htc m8 leak gray (4)

The latest leaked images of the HTC M8 could be genuine, if one insider is to be believed.

We’ve seen several M8-related “leaks” surfacing over the last couple of weeks, though some of them have been shot down by people who are supposedly familiar with HTC’s new lineup. Among them is Shen Ye, an UK-based ROM developer and producer for XDA-Developers TV, who has a good reputation within the HTC community and has made accurate predictions related to HTC devices in the past.

The latest two images that supposedly show the HTC M8 surfaced on Google Plus, seemingly showing the device in a dark grey/gunmetal finish. We see the dual-tone flash that’s almost guaranteed to make an appearance in the actual product and that mystery secondary camera on the back of the device. On the front, we see the HTC logo in the middle of the rather sizeable “bezel” below the display. We’ve seen this feature in other pics, as well in the leaked press shot of the upcoming Desire 8, a new mid-ranger that HTC will presumably unveil at MWC.

htc m8 leak gray (1) htc m8 leak gray (5)

Shen Ye commented on Twitter that the shot is real, and deemed the render that Russian website HTCFamily made based on it, as close to the real thing. Here’s the render:

htc m8 leak gray render

The same Shen Ye said in the past that the HTC M8 would come up in four color options. Now the developer extended the range to five, adding gold to the previously rumored silver, dark grey, red and blue.

While it’s fun to comment on rumors and leaks of varying credibility, we’re still pining for some official clarification on this. According to HTC execs interviewed by Reuters last week, the invitations for the HTC M8 launch event should pop up in journalists’ inboxes in about a week. According to @evleaks, the device will launch in New York, sometime in late March.

The successor to the HTC One will come with a 5-inch Full HD display and probably an improved UltraPixel camera. Just like with the physical design of the M8, there won’t be major changes on the software side; we expect Sense 6 to bring refinements to BlinkFeed and the other features that HTC introduced last year on the One.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • TweoBeo

    Looks like a cheap version of the HTC One, will also sell shitty.

    • Ben Jowett

      I completely disagree, htcs phones are great!

      • Maxim∑

        yeah the HTC One max is AMAZING………………………………………………..

  • Jayfeather787

    Gold again? Sigh. Other than that, I like the new design and I really want it to look like that.

    • MasterMuffin

      I’ll rather get horrible plastic than gold!

      • MadCowOnAStick

        …what if it was real gold?

        • MasterMuffin

          The price would be ridiculously high :)

          • MadCowOnAStick

            imagine losing it :o

          • MasterMuffin

            I wouldn’t use that!

  • Hopeful

    That logo strip on the front could be a dealbreaker

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Less bezels please.

  • Brendon Brown

    Looks nice, I’d buy.

  • MasterMuffin

    Looks really bad. Bring on the dislikes!

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      If that’s the final, HTC has truly redefined “good” looking design. For their sake, I hope either this is a prototype, or the phone is so kickazz as to transcend outward appearance. #NotTheReasonToStopAndStare lol

      • MasterMuffin

        If the phone is “kickazz”, then the looks are okay

        • j7981

          Did they ever settle on an official name?
          Because the HTC Kickazz is a name that would definitely stand out.

  • Poopik Shmill

    the huge black bezel at the bottom is hideous.
    They should have put the on screen button there

    • Jesus

      but we love the HTC logo.

  • KillEmAllx

    That bottom bezel is just horrible. Why would they implement onscreen nav-buttons but keep the black space and the logo?
    I think this is the move that will kill HTC, unfortunately.

    • Bishop

      That makes no sense. If they were going to leave that blank space for the HTC logo, then they should have stayed with capacitive buttons. A 5 inch screen phone that will unnecessarily have on screen buttons seems silly when they have so much space for the capacitive buttons.

    • TweoBeo

      They are indeed retarded.

      This is probably what happened at HTC.

      “Hey a lot of people are complaining about the bezel of the HTC One.”
      “Yeah I heard it, well let’s remove the capactive buttons, but keep the HTC logo”
      “Sound like a great idee, because everybody loves the HTC logo on the front, we can see that clearly in the sale figures.”

      R.I.P HTC 2014.

      • Amine Elouakil

        I’m sorry to say this but what is retarded is this kind of comment.

        Engineering constraint and decision aren’t that simple to solve.

        And maybe it doesn’t have software button but hardware one. there are leaks that show hardware buttons.

        • TweoBeo

          How much did you get paid for this comment? A free HTC One 2?

          • Amine Elouakil

            I’m not payed, can you stick to the point or can’t you hold an argument in a civilized way. And thank you for proving my point, what’s retarded here is your comment.

          • TweoBeo

            Proving my point? Look at that phone, it’s HUGEEE. Those boom sound speakers sound nice, but for a company that is in real trouble I expect something better than this elephant in the room. Phones from HTC are lager than the competition and they even use outdated hardware, like that S600 in the HTC One Max, which was even priced higher than the Galaxy Note 3. Come on, this company is failing badly.

