2014 HTC One specs and features detailed in yet another leak (Bonus: Verizon version pics)

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 12, 2014
htc one verizon dummy (2)

It’s leak fiesta in HTC town and we don’t mind one bit. Yesterday, we learned about the Duo Camera setup of the All New HTC One, thanks to a leaked brochure of Australian carrier Telstra, and now we get even more details on the new HTC One’s specs and functionality.

GSM Arena received what seems to be a sale guide for the new HTC One, as well as a partial spec sheet clearing up some of the questions we still had about the new phone. Here’s the key info:

  • The new HTC One will be overall larger than the 2013 model, at 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm. At 160 grams, the device will also be heftier than its predecessor and some direct competitors, such as the Galaxy S5 (145 g), almost topping the Xperia Z2 (163 g). With design staying largely the same, the increase in size is caused by the 0.3-inch increase in display size compared to the 2013 HTC One.
  • The SoC will be a Snapdragon 801 revving at 2.3GHz, just like on the Xperia Z2, but slightly slower than the 2.5GHz chip of the S5.
  • 16GB of internal storage (10GB free), with microSD card. 2600 mAh battery, up from 2300 mAh on the first generation.
  • Main rear camera appears to be 4MP again, though that’s not specified in the leak. Front camera will feature a wide-angle lens and a 5MP sensor.
  • New feature: Motion Launch – answer calls by putting the phone to your ear.
  • New feature: swipe the phone to wake up and go to BlinkFeed and apps.
  • New feature: double tap  to wake the phone and see time, weather and reminders.
  • Selective focus feature confirmed. Front camera will have a countdown timer for selfies.

Head over to the source to see the actual sales guide and how HTC instructs sales staff to promote its All New One. And for a peak at all the recent leaks related to the new HTC One (due to launch on March 25), check our full coverage.

As a bonus, here’s another gallery of images what seems to be a dummy version of Verizon-branded HTC One (2014).

Impressed or not so much?

  • George D. Flamouris

    after the disappointment of the SGS5, i thought HTC would bring the snapdragon 805, but no, too much hype for nothing….

    Sent from my HTC Explorer running CM11 4.4.2

    • SuyashSrijan

      Snapdragon 805 has not entered production stage so no mobile device can launch with 805 right now.

    • Rijoenpial

      The SOC 805 is not available yet and probably will only be for the later phones like the LG G3 and the possible S5 Prime…

    • Fundy fish

      Really you’re writing off an entire phone because its performance will be slightly lower than other phones that will come out later? What do you need that performance for anyway?

      • Replicant Jason Booth

        Nothing he needs it for nothing… They’ll all run the same apps, gaming will be superb as well as power consumption

      • Flip Jumpman

        Gimmę my extra 12HP now son of a bitch!

      • George D. Flamouris

        im not writing off the phone itself, im just saying its pretty disapponting after so much hype for LESS than the SGS5, i dont have the money to buy any of them flagships, as you might have seen i comment on my HTC Explorer, a 2011 device, 600Mhz processor armv7 etc etc… its just that HTC should take advantage from the SGS5 fail device, and “steal” some customers from samsung, they hyped us for the “best phone” but no, it provides less than the SGS5…. so, its a no go. :)

        • Fundy fish

          What I’m saying is it doesn’t really matter if it says 2.5 or 2.3 GHz you’re not going to notice a difference in anything other than benchmarks and that 200 MHz won’t make basically any difference in how the phone ages either. Often people want the faster processor as part of some kind of dick measuring contest and don’t actually care how the device feels.

          • George D. Flamouris

            as i said before, if i had the money i would buy it. BUT, having SGS5 launched before the HTC M8, means HTC could grab the opportunity and make a better phone with better specs, but they havent done that, and they overhyped this phone IMO.

  • chaki-

    Good, it is official! RIP HTC….. Was that so hard to put bigger cam? They had amazing 8Mpx cams with the One X. If they used that as a rear cam and 5Mpx front combined with 3000mAh battery + micro SD that is already there, i would preorder it right now…..
    They must call it Titanic One :D

    • SuyashSrijan

      More megapixels =/= Better quality

      • Sufyan

        that’s true… but diffidently better marketing …

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        The same megapixels =/= better quality also…lol

      • Tjaldid

        More megapixels = More detail.

