HTC loses $1 billion off its market cap in 2 days

by: LucianAugust 8, 2012

HTC’s financial results haven’t been kind to them lately, and neither has the media. All of HTC’s problems have been documented extensively lately, which, in turn leads to shareholders losing trust in the company’s ability to recover. However, this is the sort of thing a public tech company should expect.

Financial dry spells never happen suddenly, even if it may seem so when everything comes crashing down. But the seeds for HTC’s decline were planted a long time ago, at the time when the company started to care more about sales than for its products. This led to HTC churning out a ton of variations of every single phone, just to get a few extra customers. Innovation, something HTC used to be known for, was the collateral victim.

In a word, HTC got lazy. The phone maker also got careless about how it was spending the money earned during the “good times”, like with the failed investments in Beats Audio and S3 Graphics. That money would’ve been better used to research iconic phone designs and actually innovate.

Now, HTC is finally experiencing the outcome of those bad decisions. Their profit dropped by 58% in Q2 this year, compared to a year ago. Their sales dropped by 45% in July compared to the same period last year, and  Q3 is looking bleak. I wouldn’t bet on them recovering in Q4 either, seeing how the new iPhone will come out then.

“HTC’s weak third-quarter outlook means it will continue to lose market share and any market-share gains in China won’t likely offset its substantial loss in its key Europe and U.S. markets,” RBS analyst Wanli Wang told The Wall Street Journal.

Things like these don’t look good to investors at all, which is why HTC’s market capitalization lost $1 billion in value, only in the past two days. This means HTC’s shares have fallen by more than 50% this year. If HTC wants to recover, it better come out with something truly innovative, and then promote their new products heavily, all over the world, the way Samsung did with the Galaxy S3. It would also help if everyone could get the same HTC One X everywhere, instead of various versions; otherwise, it will be much harder for HTC to re-establish a strong phone brand.

  • Peterson Silva

    With the One X force closing apps, thus impairing multitasking, I would not choose the One X even if I could buy it here in Brazil…

    • Hahahaha what are you smoking man? You can’t buy a phone there and yet you give opinions? HTC has another problems. If you had couple HTC phones you would understand the issue ;)

      • Peterson Silva

        Hahahaha what are you smoking, man? You have nothing to say and yet you took the time to answer my comment? ;)

      • Peterson Silva

        Other* problems. smoking,* man… What are you smoking, man? You can’t speak English correctly and yet you give opinions, etc, this could go on all night… *rolls eyes*

    • Yes what are you smoking??? The One X is POWERHOUSE of a phone… I bet you read someone’s bad review and now all hellbent over hating HTC. Try owning one or at least playing with one before you judge….I Don’t care what issues they have going on now, I’m an HTC customer for life

  • FuckBrazil

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    PS – Go pick some coffee and leave the English corrections to native English speakers… mmmmkay, cupcake?

    • NoreenD

      Um, excuse me, “FuckBrazil”, but your comments here in this post are not better. And, no, I’m not talking about your English grammar. I’m referring the message that you’ve sent.

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      Now, back to more android news…

    • Peterson Silva

      It’s so funny how you don’t know anything about me but feel the urge to judge me anyway, like I give a fuck about your priorities in life (like banging women – oh, so mature! Kudos ;] ). I call on sloppy grammar just as I like to be called on for self-improvement, although in such cases I’d only do so politely and with the intention of helping. Now, if somebody tries to downplay my opinion without any actual argument, though (like you, prick), I will call on sloppy grammar, like it or not. U Mad?

  • Cristhian Mejia

    I just got word back regarding my HTC Amaze 4G repair from HTC. They said I have to cough up $250 for a swap because the RF board on the phone is loose and they say it’s physical damage. I got the phone in June, and now it’s out of warranty according to them because of the RF board issue. This is why they’re losing money, people vote with their chocies. Samsung does a better job and to that extent Apple. I was excited about my Amaze 4G and it’s now the first and last time I purchase HTC.