HTC One Android 4.2.2 update goes live in the UK, Asia to follow later this week

by: Robert TriggsJuly 8, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one lockscreen aa

HTC has been rolling out the Android 4.2.2 update for its One handset over the past few days. The update went live in Taiwan last week, followed by mainland Europe a couple of days ago, and today the update has arrived on the shores of the UK.

The update is now available OTA, but make sure that you have stable WiFi connection, as the update comes in at a hefty 417MB. In a few instances, HTC One owners might also have to install a small bug fix before updating to Android 4.2.2, but the fix should be automatically installed prior to the larger update.

As always, if you haven’t received an update notification, you can force a manual check by heading over to Settings > About > Software updates > Check now.

If you’re curious about what’s included in the update, there are various changes to BlinkFeed, which will now also pull feeds from Instagram and WeChat. The phone’s Sense 5 software has also been updated with new Quick Settings features, there’s now a customizable lock screen which supports widgets, a new battery percentage in the status bar, and the Jelly Bean Daydreams feature too.

If you’re still waiting for the update to arrive in your region, all we know at the moment is that Asia appears to be next in line. A spokesperson from HTC has stated that the update will roll out sometime “this week”, so keep an eye on that notification panel.

  • Jinal

    No update yet…..just checked.

  • RL

    Unlocked UK version, no update for me as yet

  • Cosmos

    On Vodafone Business – no update as yet!

    Makes you wonder how this whole process looks like – and why it takes so long to get from manufacturer to end user!

  • CookieDude_2332

    O2 Ver. No update yet.

  • Cimmerian

    Unlocked UK version. No update yet!?

  • ThreeCustomer

    Three, no update yet

  • Keef

    On Three – no update

  • Idlefrog

    Unlocked version from Amazon in UK – no update yet. Does the SIM you have installed make a difference?

  • D

    Sim free from carphonewarehouse have yet to receive update ;-(

  • Scott

    Orange no update :-(

    • Casey

      Branded phones will take a month or 2 longer while the mess with all the bloatware etc

  • aidan

    No update for me either. What source said it was in the uk?

  • sijju

    unlocked version from carphonewarehouse, no updates yet.

  • A Dog

    Sim Free – No Updates

  • ChrisW

    SIM Free/Unlocked from Phones4U, No update yet..arrr

  • Casey

    Unbranded, nothing yet.

  • amrish

    no update for unbranded uk one seems to have got the update in the uk!!!!

  • Tim

    UK unlocked handset & received update last night :-D

  • Craig

    Same here. Unlocked One and no update :(

  • Amrish

    Tim where u bought urs from??

    • Tim

      Carphone warehouse

  • Hani

    I have UK free SIM version from Clove and no update yet

  • rick

    Nope, not live yet unless everyone gets it at different times? If so can the firmware be downloaded and installed manually?

  • geezza

    8/07/13 21:00 UK no updates here

  • Amine Elouakil

    They push the update in waves so they don’t get saturated I believe, so just wait your turn might be next

  • D

    Tim I purchased my phone from carphone warehouse too similar free I still haven’t got it!!

  • Salman Rahimi

    Free SIM from Clove, still no update.

  • dzinxxx

    7:30 am argos unbranded unlocked still no update:-(

  • wml

    I think this misleading article needs pulling down – it’s more than apparent from the comments that 4.2.2 hasn’t reached the UK.

  • Kerman

    Uk O2, no update until now…

  • Kamaldeep Ahluwalia

    Not sure, I was the first one to buy in UK , No update yet. Do not think UK update is out yet. ( purchased from Clove)

  • Kamaldeep Ahluwalia

    Not sure why UK has to wait for so long everytime….

  • Adam Phillips

    No update for me either, purchased sim free from Expansys a few weeks ago. Pretty sure that this article is wrong, there is no evidence to say that the UK has got the update! As wml said, just look at all the comments.

  • Giff

    P4u unlocked still no update

  • Sallu01

    Just wait guys…no every handset gets the update in one day :-)…I am also waiting. won’t make any difference if you get it today or after a week ;-)

  • Sallu01

    Just wait guys…no every handset gets the update in one day :-)…I am also waiting. won’t make any difference if you get it today or after a week ;-)

  • Kamaldeep Ahluwalia

    That is True my friend but, the article title is misleading. It indeed hasn’t arrived in UK. Yes, we can wait for UK update while rest of Europe enjoys the 4.2.2 download :)

  • Zool

    Whether your phone is locked or unlocked updates on all android phones which are not nexus devices are rolled out by the carriers not by the handset manufacturer.. They do not happen in waves.. So the delay we are seeing is down to UK mobile carriers testing the updated software on their networks prior to releasing it. It’s always been this way the only exception is the iPhone and nexus devices.

    • John

      Your talking rubbish sim free unlocked phones get it from HTC etc

  • Kamaldeep Ahluwalia

    How is that possible Zool? I can buy an unlocked sim free phone and update using OTA directly. Where is the carrier involved here?

  • Frank Herbert

    Why all the secrecy, why don’t they announce what’s going on instead of letting there customers just wonder when updates are going to be available.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Why does the uk always lag behind the rest of Europe,and pity great handset is once again let down by slow htc updates

  • Mel

    Finally Malaysia!! I just got my HTC One with Android 4.2.2 updated! ♥♥

  • John

    It’s not live in UK yet get your facts right before posting lies

  • John

    Totally rubbish article update hasn’t hit UK as yet what a load of rubbish Lmao get the facts right

  • shabs

    Still no update in UK I got sim free from phone4u

  • Big Jon

    Just got the update in the UK!!!
    Unlocked from dialaphone.

  • Kamaldeep Ahluwalia

    Ok Guys, UK OTA 4.2.2 is Live!. Downloading finally

  • hank

    it is arrived now, uk unlock version and living in Iraq updating is under process now