        • SuyashSrijan

          More megapixels = More detail, which is mostly noise. It wasn’t awful, If you take a look at sample shots (here’s one: http://imgur.com/itiKFL2 I took it with my HTC One) it’s was pretty good plus it’s a smartphone camera, if you care so much about quality, buy a DSLR.

          • Tjaldid

            the Camera, the Bezel, the Battery and I’m guessing only 2GB of Ram makes this a phone to stay away from, also Why wouldn’t you want a phone that is the best at everything?

          • SuyashSrijan

            Are you talking about HTC One 2013 or 2014?, The camera is, while not the best, pretty good for most stuff and it also takes great pictures in low light. It also has OIS, which isn’t present in S4 (and S5). The bezel is a subjective preference, I have no issues with it. Battery life is acceptable, it depends on your usage actually and how many apps and services are running in the background and there are plenty of ways to optimize battery life. If you run lots of apps and things are running in background battery life takes a hit. I get a full day of use and I use Greenify and Set CPU profiles. When I installed the Google Play Edition ROM, the battery life was even better. 2GB RAM is more than enough for everything, I can multitask between many apps and still have ample RAM left. Also, if you have more RAM then it will affect the battery life also.

            If you’re talking about 2014 HTC One, then the phone hasn’t even been released so first wait for it to release and go try it out in a store and check the reviews before you form an opinion of it.

          • Plinky
    • Ephelant

      Agreed. When will manufacturers learn that non-replaceable batteries must cater for “heavy” users. I’m sick of not being able to get through a full day on my One. The increased screen size will probably negate the increase in battery capacity.

      Also, the on-screen buttons will negate the increase in screen size for most uses.

      • chaki-

        Exactly my point….

    • Marcus Fowler

      Rip HTC ? You know recently their stocked jump quite a bit

    • Fred Chiang

      ermm theres 2 rear cameras :/ if you haven’t noticed. it does have a micro sd card :/

  • Marcus

    @chaki – to a point, megapixels has nothing to do with image quality… a 10 year old Nikon D70 that shoots 6.1mp takes way better pictures than your smart phones can.

    • asdfasdfasdf

      and this is 4 megapixels and not a even close to a nikon…

    • chaki-

      Yes, we are talking phones here. Not digi cams etc. If i am goin to spend almost 600€ maybe more for a phone, at least they can put a bit more then alu, two cams at the back and a flash for selfies. I am far from taking perfect images, but i want something for my money.

  • ♜Donzzy™

    Looks like HTC fans are far more disappointed than the Galaxy fans. Rooting for S5 Prime or Note 4 then.

    • Fundy fish

      S5 prime “shudders”

    • Ephelant

      Touchwiz = yuck.

      • ♜Donzzy™

        I’m using Apex, duh.

        • Ephelant

          Plastic, yuck.

          • Flip Jumpman

            No sd card and removable battery sucks more.
            Smartphone game is messed up!

            …And you can’t buy a case either bc you said plastic sucks.
            Just playin’ homie, I know what you mean.

          • ♜Donzzy™

            I’m using a metallic casing lol!

  • “seems to be a dummy” Yep, a dummy available on eBay http://www.nowhereelse.fr/modele-exposition-tout-nouveau-htc-one-2014-94700/

  • Rijoenpial

    Something that may have been overlooked by some is the fact that according to GSMARENA, it requires a NANO-SIM and not a MICRO-SIM anymore, kinda like the iPhone 5 and 5S… Major bummer… And the specs are quite conservative, and the features… OMG, NOTHING innovative and everything LG and Samsung already had for years… Same screen, same ppi, no Beats… It’s only selling point to me is the design and there is no way I will dish out that amount of money for a phone I would be putting in a case anyway… Heavier than the S5, slower than the S5… No thanks

    • Ephelant

      What’s wrong with nano-SIM? It’s it just the same thing, but smaller?

