htc one vs sony xperia z on design back in hand aa

How do you know when you have a hit smartphone on your hands? When the clones, replicas and all-out fakes start showing up in droves!

The HTC One already has a number of cheap knock-offs, but most of these are easily distinguishable from the real deal with nothing more than a casual glance. Today we bring you news of a nearly-perfect One clone, discovered by the Engadget team while in Huaqiangbei.


We say nearly perfect, because a closer look reveals subtle differences like the hole sizes in the speaker grille, a painted-on HTC logo, and a cheaper plastic chassis. As expected, there’s also a considerable difference when it comes to internal specs.

The HDC One clone has a 1.2GHz quad-core MT6589 CPU, just 1GB of RAM, and a 4.7-inch 720p display instead of full HD. It also has a weaker front/back camera. Also missing is HTC Sense, NFC, and an IR Blaster.

Still, this is certainly one of the best looking clones we’ve ever seen.

Morale of the story: If you spot the HTC One being offered at amazing sub-$250 price (outright), you might want to do a bit of homework before picking it up and taking it home.

Andrew Grush
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