nexus 7 2013 vs nexus 7 2012 aa 3

The Nexus 8 has been in and out of the news for most of the year so far, but this latest batch of leaks, if true, would certainly make the wait worthwhile.

The Nexus 8 recently passed certification at the Korean RRA, under a device code “0P82100”, so we’re pretty sure that the tablet is on the way. According to @UpLeaks, the HTC Nexus 8, or Volantis or Flounder as it has been called, is codenamed T1, will come with some pretty high end specs, and could be the first new Nexus device to ship with Android L as its operating system.

Nexus 8 RRA

HTC’s Nexus 8 is expected to arrive with a 64-bit Nvidia Tegra processor, which is likely to be the Tegra K1 with Denver CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera with flash, a 1.6 megapixel front facing camera, and the usual assortment of NFC and GPS connections. As well as that, there also appears to be a cellular model planned with a Qualcomm MDM9x25 LTE modem, according to @UpLeaks. Furthermore, the tablet is expected to come with a 2560×1600 resolution display, and a metal chassis for a more premium finish.

However there is a catch. All this high-end hardware is expected to come with a slightly heftier price tag than the Nexus 7. Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet and monitor research at IHS Technology, suggests that the Nexus 8 will ship in lower volumes than previous Nexus tablets, and will carry a more premium price tag to support the high-end hardware. It’s doubtful that the HTC Nexus 8 would retail for more than the Samsung Tab S 8.4, which costs $400, but it’s likely that the device will cost more than $300.

In terms of availability, production is expected to begin in the July/August period, so anytime now, meaning that the tablet could be unveiled in the next month or so. The inclusion of Android L out of the box means that the device could arrive as early as “this fall”, or failing that, towards the end of the year.

What do you make about the possibility of a premium Nexus device with a more expensive price tag?

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  • Stands to reason they would ask for more money for better hardware. I’m all for it. I’m still using the Nexus 7 (2012) and think I will upgrade to the new nexus tablet once it’s been out for a month or so in order to gauge if reviewers think its worth it.
    $300 for a top range tablet is still far cheaper than an i-pad etc so value for money should be a given!

    • I myself upgraded from a n7 2012 to a surface pro 3 , i think windows is much better on tablets , google helped me jump ship to windows by completely killing tablet ui on kikat. No mod could get tablet ui back on kitkat even paranoid failed. The phone style UI was already unbearable on the 2012 n7 , a nexus 8 inch or a 10 inch with that ui would be a nightmare.

      • Kunal ‘Kool Kunz’ Goel

        I am also looking into windows tablets…but surface pro 3 is too damn expensive!!

        • Look into the bay trail atom tablets with the z3770 processor , those should be the same price as the N7 , look for a HP Omni 10 . But a surface pro 3 is what you pay for , if you want premium build and premium features expect to pay a premium price.
          The atom z3770 is actually pretty powerful , the HP omni 10 is as smooth as the surface for day to day tasks , don’t count on it running Crysis though.

      • Bring 2.0

        Psssssssst……. Anyone want some Omnirom?

        • A google search revealed nothing about the tablet UI being in omnirom , also all i saw for grouper on their site were some nightlies , would you please point me to this omnirom build so i can raise my N7 back from the dead.

          • Reed Kerr

            If I recall, OmniROM only does nightlies. Their ROM uses basically a rolling release schedule, which is updated several times a week with their stable work. I was using it for a while on my 2012 N7 and loved it. Their system updater is great too. Sadly I had to unroot and revert to stock to accommodate some awful DRM software.

            I would recommend OmniROM to anyone though.

      • John Garlits

        You can run Andy or Bluestacks on that, no? I wonder how well that works with the touch input. A native dual-OS would me better, but I just watched the video comparison of these two emulators, and Andy is looking pretty sweet.

        • Try something called “windroid” this is a android build running on the windows kernel itself , its insanely fast , much faster than any android tablet thanks to the power inside the surface pro 3 , also there is really no app that is absent on full windows 8.

          Also bluestacks is stable enough for personal use , its works as fast on the surface pro 3 as it worked on my n7 2013

      • Wojciech Lewenstam Jr.

        While I can totally agree with you about W8.1 being cool system for the tablet (minus awful Desktop experience on touch-enabled devices), I personally think that it will be at least two more versions of Windows to match the iOS and Android UI in tablets.
        Of course none of them is perfect, i’m using both W8.1 and Android on my XE700, and I think that they both lacking quite a few features.
        Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Microsoft and Google to overcome this in L and Win9 :)

  • muddy46

    But will this one have expandable memory? (sd card slot)?

    #Never Settle

    • Anonymousfella

      Oneplus did settle with non expandable memory…

    • killerpops

      #Never Check Your Facts

    • brararsh

      No, never on a Nexus.

