HTC One’s BoomSound gets a rave review, judge for yourself here [video]

by: Bams SadewoMarch 12, 2013


Despite the cringe-inducing name, BoomSound, the trademarked audio technology that HTC is using on the One, manages to exceed expectation. This according to ZDNET’s Matthew Miller, who came to the conclusion that the phone’s dual front speakers (with built-in amplifiers), Beats Audio, and BoomSound offer a high quality audio-listening experience, one that even rivals an external speaker.

The video, taken using a Nokia Lumia 920, shows the One playing several classic tunes. You’ll get to hear how the audio is like with and without the Beats enhancement; the former apparently gives a much richer sound, instead of merely boosting the bass level.

Even with the volume cranked all the way up, the audio quality doesn’t seem to suffer from any distortion, according to Miller.

If you’re curious and want to do your best impersonation of Simon Cowell, lend us your ears for a minute or two (well, the video actually runs for over 5 minutes) and hit the play button above.

Are you impressed with the One’s BoomSound? Does it excite your auditory senses? Do you like Queen or Led Zeppelin better? Drop your comments below.

  • Morris

    sounds like shit if you ask me

    • le_lutin

      Just as well no-one asked you then.

      • km

        +1 hahaha

    • Mārtiņš Belte

      Sound better than any other phones.

    • Must be watching on an iFruitb.

    • geospa300

      You must be a Kenny G fan.

  • MattiasSoderlund

    Do a side by side with another phone instead.

  • Alu Zeros

    Wouldn’t mind getting this phone if it had a battery that last all day

  • Alu Zeros

    Wouldn’t mind getting this phone if it had a battery that last all day

    • Get off the battery kick people, none of them last more than a day. Unless you want a phone as big as a laptop that is….

      • 1) He said a battery that lasts ALL day, not more than a day.
        2) Yes, there are smartphones that last way more than a day of average use.

    • Andres Galvan

      To everyone’s surprise, the One’s battery does last a long time. I picked up a One with LTE from AT&T on Friday, and the battery is quite impressive. Yesterday I lasted just over 9 and a half hours before getting to 5% with heavy usage and about 50% brightness. Today, I’m going on over 11 hours with moderate usage and I still have over 20%. Very impressed, indeed.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    well, this feature while works well, don’t actually interest me a bit. I mean what the points of getting a feature that you cannot use? most of the time I use and will use headset. I can’t use it during office time, I can’t use it at my boarding house without pissing off other rooms occupant or my own roommate.

    • Mark

      Completely agree with Ivan – there are no point (even sale) to have a stereo speakers. In other hand, my granddaughter (2 years old) will be very happy to use it as a video player :))))))

  • Skiterok

    How can you compare Queen (with Brian May and Freddie) with Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page)? It can’t be compared!

  • steve jobs iSucks

    hate to say but most use ear buds.
    beats audio is a over hyped marketing to take advantage of the dumb asses.

    • ausmate

      This is obvoiusly a niche segment HTC is marketing for. Dumb assess are those who try to compete with the big dogs like samsung and apple by releasing new phones that are just the same as what is on the makret already

  • lollicup04

    The guy should compare it to the samsung galaxy player 4.2 since it also has front facing stereo speakers

  • wano

    Wow just think hands free in a car how cool is that ?

  • For me it’s the best idea! I aways have to worry about the back speaker of my HTC EVO 3D being covered by my hands or the sound getting bad because of it while watching videos, and BoomSound changes the experience completely.

  • Andres Galvan

    Some people don’t get it. How many times have you wanted to play a video or song for yourself or a friend in a crowd or at a party but have to put the back right at your ear just to hear? Haven’t you ever been embarrassed by how wimpy your phone sounds? I got One (Haha, pun) on Friday with AT&T and I think the best features are the screen, Boomsound, the camera, and the battery life.