Since there are some pretty big smartphones out there, and since HTC has decided to go ahead and release a dumb phone to pair it with your big-ass smartphone, we’ll just go ahead and paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy for this one: “In case you need a smaller phone to actually use your big-ass phone, then you might be a redneck.”

Not that we’re judging or anything, because it looks like the HTC Mini will be shipped by default with the Butterfly in China, so some buyers will be forced to get the unwanted accessory. Yes, this is not a joke.

We have no idea what HTC was thinking with this one, but the HTC Mini is a Bluetooth accessory we hope one won’t have to buy. The thing looks like a good-old dumb phone and it’s expected to help you make better use of your large smartphone.

But if you find 5-inch, or bigger, smartphone is too much of a hassle in day-to-day phone call use, and you need an HTC Mini to talk on the thing, then you could probably go for something smaller, but equally smart. Bigger isn’t always better, no matter what they tell you!

In addition to Bluetooth, the HTC Mini comes with NFC support and the device also acts as a remote control when the smartphone is connected to a TV and can be used as a camera shutter trigger but also as a Butterfly finder, in case you lose it (seriously).

Is this why HTC is having a tough time making serious money off of Android device sales? You know, because it’s investing money in products that should have never been approved? Now, if this was a smartwatch, we’d be telling a different story…

  • Matthew

    To be honest, I’d like a Mini shutter clicker in addition to my Galaxy Note (plus all the other good features; NFC etc)… You don’t have to just use it for calling!

    • n900mixalot

      You aren’t wrong but why make it a mini phone for your phone? It should be a … Watch or a clip on or a keychain or a damn ring, but a mini phone?!

  • n900mixalot

    HTC have lost it.

    • Peterson Silva

      I heard you like phones, so I put a phone on your phone so you can use the phone while you use the phone…

  • TanDuyHa

    Don’t hate! This can be a useful concept. Picture carrying around a LTE tablet (or computer hybrid) in your backpack with a Bluetooth enabled phone! It may look or sound stupid! But most good ideas start that way!

    • n900mixalot

      It’s useful for a tablet or a Google TV box, but for a phone?! And the damn thing looks like a phone. It HAS to be a joke. There is no way this can be a serious product.

  • Hmm… it seems kind of appropriate for the Anakin Skywalker of the mobile world to bring out phones in pairs, for as Master Yoda said: “… always two there are… a master and an apprentice.”

  • john

    Is this for tablets? Cause as weird as it is, it kind of makes sense

  • Lara

    The title doesn’t make sense, I re-read it thrice and still had to click link and read article to figure out what it was.

  • williamworlde

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to start sounding like a broken record: Marketers are the REAL geniuses of any operation, especially in our modern world.

    They throw an idea out, get people talking, using, buying. Sometimes the idea sticks, sometimes not. The idea of a mini-phone is not new. When we were scaling cellular phones (remember that term?) from the brick format, there was a brief spell – thank goodness! – when we were scaling to mini phones. That didn’t work. These past few years, the marketing gurus have been scaling back the other way: 3.5″ to 4.0″ to 5.0″ to 6.0″. AND, there will always be someone to buy a device of ANY given size – or ultimately reject them sending them to the graveyard (think Beta format).

    So, the mini phone to control the monster phone in your bag/pocket may become a thing. Or it may not. Marketing will tell their business departments about it; people will write and talk about it; and other people will buy and use it. And it may stick or it may not. We’ll see.

    Btw, I returned my LG Optimus G last year and settled for a lower-end – and older, yes, I know I *must* be crazy – Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At just 0.05″ smaller – negligible – the Nexus just felt better in my hands. And that’s what it comes down to folks: ME. I weigh the variables important to me and then choose. I like that about me: It’s always been my choice (but sometimes I still think I’ve swallowed the blue pill!). Hmmm…..

  • This is great idea for all of us who work outdoors and don’t need to pull out our real phone all the time. I do listen a lot of music and I do some texting while I’m walking, so remote control for my droid dna, yes!

  • Why don’t just use a headset?

  • ORCA Marine

    great idea, I can leave my nice phone on the side in the workshop while working on a greasy engine or in the bilge of a boat and not worry if I drop it! useful for any messy trade

  • Marius

    I could use one of this. When I am at home, talking for hours on my Samsung Galaxy S3, it feels heavy and too large after a while. So if I could pick up a “mini” phone just for talking I would probably done that. I don’t like bluetooth headsets so thats no option for me. Of course I could have bought a smaller phone in the first place, but the thing is; I love the huge 4,8″ screen in all other circumstances.

  • Benjo

    actually HTC have some solid reasoning behind doing this. In Japan, Taiwan and Korea it is fairly common for people, especially teenagers and twenty-somethings, to carry 2 phones; 1 smartphone and 1 feature phone. A lot of my ex-GF’s did this, as does my current GF and her brothers.

    There are a couple of reasons for this; first of all despite improvements to on-screen keyboards they are still not great for inputting Chinese characters. Some people have adapted to the flick style of input but many people still much prefer a physical numeric keypad when texting or sending emails. Secondly Asian girls tend to be far more fashion focused than those in English speaking countries and it only takes moderate length fingernails to cause issues when inputting text on a touch screen.Finally voice calls are still very popular and the feature phone design is better suited for long conversations.

    Further improvements to touchscreen input and familiarization should eventually make the above points moot. However the fact remains that right now a lot of people here carry around 2 devices and HTC is obviously trying to target those users. Whether they will be successful or not is another matter.

  • this is just plain stupid. HTC have officially lost it. Grabbing at straws. Their last but of innovation was back in the 90’s.

  • Brock

    I LOVE IT! This article sucks, but I do appreciate you showing me this.

  • Brock

    I would like it better if it slid into the back of the phone. Like the ASUS Padfone but the same size as my Gnote 2. I have tried this before with an Ipod touch but it was incomplete. I have tons of reasons to adore this concept. I should not have to state any here as any intelligent creative mind should see that this can be awesome for many of us.

  • actually I liked when I was able to dial my bluetooth phone from my palm lifedrive. I hate having to look up a contact in the middle of a call.