    • Gon

      OPO non replacable battery too

  • Tjaldid

    so 2x2GB Ram, I’m not sure that is more power efficient than the 1x4GB LPDDR4 Ram that is about to enter production

    • Francisco Franco

      Calling from the Past just to inform you true MultiTasking is available on Android since ever.
      Thank you.

      • Tjaldid

        no it’s not, all the apps pause once you go into another app and you also can’t do splitscreen multitasking

        • Paul

          No they do not pause. Only those who are idiotic to leave running pause. It would be idiotic to have YouTube playing videos on the background for example.

          Browsers do not pause, music player do not pause, some games do not pause, plus do not pause, facebook, twitter, etc.

          So, eat a big plate of stfu because you are wrong.

          Also there are apps who do a good use of the android api right. Apps like viral and javelin allowing multitasking on some independent windows.

          • John Garlits

            Actually, I wish you could leave YouTube videos playing in the background and still hear the audio.

          • Horus Jarilo

            ^^^^^exactly THIS!!!

          • fm123

            Use Floating Browser or similar, it works, I’ve done it lots, just the other day in fact. It does have to use Flash for a browser Youtube, but it does work. I’ve had 3 videos play on screen on my tablet, one full background screen, one floating browser, and one floating video player.

          • John Garlits

            Good to know there’s a workaround, thanks!

          • Paul

            Use another app. Viral does that.

          • Anthony

            Yeah I would check out xposed man. Working nicely on my n7

          • Tjaldid

            no they do everytime i go back to google chrome it reloads all the webpages

          • Paul

            No they do not.

            I can listen to music with Chrome open on the background having Grooveshark tab open for example. Your problem not Android fault, with me Chrome windows do not reload. Only when the low level task killer kills chrome for excessive memory usage.

            Get a better phone with a not so aggressive multitasking?

            It’s your phone problem.

        • crutchcorn


        • John Garlits

          You CAN do splitscreen multitasking, just not on stock Android (yet). Have you seen Samsung or LG’s software?

  • John Longson

    The MiPad with a K1 processor and SD card slot costs $200.
    The Tegra Shield tablet with the same processor, SD card slot, and a pressure-sensitive stylus is $300.
    Bring it, Nexus. You’re looking a little pricey these days.

    • wat

      Yeah, IN CHINA. Try buying a MiPad outside China for $200, it’s more like $300++ from resellers.

    • Rickrau5

      This isnt the same K1 processor

    • Nathan Powell

      It’s not the same processor it’s64 bit and will have more ram because of that. Also I have a shield tablet and will probably sell it for the Nexus 8.its a great tablet just this is better

  • pops87

    64gb version and I’ll be at the head of the line.

    • I was about to say 128GB and I’ll take one.

      • John Garlits

        HTC has been rocking it, and I would defo go for a tablet from them. I think they should either offer larger storage like this OR an SD slot, and you know they won’t offer the latter. If it’s 16 and 32 GB I might rather upgrade to the possible HTC version of this (Just got an M8 and actually like it) which may have the SD slot as the M8 does, or maybe the Shield Tablet. I have the N7 2013, and it was great at the time, but if I get a new tablet I’d be happy to pay a bit more for improvements. The M8 and also the G2 are noticably faster, though the N7 screen size can be advantageous.

        • I’m actually hoping an Htc one m8 max is over 6 inches and I’ll get that.

      • Marc Guillot

        I prefer an SD slot.

        • Jayfeather787

          4 Terrabyte Sd card slot capability with an Intel Core I7-4790k cooled by liquid nitrogen, and 4 880 Tis in SLI.

        • Me too, but it’s not likely on a Nexus.

        • Andrew White

          Agreed…why pay a premium for more than, what should be a standard 32 GB of onboard storage.
          All 4k enabled phones should have 64GB onboard with support for a 128GB SD cards or more.
          I would definitely consider a Wi-F version if the price is right and I’m no fan of tablets.

    • Balraj

      Me too…
      I love gaming :D

  • Roberto Tomás

    with usb 3, and as long as there is no active cooling, this could be a contender

  • shamatuu

    i really hope it will cost 299 but it will more affordable if it was 249.

  • illregal


  • s2weden2000

    That’s right!

  • crutchcorn

    This is actually a VERY nice tablet…. I’d get one

  • jclgan

    REALISTICALLY I’m guessing $349/32GB; $399/64GB; $$449/64GB+LTE? 4GB is a sizeable chunk of RAM, moreso than the Shield (2GB RAM). As long as they can undercut the iPad mini (shouldn’t be hard, since that goes for $419/16GB; $549/16GB+LTE), I think this tablet will do just fine. People need to stop expecting devices to be sold at-cost or so absurdly subsidized that the manufacturer barely brakes even on production; I, for one, wouldn’t paying a little extra in lieu of having corners cut (and it’ll always be cheaper than an iOS device, anyway).

    I could use a new tablet; my Touchpad is definitely showing its age!

