More HTC One 2014 leaks: hands-on images, video, cases, and wallpapers

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 10, 2014
htc one 2014 leak shots (5)

It’s not like the All New HTC One was a mystery. Press renders, blurrycam shots, and even an 8-minute hands-on video revealed almost everything there is to see about HTC’s next flagship phone. But this weekend we got even more.

First off, @evleaks supplied press shots of the official covers for the HTC One (2014), and just let’s say they are interesting. Take a look for yourself.


htc one 2014 cover holes (1)
htc one 2014 cover holes (2)

@evleaks described this design perfectly:  Holes. Times. Colors. It’s not clear for now how this smart cover will work, but users will probably have to press the power button for the see-through image to show. Overall, it’s a bold design and if functionality is good, HTC may have a winner here.

More good news: according to the same leaker, the new HTC One will probably have a Google Play Edition, just like its predecessor. No details just yet on this front.

Moving on, another gallery of high-quality images of the new HTC One surfaced online (via, showing what appears to be a version of the device heading for China. We get close-ups of the device’s two cameras, dual-tone flash, and sides, as well as a size comparison with the HTC One Max.

Fancy a video instead? Here’s another quick look at the device, courtesy of YouTube user YLSMixtapes (via Android Central)

And finally, here’s a gallery of the 18 wallpapers that will presumably come pre-loaded on the new HTC One, courtesy of a Phone Arena reader.

What else do you want to know about the All New HTC One?

  • mumusen

    Setting the record of World’s worst kept secret in smartphones…. THE ALL NEW HTC One.

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Came here to say that

    • MasterMuffin

      Not even close, Nexus 4 definitely still has the record :)

      • mumusen

        Nop. I had closely followed N4’s leaks but my God, this HTC is a whole new level of leaks. Lol

        • MasterMuffin

          Fine, my memory is bad :)

          • Mohammed Azoz

            probably they letting it leaked for advertising :D , or they can’t affort making a Big probaganda as Sam :P

      • Rijoenpial

        On the other side, Samsung’s S5 was only SEEN leaked on the SAME DAY it was presented! In this day and age, that was incredible! LOL

        • SeanR

          We might have come across leaked photos without realising it was the S5. The similarities with the S4 kept it from being recognised!!

      • Alex Lam

        The Nexus 5 was the worst.

    • Xavier_NYC

      I really don’t believe in leaks anymore. I think it’s companies building hype while also gaging customer reaction to new devices.

    • systemupdate

      I think next week there is going to be a hands-on video leak by the CEO of HTC!

  • loop6719

    I like Tone Loc’s review better, 11 minutes shorter than the kids..whew that was brutal…but I now know the kid “loves the new camera”

  • Balraj

    Price ofc & eagerly waiting for new camera tech

  • Xavier_NYC


    • thartist

  • venorme

    Can`t even imagine why would anyone want a phone with that much front size occupied with logo and onscreen buttons? its like making big hone not to increase screensize but to make logo even bigger

  • Benkő Zsolt

    How can you download the wallpapers in original sizes? I couldn’t find a download button on this or on the Phone arena site

  • Loving the new fresh wallpapers :)

  • KillEmAllx

    That front logo ruins everything. Why would you replace the capacitive buttons with onscreen buttons but still keep the space for the capacitive buttons? WHY U DO DIS HTC

    • thartist

      ‘Cause you don’t. You need that space for internals and you slap a logo on it at the same time. Voilà.

      • KillEmAllx

        Really? Because the HTC one had that space for capacitive buttons and had all the internals it needed. I guess the LG G2 is some sort of black magic then, minimal bezels and internals and shiiet…

  • Steven Rodriguez

    Does anyone know for certain if the rectangular cutout to the right of the top speaker and to the left of the camera lens is an ambient light sensor or a new large notification LED?

    • Amine Elouakil

      Proximity and light sensors, the led is under speaker grill

  • onlygoodtime88

    Amazing HTC

  • Jose Torres

    Let’s change “Announcement Day” into “The Day The Leaks End.”

    • Amine Elouakil

      lol I agree

  • Melad360

    I still don’t get why they don’t simply name it the htc two

  • Quina

    My tiny hope of having that black bar removed on the REAL version of HTC One Up…vanished along with these leaks.

    Damit HTC…. Why did you do this. Why did you keep the black bar.

  • Humaan

    That additional led simulating cover is an annoyance
    What i am looking for…
    USB version
    MHL version
    Battery capacity
    Quality of audio(any great dac?)
    Is it S805?

  • dash foster

    00:05 AM is not a real time

  • Harshit

    waiting for the launch, according to the leaks the phone may called HTC M8