After two strong months, HTC’s sales decreased in May

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 3, 2014

htc one mini 2 first look (10 of 22)

HTC has published its sales figures for the month of May, and it’s not exactly the good news we were hoping to hear.

At the beginning of last month, HTC forecasted a strong Q2 performance, and while that guidance is still on the table, it looks like May will actually bring a small decrease in sales compared to the previous month. HTC reported NT$21,065 in revenue, which is 4.59 percent lower than in April, and a whopping 27.37 lower than the same time last year.

So, what happened in May that caused a revenue dip? Theoretically, the month should have been a strong one for HTC, with the One (M8) and, to a lesser extent, the “premium mid-range” Desire 816, available for sale worldwide. It’s possible that most customers who wanted a One (M8) bought one in April, when it first went on sale. And we have to consider that April was a good month, with 36 percent increase over March. But it’s still a bit disheartening to see HTC losing steam so fast after the release of the One.

On the bright side, the positive guidance for Q3 remains in place, meaning that HTC expects good sales in June. The One Mini 2 will go on sale this month in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, as a smaller variant of the flagship One (M8). And, by the end of June, the brand new One (E8), a plastic-clad M8 lookalike, will become available in China, another large and important market for HTC. Will HTC’s strategy to extend the One family pay off? We’ll find out in about a month.

  • Mike

    I guess that’s what happens when the S5 in all its bandaid glory shows up.

    • Old_Norm

      No, it’s what happens when a phone with the features people actually want shows up.

      • K

        No, it’s just the sheep mentality similar to those iPhone fanatics.

        • Old_Norm


        • namesib

          Lol, why are you so bitter? This frenzy over metal and virtual buttons that you see on these sites is a minority viewpoint. Samsung and Apple make desirable products, which the sales and market share figures confirm.

          • xoj_21

            i am using xperia ion as backup since my note is on warranty checkup
            i am telling u, i am not buyhing a phone without a removoable battery EVER AGAIN

        • Jesus

          Nice try fanboy. Samsung’s got fanboys that HTC can only dream of, but besides fanboyism, there are those who made a conscious and smart decision.

          The Galaxy S5 and One (m8) are priced similarly. Major mistake for HTC.

          Value wise, the GS5 >>> One (M8).

          Besides the material (state of the art polycarbonate, vs metal) and speakers (front facing stereo speakers vs a rear one), the GS5 >>> One (M8) in every possible way.

          Water / dust resistance certification? GS5.
          Usable screen space? GS5.
          Hardware buttons? GS5.
          Camera? GS5 by 10 years.
          Support? Samsung.
          Software? GS5… but of course, you can always install a custom rom etc.

    • Stephan Hall

      You couldn’t pass up the opportunity to slip that one in …could you? LOL

  • K

    Probably their marketing…or lack thereof. The launch was strong but they haven’t been following it up with solid advertising. I can’t even recall the last time I saw an HTC tv ad. Sure they may not have the marketing budget Samsung has but they should at least have a greater presence than what they’re currently showing.

  • Vincent Jackson

    Advertisement is so important.. It’s a great Phone and you have to let people know how great it is!..That’s done through Advertising.. HTC get with it!..

    • mensmovement

      Advertising takes money which appears to be in short supply for HTC.

  • Marcus Winchester

    I’m honestly not all that shocked. Sony, Samsung and LG brought out their big guns with the Z2, GS5 and G3 so they were in the middle of a lot of competition, meanwhile being eaten at the base by mid range and low end phones which harmed their sales. And of course their is the iPhone factor to consider, a lot of people will be gearing up for the iPhone 6 when it launches at some point in Q3-Q4 2014 so they may be holding off on waiting for that

  • dandroid13

    That’s great news! :D

  • MAC

    That rear camera was the reason I didn’t purchase one. I may purchase an E8 though.

  • jay555

    Everyone seems to make a big stink about the lack of advertising from HTC…far as I can tell the only company that does any sort of advertising is Samsung. I’ve never seen an ad from any other company for their phones (that includes LG and Sony) and yet their sales seem to be doing just fine. Not to sound like a troll but could it be that the M8, in spite of some good specs, just has too many little glaring flaws that turn people off to it? Things like the stupid unnecessary (and downright ugly) logo taking space that could’ve been given to the screen. The stupid placement of the power button at the top of the phone? The gimmicky dual camera that really isn’t at all better than a regular one?

  • Axel

    You guys have to be kidding me.
    HTC was the only cellphone company with ads in the whole UEFA Champions League.

    In EVERY game there was like a 20 seconds every 10 minutes M8 advertisement.

    Also an “HTC” logo in the score board.

    • K


  • namesib

    It’s because everyone wants a metal device and virtual buttons. :)

  • Kerbero

    There’s only one reason: prices. Try to sell a HTC Desire 816 (according HTC, it would be a premium mid-range cellphone with a “low price”) for 480 dollars (in Amazon) is something crazy, specially when you can get a LG G2, the best smartphone last year, for 450 dollars. And it’s the same with the rest of HTC phones, good smartphones but too expensive.

  • gommer strike

    They need a Steve Ballmer-type to go “Marketing, marketing, marketing” and sink a king’s ransom into it.

    No marketing, no sales.

  • tarush

    When we talk about Samsung,, yes a radios producing company needs to sell promotions when if compared to hardcore phone brands,, who says Samsung is a brand for designing phones..?? It’s a company good at making radios, grinders and other home appliances. same for lg stands for (life’s good) oh so ofcourse life is good if I don’t entertain products from lg in my life, APPLE, BLACKBERRY, HTC r brands for phones and takes care about the build quality,, although price had always been an issue, but then again you are full of assurities that you won’t be disoppointed

  • Triton

    What HTC need to do is start updating their software like that zoe app and camera in bright sunlight also they haven’t been following it up with solid advertising like samsung and apple. I’m new to htc sense after years with samsung i really like the m8 but i haven’t seen an update since i bought the phone back in april but they want to come out with a prime & a plus they need to focus on the m8 and fix the bugs in the united states first. Friends talk and if they complain others listen like NO CAMERA UPDATES / ZOE IS STILL WAITING / NO SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE UPDATES IN THE USA SINCE APRIL / POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE / This is what will send me back to samsung or LG next year and others like me.

  • Michael Stair

    Let me explain what happens and I see it everytime I walk into a carriers store. They only try selling you and iPhone or a S5. They get the average consumer who barely knows anything about purchasing a phone and try to sell them these two phones for easy sales. Cause iphone and galaxy are impressive phones despite what most people here will say especially about the iPhone but I never hear them trying to sell the m8 or m7 cause they aren’t mainstreamed like Samsung amd Apple are. Sad but carriers aren’t helping other phone sales or other platforms succeed cause they don’t want to show the best other phones or platforms have to offer.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    At least this year they’re not doing a First, and I haven’t heard of new Lumia-likes.. this skills help their bottom line.

  • Mr T

    Well they can only blame themselves for relentlessly ignoring the consumer and focusing on gimmicky stuff. When I read HTC, lame camera and design come to mind first.

  • portfolio

    especially with the new LG G3 and the next galaxy s5 prix prime and the successor of the galaxy note 3