      • filaos

        You can even shim the micro-sim to make it fit in the nano slot.

    • Brian Shieh

      Just like the Desire 816, maybe it’s meant to attract iPhone users

  • Jayfeather787

    Why the bezel with the HTC logo? If we are going to have soft buttons, then reduce the size of the freaking bezel!!!

    • Brian Shieh

      If not, I hope they use it for some reason. Rumors claim that the amplifier for Boomsound resides in the bezel

    • Luka Mlinar

      Guessing they don’t like making money.

    • AndroidBoss

      Phone would look worse if there wasn’t one. It looks awesome.

    • systemupdate

      They really wanted to write HTC there.

      Would have been so much better.
      Oh, ego!

    • Shark Bait

      I think it will still kick ass, still looks good to me and that camera could be awsome.

      Looking at MWC dual lenses look a pretty big deal

  • TheDave1022

    Unless it’s an 8 mp camera it’s a fail. I know mp isn’t image quality and all that, but it’s nothing more than a social network camera. You can’t zoom in on anything with 4 mp. I had the gnex with the 5 mp camera and I hated the lack of resolution. That HTC logo on the front is a terrible use of space as well

    • Fred Chiang

      ermmm theres 2 rear cameras :/ if you haven’t noticed.

  • Poopik Shmill

    I just don’t get the huge ugly bezel at the bottom.
    And why using the same awfull camera as the first ONE?

    • Ephelant

      The camera on the first One is fantastic, just not if you want to use digital zoom or make posters out of your pics. Have you even used it?

    • Brian Shieh

      If you mean the purple tint, that was from overheating and affecting the camera

  • Tjaldid

    so 2GB Ram or 3GB? (the previous rumor was 2GB)

  • Dylan Azari

    Why in the hell would HTC put a 5mp cam on the front and keep same old 4mp one on the rear? This phone is pretty much the same as the HTC One. Looks like 2014 is the year of the non changing flagships. First the S5 now the M8. It seems to me that the upgrades on the S5 over the S4 is more than the M8 over the M7.

    • Sean Karpa

      If there is 2 rear cameras, one is likely 10+ megapixels which is better for daylight shots.

      • Dylan Azari

        The 2nd rear camera is supposed to be only for selective focus.

    • dogulas

      The front-facing camera is a typical front-facing camera with a typical sensor. There is no special sauce in that one. The rear camera for taking good photos has a great sensor with “ultrapixels” that take in more light and give great quality. The low megapixel count is actually to improve quality. Trust me, the rear-facing camera will produce way better photos than the front-facing camera.

  • zmoney

    Like the phone to ear call answering.

  • Asbjørn Steinar Haarup

    I know its been said a 100 times but i have to say it too just to get it out; What the fuck is up with that HUGE bezel? Whats the point on the onscreen bottons if the fucking logo bar is still there? The bottons just take up space then!

  • Tay

    There is some obvious misunderstanding in the comment section here.
    Nowhere in the source(gsm arena) does it say that it has a 4mpx camera on the back. It just says that it has an uultrapixel camera and a 5mpx front facing camera.

    I think the writer of this article here just guessed that it’s 4mpx because it said that it was an Ultrapixel camera. He’s sort of also stated that as he wrote “Main rear camera appears to be 4MP again, though that’s not specified in the leak.”

    But obviously it could have been made more clear to avoid confusion..

  • Xavier_NYC

    Safe to say both the GS5 and the new HTC One are both disappointing. G3 please don’t fail me.. To Sony, well played..

    • Ismail Akram

      I would buy G3 if they add sd805 and QHD, otherwise don’t see a point to buy LG when samsung, HTC, Sony making same spec and almost identical features.

      • Xavier_NYC

        They don’t all have the same specs though. Sony Xperia Z2 has a 20mp camera and a 3200 mAh battery. My G2 has a better battery than both HTC and Samsung’s respective devices. Also the Z2 is waterproof while the GS5 is only water resistant so that’s why I give the edge to the Z2 right now. Plus Ultra Pixel is bs it’s still a 4mp sensor.

