AT&T will have the 64GB HTC One exclusively

by: Brad WardMarch 30, 2013

htc-one-rear-in-handAccording to a new HTC One promo video uploaded by AT&T, the carrier has the 64GB HTC One exclusively. In other words, you won’t be able to find it on Sprint or T-Mobile.

It’s not a bad thing that the other major carriers won’t have a 64GB model. After all, the majority of smartphone users rarely use up their 32GB of space, let alone 64GB. For those that will use an entire 32GB of space, it’s unfortunate that there’s not even a microSD slot to make up for it. Of course, one could always opt for cloud storage through Google Drive or Dropbox.

Keep in mind that other carriers could still get a 64GB model. We don’t know if this will be exclusive to AT&T period or if it’ll simply be a two- or three-month exclusive with the carrier.

On another note, AT&T still hasn’t released info on pricing or availability for HTC’s new flagship yet, which could have something to deal with past delays. Let’s not forget that HTC said North America will have the device before the end of April though. We could be in for a bit longer of a wait. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review of the HTC One!

  • Alu Zeros

    i’m interested in the headphones, supposed to be bluetooth with volume controls <- yes, volume controls. Supposedly you can answer phone calls and listen to music. Not sure why Google doesn't allow more than one physical button on reguar inline controls for volume controls similar to apple. Bluetooth can be okay, but not as clear and well as a regular inline mic.

  • Beautiful harware crappy specs other then 64SD. Not that you need it with the 4mp camera.

    • boballistic

      Not that i really care about the one, but the pics that are shown from the camera with the firmware update look pretty good. Though still not comparable to my lumia 920. The specs are pretty good though honestly.

    • cycad007

      Crappy specs? Its a lot better than whatever you’re currently using.

  • Jordy Bookal

    There HTC go again that’s why Samsung will always out sell them

  • th3d

    Like it would not be hard enough to find a 64GB version already, it will not even be imported to most countries, and then they go and make it exclusive, well done HTC.

    One is really a 32GB device, and it will stay a 32GB device, those who need more just go for Xperia Z with its 80GB apacity, will be 144GB when 128GB cards start to appear later this year, possible alredy in Q2.