Clove UK starts offering some HTC One accessories, car kit included

by: Bams SadewoMarch 11, 2013


Have you ordered your HTC One through Vodafone or other sales channels in the UK? Given the recent availability scare, we’re hoping that you’ll still be getting the phone on March 14, unlike those unlucky folks in the Netherlands who have to wait until next month.

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If you’re looking for one good sign that the UK release won’t suffer from the same delay, we just have the thing. Retailer Clove has reported that some official accessories for the HTC One have begun to trickle into its store. Check them out below.

HTC One screen protector

If you’re not used to treating your smartphone delicately, getting a screen guard is a must to protect it from ugly scratches. Thankfully, the official HTC One screen protector is already available from said e-tailer, where it’s selling for £6. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll get 2 of them in the package.

HTC One hard shell case

We know that OtterBox will release several cases for the HTC One, but if you’re looking for something official, you can consider getting the Double Dip hard case. The tough polycarbonate shell will lock in securely to the phone and protect it from bumps and scratches. Offered at £14.99, it’s not that too expensive of a price.


HTC One car kit

Lastly, you can also grab the rather cool-looking car kit for the HTC One, which comes with a suction cup and an adjustable mounting arm. HTC has also included a USB car charger in the box. Clove is selling the official HTC One car kit for £44.99.

Interested in getting any of the above? Still waiting for the kickstand case to arrive? Let us know below.

  • a22matic

    Yeah, I’m waiting to purchase my One, but it’s strange the kickstand case seems to have disappeared. I’m coming from the EVO line, so that kickstand case is first on my list! The car dock is second…

  • Clove shipped the double dip case to me a couple days ago…

    However Expansys where I actually pre-ordered the handset have told me today they now expect stock on the 22nd as it has been delayed. They originally expected stock on the 8th and then would have started shipping to consumers for the 15th, however it has now been delayed. So whether it actually is available to the customers now on the 22nd or that’s when Expansys gets it stock (meaning customers are delayed a little bit more) is unanswered.

    Either way it looks like we do indeed have 7-10 day delay (so far)….

    • Obe Won Kanobe

      Are you available it’s available on Amazon, right?

  • Obe Won Kanobe

    If you guys want to see some other cases, docks, and pouches you may want to check out . They seem to have a bunch of other accessories for the HTC One.