      • Tomáš Hoffmann

        There is no point to put QHD into a smartphone. It is just marketing and waste of battery life.

        • TheInfamous Stephenson

          The same thing was said in regards to putting1080p displays on smartphones.

          …and we see how that turned out.

          • Tomáš Hoffmann

            It is known that 1080p is more than enough for a smarphone.

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            Known by whom?

            Again the same thing was said in regards to 720p displays and 1080p displays.

          • Marcus Fowler

            A 4k display would destroy battery life line the first 1080p displays did

        • Ismail Akram

          There is always a point and it will make G3 standout in all other companies flagships, all saying that no one brought new on table no innovation cuz all wanted to see QHD and SD805. Yes Yes we don’t need but who don’t want ;)

    • Be Cool

      Why is GS5 “disappointing”???? Please enlighten us.
      From all three.(ANHTC One, Z2 and S5)

      Display ? From 2 up to 500nits brightness

      Dust proof? And water resistant?

      Battery? A battery management?

      Black$White mode.
      New tech Camera?
      Best Wi-Fi
      Swappable battery?
      128GB support SD?
      Fiber-glass frame?
      SMALLEST SIZE and WIGHT of all three?

      • Xavier_NYC

        It’s disappointing because it was hyped up to be something its not.. It’s an incremental update like going from an IPhone 5 to 5s. And lets be serious a heart rate monitor? Gimmick.. I have a G2 and granted the battery isn’t removable, but it’s still larger than the GS5’s battery. My phone is smaller with a bigger display. Still no OIS on the GS5 and from the sample pics I’ve seen it’s not that great. Water resistent, big deal it’s not water proof so if you drop it in water you’re still f*cked. Best wifi? Fiber glass frame but still plastic with the ugliest design I’ve seen off all the flagships coming out thus far..

        • TheInfamous Stephenson

          How is the S5 an Incremental update vs the S4?..The only features that weren’t upgraded is display resolution and quantity of RAM.Everything else was upgraded in addition to the completely new features that were added.

          Now the Note 3 vs the S5 may qualify as an incremental upgrade.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Watch this video by MKBHD does a quick first impression. Explains exactly how I feel. Everything is just slightly bumped up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvNrGxpS2jY&list=UUBJycsmduvYEL83R_U4JriQ

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            I saw that video when it dropped and I know the specs of both devices…this certainly isn’t an iPhone 5 > 5S update.

            Again,just about everything has been improved (camera and SoC have been improved significantly),the exception being display resolution and quantity of RAM..additionally brand new hardware and software features have been added.How is this update any less significant than completing devices (current and past)?

          • Xavier_NYC

            Everything in this phone is slightly bumped up. Reason why I think it’s disappointing is because of the simple fact that it’s not much better than the phone I currently have. Which is the G2. My G2 has a better battery, bigger screen in a smaller body, OIS. Can you make an argument about having a removable battery? Yes but I don’t care for that, I don’t want to walk around with an extra battery. I just want a phone that can last a day or two which I can get with my G2. The Software is still the same touch wiz crap and half the stuff will be useless because majority of people will flash some AOS rom

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            So let me get this straight: You’re claiming that the S5 is an incremental upgrade over the S4 because you like your LG G2 better?

            That makes perfect sense.

            In reality,the upcoming S5 has significant hardware and software advantages over both the S4 and the G2:

            * Superior processor

            * Superior camera resolution and camera software

            * Water and dust resistance

            * Tri-band 4G LTE enabled

            * The ability to use both wifi and 4G LTE at the same time for super fast download speeds

            * Superior battery management functionality

            * Fingerprint scanner

            * Heart rate monitor

            The only hardware feature that the G2 has that’s missing from the S5 is OIS.That being said the S5 is a much more substantial upgrade over the S4 than the G2 was over the Optimus G…and how you could claim that your beloved G2 has better battery life than a device which hasn’t been released yet is beyond me,a device with a more battery efficient SoC and power a saving mode which Allows 24 hours of battery life with just 10% charge.

