February 23, 2014

HTC One Review

Update (2/23): After first going live for T-Mobile yesterday, the update has now started rolling out via AT&T’s network as well!

Following on the heels of Sprint and Verizon, it looks like Android 4.4.2 KitKat is on its way to the T-Mobile and AT&T versions of the HTC One!

According to Mo Versi, HTC’s Executive Director of Product Management, both networks have given technical approval to the Android 4.4 update. Judging by how quickly things went down for Verizon, once approval is given, its only a matter of days (or even hours) before the update starts rolling out.



So what’s new with the Android 4.4.2 update? Obviously the biggest change is Android 4.4.2 and all the goodies that come with KitKat. Aside from this, the HTC One is also receiving Sense 5.5, which includes several HTC specific changes such as camera improvements, the ability to turn BlinkFeed off, gallery changes and much more. We also imagine that there are at least a few minor carrier-specific changes as well.



We’ve yet to hear any reports from AT&T or Sprint users that suggest the update is live, but hopefully the wait isn’t a long one. When it doubt, you can always check manually for an update by going to your device’s settings.

So how about it, anyone get the update yet? If so, which carrier are you on?

Andrew Grush
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