Despite talk of a delay, Android 4.4.2 has arrived to HTC One owners in Canada

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 31, 2014

HTC One Review

On Wednesday Jason Mackenzie took to HTC’s website to talk about Android 4.4 KitKat’s North American arrival, revealing that they were behind schedule and that HTC One owners in Canada and the United States were looking at another week or two before the update hits.

The good news for those in Canada, however, is that Android 4.4.2 appears to be rolling out on schedule after all! Although HTC has yet to comment on the situation, tons of reports are coming in suggesting that the update is arriving to HTC One owners through Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Virgin, SaskTEL and Wind.

Aside from all the expected Android KitKat goodies, the update also includes Sense 5.5 and likely a few other HTC-specific improvements. As an official change-log has yet to be released, we can say specifically what all has changed here.

Keep in mind that the rollout will likely take a few days or more to reach everyone in Canada. When in doubt, you can always head to Settings> About Phone> Software Update to check if KitKat is waiting for you.

Consumers in the United States can hope this means that at least a few carriers will start seeing the update sooner rather than later, as well. At the very worst, it sounds like Android 4.4.2 should hit all North American carriers within a few weeks.

So how about it, any Canadian readers get Android 4.4.2 on their HTC One? If so, through what carrier?

  • Adnan

    Just checked for the update and its here about to download it. I have the European Version Unlocked :$

  • Brendon Brown

    HTC really wowed me with their updates..

    • Ben Jowett


  • Amine Elouakil

    Canadas unlocked HTC Ones has been updated almost 2 months ago to kitkat, these are carriers phones we are talking about

    • amine aussie shills

      Oh look, the shills are already here waving pompoms!

      • Amine Elouakil

        You mad brah? this is nothing Samsung that was proven to pay shills, Also I have nothing to hide and that’s why I’m using my real identity unlike you.

        • Jayfeather787

          Real identity? You mean your picture of the plane? That’s one awesome plane, what is it? Looks a little like the F-22.

          • Amine Elouakil

            It’s not an F-22 it’s the PAK-FA T-50, as for identity, seriously <.< you coudn't figure that much? hmm

          • Jayfeather787

            I don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Amine Elouakil

            I’ll let you figure out on your own I’m sure you can :D

  • Wes

    My friend just got it. Everything seems pretty awesome except that they skinned the emojis in hangouts (and everywhere else, I guess) and they are just horrible. This may actually be the thing that pushes her into rooting her phone.

    They really are terrible, though. You don’t need to skin everything especially emoticons, HTC. Shame.

  • Data

    Well done HTC! Certainly gotten a lot better at updates.

  • Beats Audio

    Just received the update here in the U.S. on the Sprint network.

  • amar

    For once canada wasnt side tracked for an update. My htc one runs kit kat on rogers. Honestly its strange though, canada recieving the update beforr america.