          • Xavier_NYC

            This is a waste of my time and yours so lets agree to disagree because obviously you’re a Samsung fan. Considering the G2 is 6 months old I’d hope it would have better internals but my point is it’s not much better. Like I said that’s my opinion and you have yours..

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            I think you’re missing the point entirely,this isn’t about the S5 being better than your G2…it’s about your claim that it’s an incremental upgrade over the S4 akin to iPhone 5 > iPhone 5S.

            By your personal definition of “incremental upgrade”,just about every device is an incremental upgrade over it’s predecessor.. including your G2.Very rarely will you see a huge technological leap from one device to the next.

          • Xavier_NYC

            No, you’re missing my point which is simply that it’s not enough of an improvement from the GS4 to warrant paying $600 + dollars for hence why I say it’s incremental. I think most GS4 owners would agree. And it looks terrible.

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            Then that very same argument could be applied to just about every device on the market…the Z1 vs the Z2,the One vs the New One,the G vs the G2,and I’m sure it’ll be the case with the G2 vs the G3.

            ….but most people have 2 year contracts so they skip iterations in product lines,leading to more impactful upgrades.

          • Xavier_NYC

            I’m not most people. In the last year alone I’ve had the HTC ONE, IPhone 5 and the G2. I have no loyalty to any company I just go with the best and the GS5 is shit.. Point blank.. Go cry about it but that’s my opinion.

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            When an attempt at intellectual discourse devolves into a display of witless taunts and childish provocations,it’s time for me to see my way out.

            Good day.

          • Xavier_NYC

            I see you know how to use a dictionary very well ha. Spitting out words you run across in a dictionary doesn’t prove a point or make you sound smart FYI . If you were wondering I have a double degree in Computer Science and Multimedia Communications so I’m no fool ;)

          • John

            This is a great point that you’ve made TheInfamous. Most people do get 2 year contracts with phones at discounts and many new sites, tech sites, etc. don’t recognize comparisons between devices that were two years old. What may seem like a small iteration is actually a big iteration when you’re skipping iterations, ie. (One X or HTC EVO LTE –> HTC One M8 or GS3 –> GS5). I am one person who gets a phone every other year, so this is the type of upgrade that I do. I enjoy a flagship phone for two years and then upgrade to whatever I deem is the next best. This year, I’ve chosen to get the M8.

            Some people love getting lots of new phones – multiple of them each year. However, those users most likely care less for small changes, and just want the best of the best.

            I’ve read over this conversation some, and though it is 19 days old, I feel like I want to comment on how both sides are right. To some people, the GS5 may be a small upgrade from their current phone, but to others, it is a very significant upgrade. I think the changes in it are certainly enough to warrant an upgrade from the S4 for hardcore phone owners who get a phone every year, and also enough for people who have the S3 and want a newer phone as well. Some of the new features in the S5 are awesome, but as an HTC fan, I will not be getting one.

            I do recognize the good features of the both phones though. The S5 is a good upgrade and most likely will sell very well to both types of phone owners. Of course, some people may have differing opinion, like Xavier or myself.

            Feel free to comment to this if you have any opinion on what I’ve said.

      • Guest

        sh it design?

  • Balraj

    i really liked the htc instructions
    the phone is good n i hope its priced well

  • xlSamsonlx

    All of a sudden the Galaxy S5 doesn’t sound so bad does it?

    -bitter HTC evo 4g lte owner

    • onlygoodtime88

      now the s5 sounds the worst ever made

      • Be Cool


        • xlSamsonlx

          I’m confused too, english is tough.

  • avyfa

    Oh, god, WHY 2600 mAH, WHY?

  • KillEmAllx

    Well, if it wasn’t for the good looking design, this phone is just “meh”. I really hope all the leaks are just rumors. I will wait for the Note 4 then, and hope Samsung doesn’t f*ck that up…

  • Stupid HTC

    Why so big? We don’t want phablet! Fuck you HTC!!!

