

  • Sal

    Unbelievable. First they mock Samsung and for the way they presented the S4 to people in NY and the next that CEO plans to step down run away cry like a baby while sucking his thumb if it ends up as a fail. Thats crazy. Worse reading these comments that the One is going to be launched right after the S4 has arrived in stores. Wow HTC that is bad timing. Plus I don’t recall ever seeing a marketing commercial for one of your products. Just Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Sony and Windows. HTC your phones have good build but you lack of a micro sd card, removable battery, and you take way to long to update your phones. Plus I really don’t like the UI, Sense I should say.

    • mrband

      Exactly. Battery and SD are the reasons I’ll never buy HTC anymore, though I had an HTC Kaiser of the Windows Mobile age. But if I gonna pay 600 € anymore I want decent battery or at least removable, microSD and FAST UPDATES, so Samsung is the way.

      I hope Chou will be forced to resign. This guy is their worst enemy, not Samsung, like Elop in Nokia.

  • Jim Sorensen

    I wold probably by it off I hadn’t just bought the DNA. My wife has the S3 and I will take the DNA hands down, even with the memory issue, and the battery issue is really not an issue I have no problem with it.
    HTC’s problem is no advertising. I walk into stores, like Radioshack, and they and they don’t even have the best phone on the market on display. No, their problem is marketing.

  • TechGuy21

    looks like we gonna get a new CEO, the ONE is no better than the DNA.ONE X. im probably the only person on the internet that isnt crazy for it. no, im not crazy for the S4 either before you call me a “s sheep”

  • rvichar

    HEIST THE COMPONENTS you need HTC its do or die.

  • Bianca Vela

    People this is all your fault! cause you dont want phones made of plastic, right? I cant count all the negative comments I’ve read about Samsung’s S4 materials, HTC gives you what you’ve been asking for and now you cant wait for them a month…

    • John Mortimer

      Samsung did test out all metal look but to hard to make with the numbers needed as htc are now finding out and there cost to make the phone is bigger than HTC and iPhone (as they always use outdated cheap parts) and they using there own parts with the all plastic look, I.e you get the best parts with gs4

    • Hikari0307

      I would wait for the HTC One if it had a micro sd slot, but no, it doesn’t and samsung is giving me that option, so that direction is where my money will go, I don’t need removable battery, just a micro sd slot. Plastic is not so bad, technically that plastic aka polycarbonate is a very strong material.

  • dandroid13

    I’ll hope HTCfail goes bankrupt, so the more delays the better…

  • Cao Meo

    I’m shivering with the idea that Android will be dominated by ugly phones once HTC is gone.

    OEMs will think that beautiful Androids do not sell and follow Samsung’s lead in design.

    That will be a disaster.

    • that’s really a wrong way to see thing. well … i can’t really blame you though, because i know that some people can only see things from the outside.