The official HTC One accessories are actually pretty cool

by: Nate SwannerFebruary 19, 2013


With all the hype surrounding the new HTC One today, it would have been easy for HTC to sit back and let the device shine. While the phone itself may not have been a surprise, the slew of accessories definitely are. All official, and all pretty sleek.

We will have our choice of just about anything we could readily use. Need an official case to protect all that aluminum? No problem, HTC has two of them! Do you miss the old iMac from 2002, with that metal arm jetting out of the base? Again HTC feels your pain.

Maybe the coolest of all the HTC One accessories (in my opinion) is the on-the-go charger. A brilliant move for those of us who will undoubtedly need a portable charging system. HTC also hasn’t lost touch with their roots, offering a case with the familiar kick-stand we used to get on HTC devices. Feel free to click here for all the picture-y goodness.

htc one stand engadget

What’s that you say? Don’t like any of those cases? Well, not to worry, friends. HTC has sent the phone design specs to many top name case makers in an attempt to ensure there are plenty of accessories for the March launch of the phone. Belkin, Otterbox, Morphie, Speck, and Casemate all have the design, are are expected to be working on cases. It seems HTC understands what many other manufacturers don’t: we love accessories!

  • John A

    Its a pity they don’t understand that we like removable batteries and memory like another manufacturer does.

    • Kalo

      You can’t have it all unfortunately, the brand your probably thinking of gives you that but a cheap plastic exterior for a phone costing similar to this. For the average user the space provided on this phone will be more than sufficient, I never got those people who have 20gb of music + 20 films on their phone, how many songs can you listen to!?

      • John A

        Yes, I could put up with the storage that this phone provides and it is a beautifully built phone with a fantastic screen, but the small and nonremovable battery is a step too far for me.. Give me the ‘cheap plastic exterior’ any day if it has a removable battery. I am due my upgrade right now from the DHD, but unfortunatly, I shall be waiting for Samsungs offering. It will probably be a better phone overall anyway……

  • a22matic

    Great to see HTC changing their tactics on official accessories. They’re helped because the phone will be the same dimensions on all carriers. Good job HTC!