HTC One named best in show at MWC, Sony Xperia Tablet Z wins best slate

by: AdrianFebruary 27, 2013

HTC One [aa] 600px (3)

MWC might still be technically going on for around 48 hours, but we know very well that the show’s juiciest parts are behind us. Unfortunately, this year’s “Congress” has proven one of the most disappointingly uneventful in recent memory, with just a handful of really cool devices getting official intros.

It therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise that the show’s shiniest star has been the HTC One, a gadget that came to Barcelona after being unveiled in its own dedicated event. The One claimed the title of “Best in Show” in the inaugural TechRadar MWC Awards, but we don’t figure anyone wants to argue with the online publication.

Sony’s Xperia Z might have had a shot at challenging One’s gold medal, but the 5-incher has already been named the star of last month’s CES. And two major titles in less than a couple of months would have probably been too much, right?

Sony Xperia Tablet Z - First Look and Hands On

HTC’s One naturally snatched the Best Phone crown of MWC as well, while the tablet competition had a pretty surprising winner – Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z. Don’t get me wrong, I dig slightly overpriced stylish 10-inchers as much as the next guy, but I would have figured the Galaxy Note 8.0 deserved to be in the spotlight more.

Sammy doesn’t really need to sweat it though, as the Note 8.0 will probably crush the Tablet Z when it comes to what really matters – sales.

But if you think Tablet Z’s crown is a surprise, wait till you hear this – the People’s Choice award went to… Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Again, not that the new open-source platform doesn’t have the potential to evolve into something great, but as it stands it’s far from special. And the first few phones running on it – just terrible!

Meanwhile, TechRadar doesn’t mention Asus at all, even if the Fonepad and Padfone Infinity looked worthy of at least some sort of consolation prize. Anything else missing from the list? Oh, yeah, the HP Slate 7, LG’s pile of rubbish new hardware and ZTE’s infamous Grand Memo. Shocking, eh?

  • slim and stylish tablet with jelly bean and IP57 certification, i don’t think it’s much a stretch to make it a winner. Sure Note 8.0 have more functionality with it’s SPen, but it’s damn ugly.

    • Agreed I dont actually think any samsung product since the s2 has had a cool design when it comes to mobile and tablets etc. And the Tablet Z is the nicest and most awesome looking tablet I have seen. my family has an iPad 4 laying around which everyone uses and i think its to heavy to be comfotrable to hold while laying in the couch or something so the 200g this shaves of in comparison to the iPad is AWESOME!!

  • Elias Ortega

    HTC ONE FTW!! Gonna have it on pre order ASAP! :)

  • Arman

    “Sammy doesn’t really need to sweat it though, as the Note 8.0 will probably crush the Tablet Z when it comes to what really matters – sales.”

    so professional!! .. :) sir , please conceal your inner fanboy please, nobody cares about SALES right now.. in MWC the only thing that matters is who will push technology further and who will show a better product for us.

    in my opinion this website was the best in terms of MWC coverage. congratz.

    • Elias Ortega

      Samsung will beat Sony no matter what they bring to the table… Its all brand power! The average consumer doesn’t care about hardware, they just want features to make life easier or to show off. Sadly :/

      • sxs

        Samsung only beats Sony because of their strong marketing! No other reason. and to show off, people need premium looking devices rather thn plastic pebbles.
        If Sony, or HTC or even LG starts marketing campaigns like Samsung does, they will beat Samsung. :/
        for ex- Samsung markets “direct call”- tell me how practical is that? rather then more problematic! but samsung markets it and people thins “wow! so cool” Sadly :/

        • Elias Ortega

          No doubt, hopefully people jump on the HTC bandwagon or Sony bandwagon, Samsung is getting to the point where it’s taking the face off android and marketing their gimmicky features, giving consumers garbage build quality. Owell ima go buy the HTC ONE

        • K.

          Agree. Sony and HTC products are far better than Samsung’s. I never understand how Samsung is able to sell to much more than these two. The only explanation is marketing. In France and in the UK, you always see Samsung ads but never Sony or HTC’s.

