Rumor: HTC M8 (One 2014) to be available at US Big Four by the end of Q1

November 11, 2013


    We begin to receive more intel on one of the most anticipated devices of early 2014, the HTC M8. The device, which might hit the market as the HTC One (2014) could look similarly to HTC’s current flagship, if a recent leak from China is accurate.

    What about the release date? Everyone expects HTC to release the new One in the first part of the year, but serial phone leaker Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks is a little more concrete: according to Blass’ sources, the device will become available at all four major American carriers by the end of Q1 2014.

    The question is, will HTC manage to avoid the situation from last year, when due to supply problems, it delayed the release of the One, and, some say, missed the brief window of opportunity it had before Samsung’s Galaxy S4 release. That was one of the reasons the company led by Peter Chou reaped smaller profits than it had hoped for in the first part of 2013.

    It’s encouraging to see Verizon on the list, even if it’s not explicitly mentioned. Big Red only released the One in late August this year, dealing another blow to HTC’s financial standing. Hopefully, the new One will enjoy a smoother release across carriers.

    When it launches, the M8 will compete for the public’s attention with the Galaxy S5 (another device that hit the rumor mill early) and possibly a new device from Sony. As for an announcement date, we can speculate that HTC would use either CES or MWC for an official event, though the trend amongst big Android makers is to move away from trade shows in favor of self-hosted announcements.


    • Peter Blanco


    • Amine Elouakil

      In another news the S4 will be released by the beginning of Q2, really…..stating the obvious….

    • Piterson Massenat Desir

      They better flipping put an 8mp ultra pixel in that thing

    • Steven Rodriguez

      What it needs is a larger notification LED with more colour options. The one in the HTC One’s top grill is way to small and basically useless.

      • RanRu

        What about one that managed to light up the whole grill?

    • Kenny Woodard

      -Bigger battery
      -Better camera
      -Maybe some (gimmicky) features so it can compete with other big name phones.
      -Put power button on side, but keep the IR blaster.

      • dodz

        also keep the speakers or make it better

        • frayo

          Speakers are the best you can get on a cell phone already

    • itsadeuce

      How do trends among large Android manufacturers matter when talking about HTC? Why do tech sites continue to treat this bunch of has-beens like they still matter? They had a chance at greatness years ago and they blew it. Move on fanboys.

      • JonDuke19

        Wow… you really are one-dimensional.

        HTC made Android. They were the first to adopt it and make it popular. The HTC One is easily the best phone to be released in 2013.

        It’s not because you see more ads for Samsung and Apple that it means HTC is not a big player.

        And, don’t call people fanboys when you are a sheep.. you just look dumb.

    • jlbora23

      Needs way better camera! 16-20mp
      Larger edge to edge display 5.2-5.4″
      Newest chip up from the 800 & 400 gpu.
      3gb ddr3 ram
      32gb internal storage plus sd slot
      Gorilla glass 3 or newest version
      Keep the boomsound
      if HTC can do these things and really make the camera and all hardware specs and software top shelf, they will have a home run hitter without a doubt!

    • RanRu

      Will it be called the HTC One Two?