HTC hints that all-new HTC One will have improved BoomSound

February 26, 2014

    The “all new” HTC One is expected to arrive on March 25th, something that HTC has teased several time now. We already know quite a bit about the HTC One, but in a new teaser, HTC hints that the front-facing BoomSound will be getting an upgrade as well. As you might expect from a teaser, the details here are very light, just enough to pique our interest.

    Part way through the video, one of the actors pulls out the next-gen HTC One and prepares to talk about the new features. As the actor speaks, the handset is blurred out and his words are censored.  Obviously the teaser is about building up hype and getting us ready for the new HTC One, and it does a reasonably good job of it.

    While we might not know exactly how BoomSound will differ in the model, we aren’t too surprised that HTC is continuing to focus on sound quality, since that was one of the areas that the original HTC One received the most praise for.

    Are you excited for the next-gen HTC One? Or are you more interested in getting your hands on the recently announced Xperia Z2 or the Galaxy S5?


    • AndroidBoss

      Next HTC One is gonna be better than both Samsung and Sony.

      • MasterMuffin

        Xperia Z2 is tough competition, S5 is, well, competition. In terms of sales Samsung will prevail though (as always)

        • AndroidBoss

          Right, Z2 is indeed tough but I would rather HTC’s design and features. S5 is a competition when it comes to price, hopefully like $400. And a Nexus phone will own all.

          • MasterMuffin

            $400 in your dreams :D And yes Nexus 5 FTW

            • AndroidBoss

              Yeah and next I meant.

          • radiotrib

            SGS5 in Europe has just appeared on the reseller pages at 699.99 euros .. 700 euros is about 950 USD … so expect to pay around 800 USD off contract .. sayonara Spamslung

            • AndroidBoss

              No, like $500 by far. That’s ridiculous.

      • arcwindz

        I agree, except for the black slab with htc logo with it in the front. Otherwise htc will provide one of the best non-waterproof phone i believe

        • AndroidBoss

          Looking at it again, it’s not all that bad…

    • MasterMuffin

      Wasn’t this quite obvious? :)

    • Amine Elouakil

      Pixelation feature going to be epic xD

    • Harvie Boles

      I shall call it the HTC TWO LOL

    • Ste

      I hope HTC is going to get The interest it deserves. Samsung is going to sell anyway based on brand awareness and not because the s5 is that wonder (yeah I was expecting a big change) . I still don’t like Sony’s UI otherwise I think that the Z2 is a really valid device.

      • AbbyZFresh

        HTC will forever be the brand that will never get its due despite having great design and specs to match. Samsung is simply put, better than HTC at selling phones. That’s all there is to it.

        • Markus

          Well you’re probably right but there were many brands which were once big and have fallen (Nokia our Motorola for ex.). Maybe that’ll also happen to Samsung one day…

    • Piterson Massenat Desir

      Likely the 9W version of the speakers. Well hopefully its the 9 watt version. Its super loud

    • najiy91

      xperia z2 has the best new dual stereo speaker and the the best new noise cancelling earphone!(‘~’)

      • Amine Elouakil


      • Tom_Slaapstad

        You must information that know else does, direct sound comparisons between Z2, HTC One and the new HTC One. Or you’re just a tool. Seems pretty obvious.

    • ALCapitalist

      Very interested in the new One. Particularly if contacts sync with Outlook. New update of Kies did not fix the sync problem between GS4 and Outlook 2010. The most important function of my phone is business & syncing contacts is key. I need to find a manufacturer who is concerned about keeping their business customers in business. I don’t want to switch to Windows phone yet but it’s looking more and more likely.