HTC: One to deploy in Germany, U.K. and Taiwan next week, North American and Asia-Pacific to follow before the end of April

by: Brad WardMarch 22, 2013

HTC One [aa] 600px (3)

After facing a number of issues with supply shortages, HTC has released a statement promising general HTC One availability in the U.K., Germany, Taiwain and all across Europe next week with North American and Asia-Pacific to get the device before the end of April.

Here’s the statement in full:

“HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.”

The delay really isn’t that bad, but it does give the phone less time to gain traction before the Galaxy S4 hits stores. On the other hand, HTC seeing “unprecedented demand” and interest in the HTC One sounds promising. Hopefully the device will prove to be a formidable competitor against Samsung’s behemoth, the Galaxy S4.

Which device are you planning on getting? An HTC One or a Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments!

  • Bone

    “Unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One” – so it’s our demand that causes the delays now? It’s a spectacular phone no doubt, but I don’t like those reports on so few camera and audio units passing quality tests. I’m sure nobody wants a phone that just barely made through control. So frustrating as I wanted HTC to succeed, but it will be damn hard now, and I wouldn’t get one off the first or 2nd batch, or as long as manufacturing is such a big issue.

  • Kassim

    S4 for me (at least 80% decided anyways).

    Having rocked my trusty (til recently) HTC Desire S for over a year and a half, I’m gonna jump ship over to the good ship Galaxy since it’s got the total package for my needs ’cause it still ticks most of my boxes more so than other phones right now…

  • David Brymer

    i got mine yesterday in phones 4 u in the metrocenter NEWCASTLE….UK and omg its class. im well pleased.

  • David Brymer

    i got mine yesterday in phones 4 u in the metrocenter NEWCASTLE….UK and omg its class. im well pleased.

  • F Bertrand

    HTC One hot my hearth because between these two beasts, only subjectivity can makea difference.

  • ChrisLH

    HTC could have really used a few weeks or a month to gain some momentum before the S4 was launched. Unfortunate for HTC.

  • No One

    Delay of HTC One has changed my mind to S4 now. Even though, I don’t like Samsung but HTC One delay and using wrong choice of camera is really a deal breaker for me.

  • i really liked the htc speaker but the s4 hardware is crazy!

  • yungqb7

    GS4. The HTC One isnt really appealing

  • seyss

    first android phone I like.. gonna buy. S4 is just depressing.. trying to copy Apple at everything

    • Yes Man

      Haha yeah, the iPhone 5S just came out with eye scrolling a new camera, same design and all that! What age are you living in? 2012? LOL

      • seyss

        eye scrolling was a lie, noob