          • Amine Elouakil

            Your second comment proves my initial point, calling people stuff without backing up you words, but lets keep it at that.

            This phone is not huge by any mean, the original wasn’t huge either and many other manufacturers has huge bezel for a reason on another and most of the time they are technical, I can name the iPhone, Sony Xperia phones….ect ect. Why they are in real trouble? for reusing the same award winning design? the One had the exact same black bezels and was it an issue? you don’t make sense at all

            Outdated hardware? The One came out 2 months before the S4 and both have the same S600, the One max has the S600 for a logical reason which is the one you see above, it doesn’t make sense to make a flagship with the S800 to release a couple of month later another flagship witht he same specs, and this is what will happen to Samsung the S5 and the N3 will have the exact same specs. Also the One Max is cheaper than the Note 3 and by a marging, I can quote the price for 20+ countries where the phone is available, it’s not because the Phone is imported in your country that it means it’s the rule (the One Max is not launched in Canda and I’ve answered this before), So before speaking none sense please check MSRP price and shop prices (and for reference the One Max is around 50 to 150€ cheaper depending on where you check).

            Any other argument ?

          • madmills92

            Bravo good sir , I have to say they were all very good points , credit where credit is due.

          • nebsif

            or just bad/underpaid engineers, next thing ur gonna tell us Sony has the most washed out display on the market for a reason (and if thats water proofing that degrades over time, it sure aint worth it)

          • Amine Elouakil

            There is no such a things as underpaid engineers in Taiwan, Bad engineers ? so the One is a bad product please go ahead and tell me what bad about it ?, it has the best and most complex manufacturing process on the market, it has many innovations such it sound quality…ect

            Sony screens are washed out for a reason, and you obviously don’t know why, it’s not because the engineers are bad but because when you engineer a product you have to make compromises sometimes to increase your marging and make your product profitable, and the screen is the most expensive part of smartphones today, making, getting a lower quality screen makes your marging bigger hence Sony making money and HTC despite both selling the same amount of smartphones more or less

          • TweoBeo

            I said WAS, learn to read. In my own country the price is still even higher, nobody seems to want, for good reasons of course. You act like you are owning everyone here, while you couldn’t be more wrong.

            Why they are in real trouble? for reusing the same award winning design? the One had the exact same black bezels and was it an issue? you don’t make sense at all

            Because THEY ARE LOSING money and the smartphone business is their only business, nobody wants to buy their products.

            Outdated hardware? The One came out 2 months before the S4 and both have the same S600, the One max has the S600 for a logical reason which is the one you see above, it doesn’t make sense to make a flagship with the S800 to release a couple of month later another flagship with the same specs, and this is what will happen to Samsung the S5 and the N3 will have the exact same specs.

            Samsung will always opt for the latest hardware, while HTC will always opt for something in between. How are you going to compete with a Galaxy Note 3 – that is higly popular because it was the first phablet – with the same old hardware that you introduced 6 months earlier. It’s just getting a bit sad.

            You are looking at HTC through the eyes of a fanboy, while i’m the one pointing out things where they should immediately improve or else they will die very quickly.

          • Amine Elouakil

            The Launch price of both the Note 3 is more expensive than the One max, was or is it doesn’t matter, so what’s your country? Canada you said so a couple of days ago, and I’ve answered this the One Max is NOT OFFICIALLY launched there, also a quick check on internet and I managed to find One Max at 600 CAD which about the same price as the Note3.

            They are losing money not because they are making bad products, it’s the opposite, They have very small marging, because of manufacturing process, materials used….ect ect, unlike their direct competitor, and last I checked HTC is still selling millions of devices every quarter so you are totally wrong, it’s not because are not buying their product, it’s because they don’t have enough marging in their product right now and the break even point is huge for them.

            As for the outdated hardware you were proven wrong and I can add to this, The One X (released before the S3 and the same S4 SoC … … ..) With the One Max they are competing with the Note 3, they aren’t even on the same market, the One Max is for multimedia consumer people, that want a bigger screen to watch their movies or play their games, having the best screen in class, or the best audio in class… ect

            No you are looking at this from a hater perspective, I presented facts and proven you wrong so keep it up

          • Roberto Richardson

            I think the key difference between HTC’s and Samsung’s success is most likely due to marketing. Hardware isn’t everything. A high grade processor without optimizing the software to match affects the experience negatively. As long as the actual use isn’t laggy, I see no problem with whatever hardware is inside. The iPhone is a perfect example of that, especially at the beginning of the new smartphone era. Remember when the Nexus One had a 1Ghz processor yet android’s software was still in it’s early stages when lag was present nearly everywhere. The iPhone at that time came with half the power but twice the performance.

        • