HTC One’s aluminum case gets keyed, knifed, and hammered (video)

by: Bogdan BeleApril 29, 2013

htc one

The HTC One may be a well built device, but it was certainly not built to withstand the assaults of keys, knives, and hammers.

Still, the guys at PhoneBuff tried all of the above, and HTC’s flagship device held up pretty well (at least as far as the screen is concerned). But we already knew that Gorilla Glass is incredibly resilient to scratches. What we were more concerned about is the much touted aluminum unibody of the HTC One. After all, metal phones have a reputation of scratching easily.

In the key test, there were absolutely no marks on the screen, while the scratch marks on the back could easily be wiped off with a cloth. The same can’t be said about the sides, where some scuffs remained visible.

Not even a kitchen knife could damage the screen, but the scratch marks on the back were visible, even after trying to wipe them off. The beveled sides of the phone were especially affected by the brutal mistreatment.

The hard rubber mallet that the tester used to pound the HTC One had virtually no effect on the device:

While this may be a pretty extreme test, it still doesn’t compare to how our Joshua Vergara mistreated the HTC One in the HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test.

Looking at PhoneBuff’s video, it seems that the back side of the HTC One is actually pretty resilient. While the device will certainly be damaged if you subject it to brutal shocks (like scraping it on concrete or tarmac), it’s surprisingly hard to scratch in milder conditions, like keeping the phone in a pocket with keys or coins.

On the other hand, the sides of the device seem especially sensitive, and given that phones tend to drop on their sides, it’s likely that most nicks and scuffs will show in that area. A full case, or at least a bumper, is highly recommended.

How much do you take drop and scratch tests into account when deciding to buy a new smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

  • freedomspopular

    Why people would put their $600 phone in the same pocket their keys are in is completely beyond me.

    • KoforAkira

      Same Reason why they will put it in the same pocket with the kitchen knife

    • Toss3

      Not a problem with a case and screen protector.Costs you less than $15, and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • acolyte

    give me the phone. dont spoilt it

  • Freeman

    Moral of the story, don’t use your $600 phone as cutting board.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Don’t drop….’chills in the spine’

  • Rohan patel

    I almost cried when he started with the mallet.

  • Josh

    What about the camera glass? I saw you skip over it. Would like to know how resistant that is. Wonder if it’s gorilla glass as well?

  • aaisha

    Hey I have jus got some scratches at back of my new htc one it made me upset plz suggest what is remedy