Apple, with its newfound vigor fresh from the Samsung and HTC double whammy, should take note of the latest headlines from HTC. Simply put, the Taiwanese giant is flipping Apple the louie and saying it does not intend to settle.

HTC chairwoman, Cher Wang, had this to say at a recent press conference:

“HTC has great skills in innovation and has the confidence to face legal lawsuits with Apple. Samsung’s loss does not mean the failure of the entire Google Android ecosystem. Market conditions will stabilize but Taiwan needs to increase efforts and we believe the future will get better.”

Pretty confident words to a company that just mopped the floor with you, HTC. Aren’t you folks supposed to be quietly brilliant? Let’s all wait and see if the 3 new models being released in Q3 have any solid backup to HTC’s defiant position. On tap are the variants of the award winning HTC One X: One X+, One XE, and One XL, the One X+ being a 5″ touchscreen phone with support for 4G LTE. Also, just between you and me, I heard a rumor there may be an HTC tablet in the works. Interested?

  • craig0r

    You surely can’t mean that the One XL is slated for Q3. It came out in the spring. Mine’s sitting on my desk beside my keyboard right now.

    • MasterMuffin

      ….. you mean hox not hoxl…

      • craig0r

        No, I mean the XL. The XL is the Snapdragon variant of the X, which was released in North America, Asia, and I think Australia. It’s branded as the One X in USA/Canada, but as the XL in Asia:

        • leoingle


        • MasterMuffin

          Oh I see. sorry, my bad :)

  • nathan synder is a b*tch…obviously the lawsuit hurts samsung more than it does HTC…it gives them an opportunity to reemerge again