  • Simon Belmont

    Might be interested in this to replace my 32GB Nexus 7 2012, but only if the price is right and it has that “wow factor” that I need to shell out for an upgrade. Honestly, I’ve been really happy with my N7, and it still gets used heavily on a daily basis for gaming and work.

    4GB of RAM, in particular, is interesting to me. That would be plenty for an ARM based device for years to come.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      You and my sister both, I offered her a 32 GB N7 FHD, to replace her N7 original 32 GB and she refused.

      • Simon Belmont

        Ha, I’m no fool. I wouldn’t turn down a free N7 2013.

        I just tend to hold onto older devices longer and get as much usefulness out of them as I can. Case in point, I’m still using a 2010 B&N Nook Color running Android 4.4.4 regularly, as well (runs great, BTW).

        • stucrmnx120fshwf

          He he, lol, I didn’t think someone posting to Android Authority, would turn down a Nex 7 FHD 32 GB, with it’s 2.5 times the pixels, 4 times the GPU power, twice the RAM, I bought a 16 GB Nexus 4, when they discounted it, because the Nex 5 was coming out. Waited till February before selling it for $200 AUD, only cost $360, 32 GB Nexus 5 cost $470, so that the upgrade only cost me $270, at $200 the N4 sold in a New York minute, quad core, Adreno 320, 2GB of RAM, Kit Kat 4.4.2 at the time, no wonder. Got a Nexus 10 QHD tablet for $300, when I trade in, I’ll sell the N5 for $300, the N10 for $ 175, depending upon prices for the Nex 6, $550?, Nex 8, $550?, then the upgrades will cost me $ 250 and $375 respectively. The original Nex 7 handled some interesting stuff, with its dozen GPUs and 4 CPUs, like real racing 3, don’t know why some people bagged it out, I loved it, in comparison to the kindle fire. Jelly Bean 1 and 2 were fast, a la project butter, speed and reliability.

          • Simon Belmont

            Agreed. The original N7 got a lot of hate, but it’s a very capable tablet, even today.

            I think the main reason was the slower internal memory, especially on the 16GB model. My 32GB model has remained quick, though.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Epilogue, I got my sister the 3G, 32 GB, original Nexus 7, for $189 AUD, during click frenzy, so at least I managed to upgrade her a little, as I advised her, she got the 10 GB, 365 day, $99 SIM card.

  • Neo Morpheus

    I can’t understand the obsession with metal cases.

    That said, my Nexus 10 needs is retirement.

    • takpro

      Would a metal case preclude wireless charging?

  • Kyle Cordiano

    4GB of ram? Highly doubt it.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      We’ve already seen 4 GB devices, even without 64 bit processors, 64 bit operating system, 64 bit core apps. Note 3, is 3 GB, it’s a year old and about to be replaced. Nex 4, 5, 7 FHD, were all 2 GB of RAM, a year and more ago, RAM is cheap, my PC has 32 GB, the other one has 16 GB.

  • stucrmnx120fshwf

    For QHD, 64 bit, 192 GPUs I’d pay $550 AUD, sell my Nexus 10 for $180 AUD, so $370 AUD to upgrade to Q,64,192, absolutely. But I’d want 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of flash, my PC has 32 GB of RAM, 120 GB of flash and I haven’t upgraded it in a year. 128 GB USB 3 sticks are going for $72 AUD, 64 GB for $35, retail !!!

  • Raymond

    Almost every previous spec and photo leak (including the renders from Google I/O) has pointed to the Volantis having a 4:3 (2048 x 1536 pixel resolution) aspect ratio, where as this “leak” claims it will have a 16:10 aspect ratio. Highly doubt this one is true.

  • Jesus

    Include a multiwindow feature, and I’ll be in line….

    Otherwise, it’s the Galaxy Tab S for me.

  • Wojciech Lewenstam Jr.

    My wet dream is this thing having phone call ability, as in TAB S 8.4.

  • HTC Nexus 8 would retail for more than the Samsung Tab S 8.4, which costs $400, but it’s likely that the device will cost more than $300.
    ohh … Which is the best?

  • Xinyuan Wang

    No way it’s gonna be more than $300.

  • Stadi

    I’m dissapointed by the front camera. The shield tablet has 5mps, and I’d use it for skypeing as well.

    • Anothermuse

      Yeah, tablets are great for that so a better front camera would be nice.

      • Stadi

        Actually, I would chose a tablet that only has a front camera (but a good one) any time over one with a back camera and a bad front one.

  • Tim B.

    my nexus 10 is feeling old, not sure if i want to down size to a 8″

  • icwhatudidthere

    I wish this was an HTC device and not a Nexus device! I hate how Google Nexus devices gimp the USB port and force you to use Nexus Media Importer.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Them configurations

  • Taylor Huston

    Can’t tell if I want this or the NVIDIA sheild for gamestream…gahhhhh decisions