First look at the refined Sense 6 coming on the HTC M8

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 7, 2014

blinkfeed htc m8

A purported screenshot of the homescreen of the upcoming HTC M8 shows on-screen buttons, a familiar look, and a few design tweaks.

We’ve already had a pretty good idea about the hardware and physical appearance of the HTC M8 (i.e.: “strikingly similar” to the HTC One), but now we’ve got our first legit look at the KitKat-based Sense 6, courtesy of the one and only @evleaks.

The most striking thing about the screenshot is, of course, the on-screen navigation bar. With the M8, HTC is said to be finally ditching capacitive buttons in favor of the more flexible and arguably more attractive virtual buttons. Another big change is the move to transparency for the dock background, while the entire theme seems lighter and more cheerful. The refreshed white battery icon is in line with Google’s directions for KitKat, while the icons in the dock seem to have remained unchanged. BlinkFeed, the feed aggregator that HTC first launched a year ago, is also untouched.

blinkfeed htc m8 2

The M8, expected to launch under the HTC One (2014) name, will feature a 5-inch screen, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and an innovative dual camera, while in the design department, HTC will continue on the path opened last year by the well-received One. The device will launch in March, possibly towards the end of the month at a New York event.

  • MasterMuffin

    I like the dark look of Sense 5 more

    • WestFiasco

      That was one of the reasons I bought the HTC phone I have today, it does look good indeed.

    • mrmuffinbaker

      well if you look closely, the icons are designed white with translucent backgrounds

      that means the UI would be designed dark, its just that wallpaper that makes it look bright

    • AussieGreek

      Says the man with the iPad.

      • MasterMuffin

        I don’t know what the problem is with that? I’ve said it many times before, but suddenly it’s a big issue for some. Grow up

    • ichuck7

      Agreed. It was very classy.

    • Johnny Charles Grinter

      Me too.

  • Josh Johnson

    this looks beautiful :-)

  • namesib

    Hideous virtual buttons are ruining the interface.

    • MSmith79

      If the virtual button rumor is true, it’s what will make me a customer. Hate the button design on the 1.

      • namesib

        I don’t like either.

  • Balraj

    I don’t like white status icons of kitkat
    Kinda looks out dated…

  • Adam

    What is the point of releasing a successor with the same specs? I know it’s a rumor but hopefully it won’t end up like the max. If a company is going to sell you something new, don’t have ass it.

  • KillEmAllx

    HTC sure knows about design, both hardware and software. I hope they make a break through this year, their best move would be to work with Google on a Nexus device, or go AOSP-friendly, because damn their phones look good.

    • Sean Karpa

      As a long time iPhone user (I use an Android Tablet now), I stay with Apple due to the hardware. About 95% of the features my 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 have that my iPhone doesn’t, I never use. Like the IR blaster, neat feature, but I haven’t used it since the first month of ownership.

      That said, when I see a phone like the HTC One, it is very tempting to try an Android phone. I find I can get stuff done faster on my iPhone (pure opinion, can’t argue this point), and that my Note seems to require more running in circles. So this is my main worry about switching to an Android. I would like a 4.3-4.7 inch screen but I never watch videos or movies on my phone.

      HTC does make a fine phone and I am glad Android has a nice device that I can see as an alternative to an iPhone.

      • arcwindz

        Well, i don’t know much about apple’s ios7 (got only 6 on my itouch), so i can’t really tell what you mean about being faster. After all different ui means different way of working in android.
        If you want top of the line specs with small footprint, try the z1 compact from sony.
        If you want bigger screen, there are lots of options :)

        • Andrew T Roach

          I think he’s saying he spends more time managing his Note 10.1 and it’s functions when with his iPhone he just gets stuff done.

          • Sean Karpa

            That’s more or less it. Like at times it seems like its hard to keep apps closed and when I just want to view a PDF in the web browser, I am forced to download it (the open it) vs looking at it in Safari and having the option to open it into an app. There are a few cases like this,
            I mean all that said, there is nothing really to complain about now that Samsung has worked out some of the lag issues. The Note 10.1 does other things better (particularly the stylus). Overall, they are both fine OS’s, I prefer having both because it keeps things from getting boring and I can help users of both systems.

            I am sure an experience on something that isn’t Touchwiz would be even nicer.

            I will keep an eye on the HTC One but I expect Apple to release a larger screened iPhone this year. If it’s nice enough, I’ll upgrade and probably keep that for 4 years or so.

          • Shaun Hammond

            I’ve got the current One and it is nice, but Android is starting to annoy me. I’ll be like you, waiting for the big screen iPhone this year, that’s the last thing they haven’t fixed for me yet.

            I will probably pick up the next Nexus 7/8 this year as well. I don’t use tablets at all, but I’d like to have at least something Android to muck around with.

  • Calos

    This looks better than Xperia UI NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dehaha1

    Why why why, for the love of god WHY is no one talking about how absolutely hideous that green color is. Ever since the beginning of Sense 5 I’ve loved it, but that green is sadly enough to make me not want anything to do with the M8.

    • gallardo medicus

      Nub it’s the wallpaper

      • Dehaha1

        I’m not so sure, as it’s on the blinkfeed image too.

    • Just looks to me like we have have the option to chose our own colour and background for the blinkfeed. Which is awesome

      • Dehaha1

        That’s a lot better than what I thought, as that green really doesn’t look good.

  • jack

    HTC should make their UI close to stock android w/ their added exclusive features IMO.

  • Cal Rankin

    I’m digging the onscreen buttons.

  • Jayfeather787

    AOSP is best.

    • Davi Jones

      that my friend is the truth

  • Copper David

    HTC One’s display is better quality than Xperia Z1.

  • ikke

    It will pack a snapdragon 805, not 800…

  • marius santos

    Once again, Android has proven that they always copy Apple’s idea. Since apple launches flat designs everyone’s been copying it. I know Android had already tried FLAT designs before, but it didn’t work out! LOLOLOL. Poor android. :)

    • Cyber Jethro

      Can’t tell if serious?

      Or deluded.

      • Davi Jones

        cyber, I think hes deluded

  • systemupdate

    if sammy doesnt come up with a metal body phone, that is the end of sam.