HTC bouncing back: November sales grew more than 20%

by: J. Angelo RacomaDecember 6, 2012

HTC has been in the doldrums for the past year or so, having been fast overtaken by other smartphone manufacturers, particularly Samsung and Apple. In fact, the company’s revenues had declined in the past four months. But even as analysts have predicted the demise of HTC, it seems the Taiwanese company is bouncing back.

DigiTimes reports that HTC has seen an increase in sales this November by 23% from October. November revenues were at NT$21.2 billion (US$730 million), while October revenues were NT$17.2 billion (US$ 592 million).

Still, HTC will need to do much, as cumulative revenues from January to November 2011 were actually a 39% decline from the same period in 2011. Likewise, fourth quarter 2012 revenues are projected to an adjusted total of NT$ 60 billion (US$ 2.05 billion), down from NT$ 70.2 billion (US$ 2.5 billion) in the previous quarter. China remains to be HTC’s strongest market.

The company had previously warned investors that its revenues may further be on the decline. After a disastrous Q3 2012 performance, HTC likewise predicted a gloomy forecast for Q4 2012. Still, the November plus October figures total only US$ 1.3 billion, which means the company will need to earn at least about US$ 700 million in December to meet their target.

There had been hopes that the Taiwanese firm’s latest 5-inch Droid DNA might help regain market share, at least in the U.S. Will the rumored flagship HTC M7 help revitalize the ailing brand? How about HTC’s latest status as Microsoft’s partner for the flagship Windows Phone 8 devices?

  • If they don’t improve battery size and make it removable they can count me out.

  • mohdamr1

    Dear HTC to compete with Samsung, you only need removable battery & Sd card slot. Done .

    • agreed, HTC phones are great in other ways

    • MasterMuffin

      And bigger batterys, it’s not all about design! Unlike Apple fans (a.k.a. iSheep), android users check specs and when they compare HTC’s device to Samsung’s, they see that there isn’t much difference, but Samsung has bigger battery and sd card slot and you can remove the battery so they buy samsung (that’s why I bought sgs3)

    • hohopig

      Properly spec removable batteries so that they do NOT need to stealth remove the multi-tasking ability of the phone :P. That and remove the 2GB (or whatever size it is) partition for apps installation.

    • old fox

      yep. agree.
      sdcard slot, up to 64gb. and removable battery. on flagship / high-end model.

      you hear that htc.