  • Bishop

    After seeing these specs for the The All New HTC One, I would spend my money on the S5. The sony Z2 might be the one that I May have considered over the S5, but the removable battery is what will likely have puched me to puchase the S5. The All New HTC One seems like a smaller upgrade than What the S5 was.

    Overall, these phones are great for those upgrading from the 2012 phones, very good upgrade from those that bought early 2013 flagship phones, but barely an upgrade over the flagship Note 3 and G2 released late last year. Although if the cam is important, the. It may be worth it. Surprised that the All New HTC One will not record 4k video.

    As for me, a current S4 owner, I can easily skip these phones and have a much better phone once they are released in the fall, particularly the Note 4. Spending $800 on the Note 4 seems much better than spending $600 on these current flagships…. the G3 and the Note 4 will be the big players for the second half of the year, although Sony may surprise.

  • The Breaker

    I hoped more from the brand new HTC One, but other than design, nothing really changed (it seems the only OEM that did change something is Sony with their Z2). But nevertheless i would still choose this phone over S5 (i started to dislike Samsung quite a lot after some issues with their phones).

    I also posted this on another news, but oh well…

    Also guys, this is off topic, but i need help, and i think this is the fastest way to get it.
    I’m pretty soon getting a new phone, and i’m choosing between Sony Xperia SP and Alcatel Idol X, so which one should i choose (of course my first choice would be nexus 5, but it’s too expensive to buy it over the carrier)? I want a phone that will for atleast 2 years (during my contract) be able to do some light gaming (i usually spend my time online, or reading books) and i want it to be reasonably fast. I’m currently leaning a lot towards Idol X, but i prefer Sony as a manufacturer.

    P.S. Sorry about my english, it’s my second language :D

    • Tahseen

      Buy Moto g ….. Using it …loving it … Period.

  • arcwindz

    Another day, another big phone. Honestly, why does these companies make their flagship bigger every single time. My only hope is the sony compact series but then i’m already fond of 5 inch screen.
    Please, someone, am i the only one thinking that we will one day have phablet size phone as the norm.

    • Be Cool

      5″ is not big, if the actual device is not big.
      But about “All new HTC(lol)”, and Z2 bricks , you are right.

  • Cl3v3rNaMe

    so front face has more mp than rear? sold lol

  • Nathan Buffington

    I’d rather have a Galaxy S5 tbh

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    If I hear one more comment about the phones bezel and not being being as fast as the s5…are you really going to not get a beautiful device like the all new one because it’s 200 mhz slower than the s5? Or because it has a bezel which by the way is probably integral to the device in some way?

    • Be Cool

      LOL , man!!!
      You are pathetic.
      I would say “Enjoy your new HTC brick , with ultra-pixels”, but I’m sure you’re rocking iphone.

      • Replicant Jason Booth

        Wow that’s certainly a nice comment …*posted from my nexus 7* a brick you say? Hmmm considering that only Samsung and a handful of other lesser known brands still make devices with removable batteries I’d say most of us will probably be rolling with bricks this year.

  • Yoni Infante

    The All New One FAIL

  • Be Cool

    Let’s see how compare those bricks – HTC One and Z2, to Galaxy S5:

    Best SoC?
    Display 5.1″? (From 2 up to 500nits brightness AMOLED with real colors)
    Dust proof? And water resistant?
    Battery? A battery management?
    Black$White mode.
    New tech great Camera?
    Best Wi-Fi today
    Swappable battery?
    128GB support SD?
    Fiber-glass frame?
    Multi-view, one-handed function.

  • Jesus

    No Hyperpixel camera???

    WTF HTC. Disappointed.

  • 4MP Camera again. That’s the only reason I didnt buy the first HTC One. 4MP Ultra MPixel camera images are poor compared to Samsung Galaxy S3. And that’s not a great camera. Sad day. I guess I’ll wait for something better.

    • nytimes

      Sony Z2

  • nytimes

    2600 mAh battery is certainly disappointing for me !! else all promising though even if they did not increase MP of rear camera a little bit!!

  • K

    Not as good as the GS5

  • Kevin

    I’ve read the back camera is 16MP

  • Kevin