htc one m8 outdoors (9 of 17) market share

With the HTC One (M8) flying off the shelves in Taiwan in the first week of sales, analysts expect HTC could sell as many as 4.2 million of their flagship device this quarter. To do so would boost their global market share to about 3% and possibly mark a turnaround from 3 years of near-continual losses for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer.

As the pinnacle of HTC’s design and technology, the One (M8) is an impressive phone. We’ve seen it make its mark on benchmarking tests (in High Performance mode, at least,) usher in a new generation of sub-50ms screen touch response time performance and enthusiastically show off its curved metal casing and more in a short behind the scenes video.

In 2013 we introduced the best smartphone in the world, but we never stopped challenging ourselves and the status quo in this category. I’m proud to launch the most stunning, intuitive and advanced handset that the industry has seen to date, the new HTC One (M8).” – Peter Chou, CEO HTC

When it comes to the specifications, the HTC One (M8) does not, however, stand above the crowd. Most of the currently releasing flagship devices, from manufacturers such as Huawei, LG, OnePlus, OPPO, Samsung and Sony, offer very similar internal specifications. One major differentiator between the devices is their main camera sensors. With LG, Samsung and Sony providing 13MP, 16MP and 20.7MP sensors, respectively, the HTC One (M8) has a lot riding on its software and dual lense depth sensing, as their main camera measures in at only 4MP.

htc one m8 outdoors (15 of 17) market share

Beyond this quarter’s expected 3 million to 4.2 million HTC One (M8) sales, sustained sales are very important to HTC’s overall success. However, the HTC One (M8) high-end smartphone is not solely responsible for the success of HTC, as we’ve already discussed the merits of the HTC Desire line of phones. Improved marketing and avoidance of any supply chain mistakes should make a difference as well. HTC currently sits below 3% in the world market share and will require exemplary sales of all of their devices should they hope to regain, or surpass, their former 10.7% global market share that they held in 2011.

HTC faces strong competition in the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G Pro 2 and the Sony Xperia Z2, all of which offer similar specifications at a similar price point. With so many exciting and powerful phones to choose from, will you be helping HTC One (M8) sales reach 4.2 million?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • In my opinion HTC can reach upto 5 million sales figure in this quarter, they just need to focus on marketing, just to give an example Samsung Galaxy S5 is a high-end smartphone but now better than HTC One M8, it’s marketing who will bring more number of sales to Samsung. HTC need to come-up with good marketing stuff otherwise making world class smartphone is of no use if they can’t sell it or educate people about their new product.

    • Jonathan Feist

      I agree. And they are off to a decent start, they just need some new ideas, a new approach in their marketing. Samsung plays the ‘Apple sucks’ card all the time in their marketing, it is low and fails to gain respect from us geeks, but the general public eats that stuff up. HTC doesn’t have that same mass appeal factor in their marketing, but they have the actors signed on that they could do something great.

      • unBREAKable_Fs3

        The reason HTC constantly fails when it comes to advertising in my opinion is that they don’t tell you much about the phone. Yes, they have celebs in their ads but that doesn’t mean much if the average consumer doesn’t know what they’re advertising and why they should choose it over the competition.

        Look at Samsung’s commercials, they actually tell you every little feature the device is capable of right down to the pixel density. HTC on the other hand doesn’t. In my opinion, a good start will be to do a commercial without all the nonsense, no celebs, no crazy music, just a flat out comparison with the competition (also throwing in close-up shots of the M8 to show off its outstanding build and design)

        • corona10

          Completely agree.

        • Jonathan Feist

          Well said. We would like to see more of the device for sure. A great example of a new approach to their marketing.

        • knight

          Well said. i still think they should use the celebs but target the commercials towards the general public and not geeks. put in a bit of comedy if need be and like you said,talk about the phone using “plain English”.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Who are you ALUMINUM “geeks”??? Apple fans pretending that are “android fans” or “disappointed Samsung users”? Right?

        • Jonathan Feist

          Not sure what you are asking The-Sailor-Man. Considering that the internal specifications are very similar, in-fact, some are even the exact same altogether, build style, materials and quality are some of the largest factors in differentiating one phone from the next. I am not saying aluminum is better than plastic, nor that the look of the HTC One (M8) is better than the competition. I am simply saying that HTC does not currently have as effective of an advertising and marketing strategy as the competition, something they’ll need to fix to ensure any success moving forward.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Marketing helps only if you have something to show. What can show HTC with M8? ALUMINUM? LOL.
      No one cares about the cheap sealed tin can, but apple fans. But they buy only iphones.
      Marketing money for HTC, are money in vain.


    why would be rather saying help? hTC is a strong ,clean and healthy company,i think they are great, plus i have ordered two M8s, awesome phone!

