HTC One 1.29 update online in the UK

by: Robert TriggsApril 29, 2013


It might have been a bumpy, drawn out launch for the HTC One, due mainly to those infernal component shortages, but at least HTC is on the ball when it comes to software updates for its new flagship handset.

The 1.29.401.12 update is now ready for download in the UK for customers with unlocked HTC One’s; other customers will have to wait for their carriers to update their own handsets. The update brings with it a number of stability fixes and tweaks some of HTC’s software as well.

In addition to all the behind the scenes tweaks and patches, this update focuses on improving the HTC One’s location service, HTC Zoe, tweaks the camera’s “parameter tuning”, and also fine-tunes the Beats Audio software. Sadly the update doesn’t bring Android 4.2 to the party, we’ll just have to sit tight a little longer for that.

The download comes in at quite a hefty 229Mb, so there has obviously been quite a bit of work done. If you haven’t already received an automatic prompt to update then remember that you can click on over to Settings > About > Software updates to manually check for version 1.29.

  • timi oke

    The update arrived in the US a week or two ago. But for some reason tech websites tell us about an update and what it does, but don’t review it/show us it’s improvements.

    It’s great Zoe is updated and the camera’s “parameter tuning” has been improved, but what does that mean? Why not show us new improved pictures, or tell us if the update even shows a noticeable difference. Jeez.

  • Hardian Trisno is a review of the camera’s “parameter tuning” that has been improved.

    • amine ELouakil

      read anandtech review they went into every aspect of the camera.

  • rweb82

    I don’t see why everyone is upset about the HTC One not having 4.2. I have a Nexus 7- which was on 4.1 when I bought it. I used it that way for roughly 3 weeks, and then got the update to 4.2. This was the worst thing that could have happened to my beloved tablet! 4.2 is absolutely terrible! It causes the entire system to lag/freeze, and battery life is not as good. IMO, the few software features that were introduced are not worth sacrificing the fluidity and usability of the device.

    HTC did the right thing by keeping the One on 4.1. The GS4 is also having some lagging issues…It, too, is on 4.2. Coincidence? I don’t think so. (One could also argue that the lag issues on the GS4 are related to the insane amount of bloat and gimmicky features that have been half-baked into the system). I think it’s probably a combination of both TouchWiz and 4.2.

    • John Mortimer

      That because the CPU is crap, by gs4 as no problems and runs very fast, OK have both at home

      • rweb82

        I’m sure that not every GS4 handset is experiencing issues. However, if you watch/read almost every comparison between the HTC One and GS4, the vast majority of reviews is stating that the GS4 suffers from some lag issues. Your device may not be affected by this. Or perhaps, you haven’t had the phone long enough for these issues to materialize. These reviewers have had review units of the GS4 for some time now.

        As for the Nexus 7, it has been widely documented that the tablet performed much better on 4.1 than on 4.2. I’m not going to discredit what thousands of people have experienced with it- myself included. I do agree that the Tegra 3 is not the best CPU for the device, though. I would have much rather had the Snapdragon inside.

        • Raphael Tal

          let me fill you in on a secret. sd card = lag. you need evidence???

          nexus 4- no lag no sd card

          htc one – no lag no sd card

          all iphones.- no lag no sd card


          nexus 4 runs 4.2 lag freeee AND ITS ONLY 300 BUCKS.

          ORIGINAL IPHONE had single core processor and NO LAG (yet somehow terrible battery life)

          i know its a shock to the system…. dont take my word for it look into it….. just returned my xperia ZL and getting an HTC one. sony xperia zl has same EXACT processor as nexus 4 and it runs 4.1 which you say runs better and yet even with its 600 dollar price tag still laggier and slower then nexus 4.

          YOUR WELCOME

          • rweb82

            Raphael, your argument interests me. I can definitely see your point about SD cards. However, I would love to see some hard evidence pointing to SD cards and how they cause lag. My experience with lag is with my nexus 7, and it has no SD card. The only thing that changed with my device was that I upgraded it to 4.2.

            You also have to look at other factors when making assumptions about your devices. The Xperia line does not run “stock” Android (although Sony’s UI is not as heavy as some). But maybe there is something wrong with how Sony manages resources, thus causing your phone to lag. In my experience, Sony phones have never run smoothly.

            As for iDevices, I had a first gen iPad, and that thing lagged constantly! It also does not have an SD card. The argument with 4.1 and 4.2 may only apply to the Nexus 7- I don’t fully know. I was just merely pointing out a correlation between all of the issues Nexus 7 owners are having with their tablets on 4.2, and the lag issue on the GS4- which also happens to be running 4.2. I will also say that 4.2.2 is a bit better than 4.2- but still not as smooth as 4.1 was.

          • Raphael Tal

            my friend, if you go back and read my argument again, I think you will see you slightly misunderstood me. just because phones that have sd cards lag does NOT mean that sd cards are the source of all lag. lag is quite common in android devices and can be caused by a multitude of factors. case and point = galaxy s4 lags… read about it

  • amine ELouakil

    I updated my carrier bound HTC One yesterday, SFR France HTC One. (Congratz for HTC for upping their game no carrier shenanigans at least here, although you need to search for the update manually

  • Luca

    since the update arrived I have a worse battery life. Is it just me?
    Camera got better , with less noise and better sharpness.

  • recee

    I wanna update my HTC can someone help me pls