Leaker: Android 4.2 coming to One soon, “Senseless” edition later this summer?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 18, 2013


A source known for providing insider information on HTC devices tweeted that the HTC One could get an update in “2-3 weeks”, while a “Senseless” edition might come in late summer.

One of the most popular devices of the moment, the HTC One, is behind the times (and the competition) when it comes to the Android version. The HTC One is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean coupled with Sense 5, at a time when the newest version of Android, 4.2, has been out for almost six months.

Naturally, HTC One users have been clamoring for an update, but the good news is their wish may be granted in as little as two to three weeks.

The info comes from a noted purveyor of insider information on HTC that has a good reputation when it comes to leaks of the Taiwanese company’s handsets. @LlabTooFeR has correctly predicted the HTC First, also known as the “Facebook phone”, and the specifications of the HTC M4, which is said to hit the market as the HTC One Mini.

Now @LlabTooFeR is back at it with info on the Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One:

The tweet refers to this earlier one:

Even more exciting is the reference to a “Senseless” HTC One, in other words, a One running stock Android, just like the Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” unveiled at I/O. As you can see, @LlabTooFeR is not committing to the info, so it’s hard to say if it’s his speculation or something he knows for a fact.

Though @LlabTooFeR has a successful track record when it comes to leaks, we wouldn’t recommend ingesting this information without the proverbial grain of salt. Even the best connected insiders get it wrong sometimes. We’ve asked @LlabTooFeR  for more info on the “Senseless” One via Twitter and we’ll update this post with his comments.

Update: @LlabTooFeR says he knows about the HTC One without Sense “for a fact”.

With that said, we’ve also heard about Sense 5 coming to the HTC J Butterfly by the end of the month, with Android 4.2.2 possibly in tow. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that HTC is preparing a rollout for all its flagship devices, including the popular HTC One.

What will Android 4.2 bring to the HTC One? The most significant updates are the possibility to have widgets in the lock screen, a quick-settings panel in the notification dropdown and a swipe-based keyboard.

As for the HTC One Google Edition, an HTC employee did tease us during the I/O keynote, though an HTC PR boss was quick to shut down the speculation.

  • HTC is trying really hard /: they’re doing really good! but they should make phones faster! S4 is out in my country already while HTC isn’t /:

  • Arsenal™

    “SEnseLess” music to my ears !

  • OMGgary

    Anyone buying into hype about HTC is already “Senseless” enough.

    • d3v14n7

      What “hype”? HTC doesn’t hype up their products like Apple or Samsung does, but perhaps they should start, considering how great their smartphones have been in the last year or more.

      HTC releases great phones, and they’ve upped their game significantly since the release of the One series (One V, One S, One X, One XL, One X+ and One) and other phones released during that period (Droid DNA, Evo 4G LTE, Butterfly and so on…). The big issues with HTC phones in the past has been poor battery life, slow updates and Sense, the battery life issues have been rectified (the One series has great battery life compared to all other phones except for the ones sold with large batteries like the Razr Maxx), Sense has improved dramatically since Sense 4, Sense 5 is excellent and doesn’t slow down the phone at all, and as far as custom manufacturer skins are concerned, Sense 5 is the most lightweight and is superior to any other manufacturer skin out there… So in the end, all that’s left for HTC to improve is their not so timely updates, which from the looks/sounds of things, they’re actively trying to release these updates sooner. And hopefully the rumor is true, a Senseless update for the One would be just what many users want…

  • Hope it’s true.

  • Justin Winker

    The HTC one already has a Swype like keyboard… I doubt HTC will include the stock Google keyboard in the update.

  • Will Stewart

    HTC sucks with updates, a Senseless edition will be great…

  • MasterMuffin

    There’s actually some sense in a senseless edition :D

    Get it? SENSE? No? It was bad?? :okay:

  • I would love to buy the Chinese variant with stock android. It comes with dual SIM,expandable storage and removable battery. If they bought this version to Europe and USA it would piss on the plastic S4

    • iPhart

      Chinese variant of HTC One has SD , but no removable battery . And it is much, much thicker and heavier.

      S4 is the King.

      • d3v14n7

        “S4 is the King.”

        Sure, keep telling yourself that…

        Also, the Chinese variant of the HTC One weighs in at 13 grams heavier, and is only 1.1mm thicker than the regular version… So no, it’s not “much, much thicker and heavier” as you claimed.

    • Dante

      Please Buy Galaxy S4 and Piss on it!! i’ll love to watch when you do that on video, thats will proof that you are so DUMB IDIOT!!

      • You must be stupid. Can you read? Then read again what I wrote. Htc One is a much better phone all round than the bloatware full plastic S4. Htc one is just as quick as the S4 in everyday use but has a better screen,sound and speakers and looks/build quality. It also starts with 32gb storage unlike S4. If they give you exexpandable storage and removable battery this phone would be untouchable

        • i hate the SD… not all people like card slots!… lol the slowest mem on the world.. if you want a decent one must pay too much…. and lol… S4 is a shit compared with the One guys ;)

  • iPhart

    Dear Androidauthority

    This iRumor will not help this handicap apple-ish , cheap tin-can device.

    I can bet on it with you, iboys.
    Same was last year with HTC One X and S3. Right? Can you tell us , how does it ended? LOL

    • d3v14n7

      Can you please tell us exactly what you’re talking about? As none of what you just wrote makes any sense whatsoever…

      • Simon Belmont

        You could say that what he said was “Senseless.” Zing.

        What a terrible pun. I’ll see myself out.

  • Well first before they do anything else – they NEED to roll out the capacitive button fix for all regions STAT.

  • Alu Zeros

    I don’t mind sense, it’s really not that bad, makes it convenient and less needs for widgets. However, couple of things i don’t like is the custom app drawer, can’t remove apps just from that drawer and only keep whatever apps you want in that custom drawer. The other thing is the the weather app on the sense which is part of or above the blinkfeed (not sure) has a difficult time updating or even picking up a basic city. My last thing is, it would be nice if the blinkfeed added sms, google voice, gmail, pop email, and google+ to really add a unique way of bring a unified messaging to a phone.

  • Simon Belmont

    Went to my local Sprint store today and handled both the HTC One and SGS4 for the first time. Boy the HTC One is a nice piece of kit, and it feels so nice in the hand.

    The SGS4 while nice, felt much cheaper. I’d love to see an HTC One variant with stock Android.

  • Rich

    “What will Android 4.2 bring to the HTC One? The most significant updates are the possibility to have widgets in the lock screen, a quick-settings panel in the notification dropdown and a swipe-based keyboard.” We have all of those. Put your widgets in a folder in the launch bar. Swype comes standard. Settings have been in the drop down menu in every HTC I’ve owed.

  • I would Iove if my htc one can have the same stock as the galaxy s4 or at least have some of its features. Like the touch tone bubble sound and it’s notification sounds. And I can’t wait for the 4.2 update.

  • My Htc One is awesome.

    • TehTechGod

      Nice, im getting mine today :D

    • Josh Hernandez

      too bad you got it on sprint! unless sprint is actually decent in your area..

      love the phone either way

    • Jack

      HTC the king forever <3 i love mine too

    • assad

      you are awesome too!