  • Nokguy

    I prefer Desire than this One

  • Clint McKay

    For HTC’s sake, I hope so. They really gotta work on their marketing, as already pointed out. If they cant pull this off, it’ll be really hard for them to sustain as a company… So, they better give it all they got..

  • Lance AKA truthspeaker

    Yes I will definitely buying an M8 I’ve always been an HTC fan but I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 right but I really want to go back to my first love in smart phones HTC so I will be trading in my note 3 and getting a M8! LONG LIVE HTC!

    • Jesus

      lol… fanboi

      • Lance AKA truthspeaker

        Yea I’m a fan of HTC I don’t think they are better than everyone, but I have always liked their devices but I have not owned a HTC in 2 years. So stfu troll

        • Jesus

          troll? Coming from a self admitting fanboy, that’s gold lol

  • dandroid13

    Hopefully they won’t. :D

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      Hopefully they won’t meet their goal? What are you a Samsung zombie?

      • dandroid13

        I just want to see HTC fail, you got a problem with that? Overrated brand, childish executives and marketing, who think that bashing the competition then making it worse with their devices… I don’t get why people like they so much.

        • corona10

          Then why are you commenting on an article about a company you obviously despise? And the last time I checked Samsung was the company that had paid trolls bashing their competition. Sort of like what you’re doing….People like HTC devices because they place a high priority on high quality design and device experience and some people happen to respect that.

          • The-Sailor-Man

            No one despise HTC, but HTC must learn the leson. Not to play Apple, when they have no izombies. ALUMINUM will not help them to sell POS.

        • Josh McMurdo

          lol bashing competition? look at Samsung there buddy. Started with the isheep commercials for the s3 and continues today with the tab pro commercials today

          • dandroid13

            Sure but HTC can’t compete with Samsung. Instead of bashing they should focus on something else like stop being a brand for hipsters.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Lol brand for hipsters? No more like I brand for people who are not sheep. Samsung has not don’t a single original thing in their smart phones since the galaxy note 1. I hope you enjoy your Samsung pay check for being an idiotic troll.

          • dandroid13

            And what about the One being a son of a BB Z10 with the iPhone? So very original…

          • Superprelude

            I don’t remember seeing z10 or iphone have those speakers at the top and bottom, which is the signature of HTC one. Did you just pull stuff out of your back? Or you got script from Samsung to post?

          • dandroid13

            lol, beause if they, Apple would sue them as well. So they put some gimmick to trick a few fools.

          • Superprelude

            If they did what? If HTC One put the speakers at the Top and Bottom?
            Did you say the speakers are gimmick?
            It’s hard to understand what are you trying to say.
            They shouldn’t pay you full wage for this.

          • Lance AKA truthspeaker

            Lol you are funny the HTC is an original design. Looks nothing like an iPhone or are you just saying iPhone is the only company that can use glass and metal on their phones cuz if that’s true go troll the Sony z, z1, and Z2 too and really earn that paycheck from sammy.

        • Lance AKA truthspeaker

          Wow what are you smoking? HTC makes the some of the highest quality devices on the market. That’s why their devices have won phone of the year 2 years in a row. You must be a Samsung fan boy… and yes I do have a problem with you wishing failure on this company they actually put time and effort into making their devices good. Not a lot of companies do that anymore so enjoy your cookie cutter clone of a clone made out of crap plastic phone and I’ll buy a product worth buying.

          • dandroid13

            lol, another “cheap” plastic guy with cheap opinion. It all makes “sense” coming from HTC fanboys.

        • Superprelude

          Err…. Samsung is the one who got fined for paying someone, similar to you, to bash HTC because they want to dominate the market by money, troll, and marketing.

