More HTC M8 leaks: possible launch date, looks “strikingly” similar to HTC One

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 3, 2014

The M8 is said to look “strikingly similar” to the HTC One

The HTC M8 could launch in late March at New York, says the plugged in @evleaks, but if you were expecting a brand new look, you’re in for a disappointment.

@evleaks has delivered accurate leaks time and again, and HTC is his specialty. In fact, the leaker is so good that his actions drawn the ire of an HTC exec, who publicly accused him of causing millions of dollars’ worth of damages with his tweets.

The leaker’s latest gem relates to the release date of the much anticipated HTC M8, which will soon take the One’s place as HTC’s flagship:

Though there seems to be some uncertainty about it, a release in New York makes sense for the HTC M8. The One launched at a dual event in London and New York in February 2013, but technical issues threw off the synchronization between the two events. New York is close to the headquarters of many big media outlets, so holding a launch event there guarantees some great coverage. As for the date, we haven’t heard any chatter about the M8 launching this month, so March seems like a good bet, considering that HTC can’t afford to give Samsung and its Galaxy S5 a head start. The S5 is rumored to launch in March, with in store availability by the end of April. @evleaks also chimed in on the M8’s appearance:

This is not a surprise: alleged leaked images of the M8 as well as cases made for the device show that HTC is going for the tried and true look of the original One. The phone may come in four color options and feature onscreen buttons instead of capacitive keys, but overall it’s going to look very much like the HTC One.

  • Shark Bait

    Good! its a nice looking phone, not sure what htc will name it though?

    • MasterMuffin

      I actually like the HTC One Two idea :DD

      • Amine Elouakil

        One Two, One Two, One Two, personnal trainner lol?

        • Baka3

          Or an 80’s rapper. Mic check one, two, one, two.

    • KingofPing

      Last I heard it was simply going to be the HTC One.

    • Gerard

      HTC DOS

  • thadjudda1

    okay.. so what’s the since of getting it? I already have the HTC One witch I absolutely love & right now there’s no phone with a Screen that is Better Period! that may change in a few months.. But I’m not one to have to have the latest version of something, it’s gotta be a lot better to grab my attention and money

    • Chris

      HTC One V2

    • Ben Edwards

      The Nexus 5 screen kicks the stink out of the One’s screen, as does the G2 screen.

      Plus the M8 sounds like it’s addressed everything wrong with the One (huge, ugly bezels, stupid key layout, poor battery etc.).

      • thadjudda1

        1.dude you need to check the ppi on the Nexus 5 vs the HTC One before you make that statement.. or.. or.. put both phones side by side & search picture Web browser do whatever you need to & you’ll see HTC One is way sharper & it’s not even Close!
        2. as for the M8, as of today you haven’t even seen the Phone so how are you gonna make a case by quoting rumored Specs?
        3. with that said… I have to be honest, I do hope you’re Right about the Rumored Specs LOL!!.. so I can buy the M8 cuz it sounds Great!

        • Ben Edwards

          Sorry, probably should have prefixed that with “In my opinion”. I have had them all side by side (I have an N5, workmate has a One and boss has a G2) and I personally prefer the screens on the LGs to that on the One.

          Like I said, “sounds like”, as in yes I acknowledge they are rumoured specs but it’s the best we have to go on, and to be honest if HTC deliver anything worse that what’s been rumoured so far then they’re truly sunk.

      • Amine Elouakil

        Thje one screen is superior to the N5 screen by any metric you want to compared them

        • Ben Edwards

          Are you trying to dictate my personal preference?

          • Amine Elouakil

            “The Nexus 5 screen kicks the stink out of the One’s screen, as does the G2 screen.”
            I don’t see any reference to it being your opinion (if there was one I woudn’t replied to you, as everyone has it own opinion and it should be respected), as for my comment I didn’t state an Opinion I stated a fact : metrics comparaison.

          • Ben Edwards

            Check my comment below.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      regardless of rumors it will heave better specs, that’s the point of making a new version or succesor and the reason to make you want to buy it. I don’t fault them in the design, as a matter the design itself is a huge part in selling the device. that’s why I wanted one

  • Amar

    How about HTC one+ !

    • jjordan

      I think they should simply call it the HTC 2

  • namesib

    I wonder if this will receive the same flak Samsung did for the S4’s design.

    • Amine Elouakil

      No it won’t because HTC Never reused it design, ever while Samsung always did not to mention that Samsung design was ugly or atleast unappealing in the opinion of many to begin with, the M8 will probably have some difference, but I believe HTC won’t change it manufacturing process that took alot of investiment and time to master and this is the opportunity to make it a little bit more profitable

      • Jesus


        • Amine Elouakil

          how about arguing the point? You mad brah?

          • amine aussie shill


          • Amine Elouakil

            Mad brah? can’t argue brah? thank you for helping me prove my point :)

          • StrictlyGeeky

            Children. smh

          • Jesus

            Not mad…. ‘brah’.

            My point is that you’re a fanboy, hence your opinion is very bias, thus your input is shite.

            Do you think you’re cool, brah?? Why so angry?

          • AussieGreek

            Enjoying your plastic crap , shte camera, and shite sounding nexus with a shite battery?

          • Jesus

            i don’t have a samsung you silly kangaroo f*ker. Also, lol… shte camera? Lol… You have a 4mp… sorry, “ultra pixel” camera hahaha, know your place. Aussies…

          • Amine Elouakil

            So mad! chill brah!

          • Amine Elouakil

            Bias =/= facts, I presented facts and you didn’t, keep trying brah. You are the fanboy here when you bring some arguments to the table we can have a proper discussion brah! lol I’m not the one who started flaming and calling other people stuff like fanboi to begin with so no You are the one mad here brah!

          • Jesus

            opinions =/= facts, brah.

          • Amine Elouakil

            Ok lets see, so what are the opinions you are talking about? the fact that HTC Never reused it design for it flag ship? this is a fact : ……Diamond/HD/G1//HD2/Desire/Evo/DesireHD/Evo3D/Sensation/Evo4G/G2/OneX/Butterfly/DNA/One… they do not look like one another, all have their own design queues.

            What else? HTC One design was awarded and is regarded as one of the best design of a phone right now, this is a fact, it got several design award.

            Anything else about my comment is an opinion? the S3/S4 design reused by Samsung in all it range? this is also a fact, the Note2, the Mega even their low end devices like the Galaxy Trend use the same boring design! and yes the design of the S3/S4 was not very well accepted this is also a fact, as it stired all the forums/blogs even reviewers said it’s boring.

            Are all these my opinions? NO they are facts and lol just shag your self I’m not australian brah.

  • jonny fresh

    maybe the next One will be The HTC One Two Three, ? ^^

  • Bobby Wright

    I wouldn’t change the look much either. Its a beautiful device. As far as the name, Maybe they can call it the HTC “dual” ?

    • poop

      Why not Duo?

      • htcLOLZ

        How about “Deuce”? Most suitable name for a HTC phone.

      • Bobby Wright

        I believe there is a phone called the HTC max duo already. I could be wrong though..

  • Jayfeather787

    Well I like the HTC One so this is welcome.

  • asian101

    Tried and tested design, yes. Beautiful phone, yes again. Too bad the original One didn’t sell well. Let’s hope HTC will bring in significant changes, especially in the camera performance. If HTC die hard fans will argue that there is nothing wrong with HTC One’s 4mp “Ultrapixel” camera, and if we get the same thing again, lord forbid…