HTC’s monthly sales fall more than 50% in October, company posts $589 million in revenue

by: Bams SadewoNovember 6, 2012

Well, we can’t say that HTC hasn’t warned the world about the treacherous roads ahead. As the Taiwanese phone maker shares its October sales, investors are bracing themselves for the worst. It’s clear from the numbers that HTC hasn’t figured out a way to reverse its downward spiral.

HTC posted an audited consolidated revenue of NT$17.2 billion ($589 million) in October, which brings its year-to-date revenue to NT$246.2 billion ($8.4 billion). Surely selling more than half a billion dollar worth of smartphones in a month isn’t that bad? It is, when you’re selling twice as many the previous month.

Seeing that HTC expects Q4 revenue to reach $2.05 billion, Peter Chou and team will have to work harder if they want to reach their sales target for the quarter.

Hopefully, holiday shoppers will be kinder to HTC’s new line of products. What the company needs now is a bonafide hit. It remains to be seen whether the HTC Droid DNA – the Verizon-bound 5-inch smartphone – can help revitalize the brand.

We wish HTC could give us some information about the Droid DNA/J Butterfly’s international release date already. And perhaps a new name as well. Or are you fine with the two names?

  • HTC just needs to start listening to its users. Why is it so hard to deliver on a flagship phone with the beatiful screen and build quality of the One X but with an SD card slot and a removable battery? Or at least surprise us with a super battery that gives more than just a day of moderate use.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Very nicely said.

  • V-Phuc

    Count me in too. Perhaps HTC needs to go down for Google to realize their mistake of not having a microSD card slot in their tablets. No cloud storage, hard drive capacity will come to the same price, and easy to retrieve data than the cheap 16, 32 GB microSD card. Matias Duarte, are u listening? Don’t kill your good product w/ such a dumb mistake! Following Apple is not always a good predictor of success!

  • Noel

    Somebody pls tell the BIG WIGS at HTC to knock it off with the EXCLUSIVE NONESENSE…how could they have such GR8 DEVICES like the ONE X+ and now the HTC DLX/DNA/J BUTTERFLY and HANDCUFF the device with exclusives instead of UNLEASHING it to the masses thru multiple carriers/outlets. Also why are they always trying to be SPEC MISERS…they’ve got to match Sammy spec for spec on these FLAGSHIP DEVICES, instead of sabotaging very good devices by leaving out KEY SPECS like SD card slots, Removable bigger batteries 2500+mAh, Ample internal storage options 16/32/64GB, 2GB RAM a must. Case in point flagship devices like the Samsung GS3, Note 2 have all these VITAL SPECS and are on ALL MAJOR CARRIERS..and we have all seen the HUGE SALE NUMBERS and REVENUE as a result. SO I AM SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT EVERY TIME I GET TO HTC, A COMPANY WHOSE DEVICES I LOVE. ALSO A CHALLENGE TO HTC…DO THEY HAVE THE BRASS TO MAKE A PURE ANDROID JB DEVICE???????? Many of us HTC fans will love nothing but to have such a device on our hand…could u imagine a more compact less tall HTC DLX type device with all the key specs running PURE JB. All i see is dollar $$$$$$ign$….WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE HTC…WAKE UP.

  • corona10

    I predict this a continuing trend with HTC. They continue to do these types of practices. They design the best devices, but they just havent figured out how to sell them and market them without handcuffing themselves by the exclusives. The exclusives are the SOLE reason the HTC One X didnt sell as well as the Galaxy S3. The HTC One x is STILL only on one carrier after 6 months. Now its been refreshed as the HTC One X+ and AT&T gets ANOTHER exclusive deal. Flagship device only on one US carrier could have something to do with low profits.And they appear poised to repeat this with the J Butterfly, or Droid DNA ONLY on Verizon. Exclusives are killing this company’s profits and they dont even seem to see it.

  • mjolnirxz

    guys… i hear you all… big HTC myself since hero. spam their FB/G+ page and let them hear our voices!!!