          • CyBrix_21

            They are all great manufacturers… Samsung is great in integrating, and showing new features… Also great in manufacturing… On the other side, HTC and Sony are great in their aspects… So guys… It is not worth arguing for that things… Let them judge for what they think is the best…

        • saleensuper

          “for ex- Samsung markets “direct call”- tell me how practical is that? rather then more problematic! but samsung markets it and people thins “wow! so cool” Sadly :/”

          LMAO! we are blessed with the only sane person left in the world challenging the collective wisdom of millions of people who prefer samsung over other brands. :D

          Having used S3, I can guarantee you that direct call is very practical along with smart stay and smart rotation. If you had any problems in understating how and when to use these cool little features to enhance your user experience then don’t blame it on samsung.

          • uu

            yahh, and if ever their xperias introduced those features, for sure theyr not saying the same..
            and myt go this way>
            “direct call”-ohh you dont have dos things, poor Samsungs

        • uu

          only on strong marketing??

          theyr fighting for being a SMARTPHONE and not BEAUTIFULPHONE!!

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      You might be surprised to hear that I actually like many Sony devices more than Samsung’s counterparts. The Xperia Tablet Z for instance looks positively dreamy to me… only it’s too expensive to ever make it big.

  • sxs

    not so shocking actually!
    but on the other hand, AA articles these days are quite shocking- kind of forcing the readers to preach the writer’s mind! – again Samsung-biased article …
    – LG’s rubbish pile ?? doesn’t samsung do it all the time, rebranding same old s#it ?
    – Note8 deserved more spotlight then tablet XZ ?? note8 is a cheap plasticky replica of last years note2! Tab XZ is much more premium and elegant with more latest architecture.
    – Firefox OS: terrible ?? really? it is just evolving and has great potential. No, but AA thinks all those phone manufactures are crazy to who has showed interest in FirefoxOS

    Please get out of Samsung’s world, there are other (better) things in mobile market!

    • sxs

      or perhaps AA should rebrand this website as “SamsungAuthority”, then all your articles are justified!

      • CyBrix_21

        It is not bad to say opinion… They are both great… So whoever won is ok…

    • Elias Ortega

      LG did just add to the fragmentation heavily with so many phones the build quality is trash on their flagship and Firefox might be a little too late to the party.. Probably die off like Web OS.. Ubuntu has a better chance. As for Samsung, AA needs to get off the jock… Their gimmicky tablets and POS build quality are not superior compared to other tablets.

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      1. It’s not that LG rebranded the same old shit, but what personally got to me was they brought eight phones to MWC and tried to make it look like they were new when only two of them were – the F5 and F7. Not to mention the Vu and Vu 2 were presented as part of some sort of a long-term strategy when they are out for a year and four or five months respectively.

      2. Again, the Tablet Z is premium, elegant, stylish, snappy and what have you, but it’s too darn expensive. And we both know that the price is the tie-breaker these days when it comes to Android slates.

      3. Yes, the first Firefox OS phones look terrible. Just terrible. I’m not even going to explain why. I’m not saying the platform couldn’t become something cool in, say, two or three years, but right now, it’s definitely not worthy of any kind of awards.

  • MasterMuffin

    One and Xperia Tablet and maybe Ubuntu

  • Samsung the copycat brand! Please ask your writers to refrain from showing their obvious bias to Samsung. The Tablet Z makes Samsung’s plastic crap pale in comparison. All the note 8.0 is a smaller note 10.1 with phone ability! I pity the fool who holds that up to his ear!
    Hopefully the HTC ONE and XPERIA Z take sales from Samsung and I think the S4 will be a big let down!

    • MasterMuffin

      Someone hates Samsung… And if you want to see a copycat, look at LG and if you want to see OEM that’s over doing copying, look at GooPhone :D

    • uu

      if they really copy all those sales-boosting features, why would someone choose Samsung if these feat are seen on other manufacturer’s devices..
      its just abt who deliver it first or who deliver the best among the bunch

  • King7Dom

    Galaxy Note 8 is a bloated up Note 2, nothing new AT ALL. At least xperia tablet Z is much sleeker looking and waterproof. I sense Samsung fanboy here with the more sales line

  • Xionsky

    Biased reporting. It’s all about marketing wherein stupid people get fooled easily.

  • Yossi

    From the show:
    + HTC Zoe is AMAZING. They can market all around it (but hardly do).
    + LG Optimus G Pro (5.5″) is VERY nice. Has a cool feature for zooming in when watching video (I saw it at the show).

    + The ZTE Grand S is also very nice and VERY light compared to others.