Android 4.3 for HTC One arriving in 3-5 weeks in Europe, today on T-Mobile

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 21, 2013


HTC kicked off the Android 4.3 update rollout for the HTC One at the end of September in Taiwan, and has since delivered it to Canadian users and customers of AT&T and Sprint.

All that update action has surely made some European HTC One users jealous – if that’s the case for you, deliverance is in sight: HTC UK revealed that the software bump is coming in about a month:

HTC wasn’t able to keep its promise to update North American versions of the One by the end of September, but hopefully things will go better in Europe. Note that this refers to carrier versions – users of the unlocked international HTC One already got the Android 4.3 bump in September.

UK users, the silver lining of having to wait another month is that you might get bumped directly to Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5, as first seen on the One Max. The update to Sense brings updates to BlinkFeed – RSS feeds, more social feeds, and an on/off toggle – and some minor changes to the Gallery and other parts of the interface. Android 4.3 will enable Bluetooth LE, OpenGL 3.0, and new Daydream functionality, among other under the hood changes.

HTC America’s President Jason Mackenzie said last week that T-Mobile HTC One users should expect the Android 4.3 update (with Sense 5) today, though so far we haven’t heard word of the beginning of the rollout. To check for yourself, you can visit About Phone> Software Update on your HTC One.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Except for Verizon users (which already have 4.2.2), HTC Updated all NA One users to 4.3? I guess that something amazing considering how US carriers are a mess to deal with.

    I guess Verizon will get 4.3 + Sense 5.5 as EU users? and is it for sure that EU will get Sense 5.5?

  • LLothar

    FYI – UK unlocked devices are still waiting for 4.3

  • anibal

    MI HTC one fue actualizado a fines de septiembre y no hay grandes cambios..asi que recomiendo que se relajen jelly bean 4.3

  • gettindatupdate

    Downloading the update now in Austin, Texas T-Mobile!

    • gettindatupdate

      My update has failed twice now. Going to wipe phone and try again.

  • Mike Edward

    It’s out, Houston, TX

  • Jey

    Downloading now

  • Tay

    No international version hasn’t received 4.3 yet.
    It’s more likely that the 3-5 weeks goal is achieved this time cuz it doesn’t have to go through the ridiculous carrier cert that is in the USA.

    Also this update is said to bring sense 5.5

  • tito

    Downloading right now north Carolina

  • NB

    Coming in now…

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Nothing yet in floreduh

  • dylan

    I got it!!! In Alabama

  • O.M.E

    I am downloading 4.3 now. In Maryland!

  • rjm

    Got it in st Louis mo

  • sjh

    Got it in Minnesota

  • tito

    Officially running 4.3 on T mobile

  • Chris Mercieca

    FYI no 4.3 update here in Malta eu for international unlocked :/

  • dayanandan

    When this 4.3 and sense 5.5 updates come in india ?really I waiting for this

  • cj

    Updating in fl

  • Ismael Villarreal

    Downloading now!! Lubbock, Tx