Rumor: HTC phablet might be destined to be the Nexus 5

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 24, 2012

Following the launch of Google’s Nexus 7, the rumor mill almost immediately began spilling reports about a bigger version of the Jelly Bean tablet, specifically a 10-inch model that’d be known as the Nexus 10. Although that rumor is yet to be substantiated, we’re now hearing reports of an upcoming Nexus 5 device.

The device that will reportedly carry the Nexus torch is none other than the upcoming HTC phablet, that you may know as the One X 5 or the Droid Incredible X.

According to GSM Arena, who received the tip from a “reliable insider”, the Nexus 5 will come with an updated version of Jelly Bean and take Project Butter to a whole new level. Android 4.1.2 will also come with a new lock screen, as well as the usual tweaks and bugs fixes.

As for the rumored specs, the Nexus 5 will be powered by a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and have a 1080p display. Other features that the device may have include a 12MP rear camera, 2MP front cam, 2,500mAh battery, up to 64GB storage, and LTE – all packed in a slim casing.

Before it was bogged down by a series of missteps, HTC used to be synonymous with premium products at a premium price, especially in places where customers don’t get any subsidy from carriers. But the past year hasn’t been kind on HTC, and we started hearing how the Taiwanese plans to drastically reduce its product pricing in order to rack up better sales.

Combined with Google’s vision for its Nexus lineup – great specs, budget price – the stars seem to align for a Nexus 5 phablet with HTC at the helm.

Is this one rumor you’d like to see coming true? Do you think HTC is ready to give up its Sense?

  • Wes

    Now this is what I wanted to hear.

  • Zeeshan Rasool

    if this is true… i’m buying it the moment it becomes available in my country xD

  • If this rumour is true, that leaked picture is a fake. Capacitive buttons on a Nexus? Hell, no. Google would never allow that.

    • Himanshu

      Exactly THIS.
      And a ‘Phablet’ is very niche to be a Nexus device……

      • Alex Murphy

        …not really, it’s closer to the S3 than the Note 2. And there will more than likely be multiple Nexus devices.

  • tuffcheez

    Fed up of rumours for the htc phablet.

  • Erodaland

    TAKE MY MONEY HTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg this can’t be true!
    Best rumour-news of the year!
    Was about to buy the Note 2 but will wait cause this would be the perfect 4 me.

    • Sean

      Funny, I was on the Note 2 bandwagon as well until I heard the next Nexus line up was on the way. It can hurt to wait another month to see officially whats offered.

  • ericsorensen

    NEXUS 5 sounds better than the HTC 5″ DIX.
    Love the specs – if it’s a nexus, It might replace my Gnex if it comes to Verizon.

  • v rosED

    from HD2 > Desire HD > EVO 3D > EVO 3D(yes.. again).. im holding buying ONE X for myself (my girl just order it for herself).. this is im waiting for ..but please with 2GB of RAM and Beat Audio.. that all

  • Poonperm Vardhanabindu

    with 2MB RAM. This is the ideal phone. Getting it for sure if it is true

  • Luke

    Lower prices mean lower quality ;(. Hope the latter doesn’t happen for Htc!

  • Misty

    which is better? htc or samsung?

  • Sean

    I was really to bail on HTC forever after they abandoned the HTC Desire HD. However, if HTC can get out of the software, I might be interested at those specs.