  • Oliv


    My opinion is that in the q3-q4 we will see a decline of big giants like Samsung, HTC because the Chinese company like Oppo, OnePlus are coming hard with good devices/specs/PRICE. Why should I buy the HTC ONE M8 with 600EUR when I can buy the OPPO 7 or 7a for 500/400EUR with the same specs or in case of 7 better? For the look?it is worth to pay 100/200EUR only for the look. HTC=Android Apple.
    Beside the speakers(I have to admit it that HTC nailed it here) if you have to buy again my HTC ONE, sincerely I wouldn`t.
    Anyway this is my opinion so don`t judge me, just pick what ever you want, but make sure that you do a market research before you buy a new smartphone ;)

    • Oliv

      *Beside the speakers(I have to admit it that HTC nailed it here) if I would have to buy again my HTC ONE, sincerely I wouldn`t.

    • corona10

      HTC isnt a giant like Samsung. They only make phones and thats it.

    • Sean Karpa

      Some people prefer to spend the money on a name brand which is typically more likely to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. While I would not doubt that Oppo makes good phones, it is clear that specs aren’t an exact reflection of the real performance.
      Anyway, you are right, everyone gets to pick what is better for their needs. Oppo seems to be making pretty good phones, someone needs to try them for a year or two and relay their experience.

  • BenChapman

    If my previous experience with htc is anything to go by, they’ll need all the luck they can get to hit that 3%. Woeful battery life, sub-par quality (mine was plagued by screen colorization issues and overheating), dud camera and non-existent software updates (among others) – no wonder the company’s been heading south.

    Sorry but you have nobody to blame other than yourselves for the mess you find in today. Fix the poor product quality and you may still have a shot at long-term survival.

    • On a Clear Day

      Everybody keeps saying HTC just needs better “marketing”, , or “If only they had Samsung’s
      advertising budget…” Well, advertising can be helpful, but it cannot make a bad product good or make people buy against their wills or better judgments or do a raising Lazarus from the dead number despite the reality of the marketplace..

      The purpose of advertising is to let people know you, your product or service exist – and
      then, because the behind the scenes marketing department as well as manufacturing departments have done their due diligence in targeting a viable prospect group for whom they have produced a product that answers both the obvious – as well as unspoken needs of that
      prospect group – those people are attracted to your ad, take the time to read it and then allow themselves to be open to considering purchasing your product. It is not some magical panacea or magic wand that can be waved and voila – market success appears.

      Advertising is also extremely expensive – especially if the product doesn’t and can’t gain sufficient traction on its own once word does start to get out – because people simply aren’t willing to buy into it and refuse to buy and or spread the word by word of mouth.

      Unfortunately, I believe HTC has serious problems – spelled with a capital P – that no amount of
      advertising, from whatever slant or approach even the most imaginative ad man could dream up can solve – not the least of which are the problems you alluded
      to BenChapman.

      But, I was wrong – once – and I guess we will see, what we will see and what will be will be. LOL

  • Jesus

    I don’t want to see HTC ‘succeeding’. Reasons:

    1. Value for money… The One M8 is a ripoff compared to other flagships. Aluminium tincan construction? Dual speakers? 4MP camera? Not water / dust resistant? Limited software features and still such a high price?

    – The LG G2, Galaxy S4/5, Nexus 5, Xperia Z2, Moto X…. all the other flagships are much better value for money.

    2. Their ‘marketing’ strategy is a joke. They mock Samsung, as if they are Apple. That’s VERY arrogant… Also their CEO is also very arrogant, just read his quote in this article for instance.

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      Another troll brought to you by Samsung enjoy your paycheck

      • Jesus

        How am I trolling? lol, I wish i was paid (how original), but facts are facts – time to face them.

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  • @derywine

    definitely yes!!! THE one m8 is simply the best phone you could get right now

  • roeshak

    To say that HTC’s problem is marketing is just a refuge for htc fans. Simple fact, HTC hasn’t got much to market. I saw a htc m8 commercials during the European champions league last week and all they showed and spoke of was the phones design. They demonstrated absolutely nothing else of the phone’s features besides boomsound. That’s it really, that’s all htc has to market. Aluminum and boomsound! Well that’s not gonna get them very far. The m8 just doesn’t have that many features. It lags behind. Only those crazy for aluminium love it and most of those are apple fans who ultimately always buy iPhones so no joy there for htc.
    Word of advice to htc, if you want to succeed in the android space, go back to basics and start offering features. For starters, they should at least put a camera on their phone that can at least sit in the same league as the competitions and not this 4mp nonsense!
    At best the m8 will perform just like the m7 did last year. If I had to put money on it, I’d say it’ll do even worse.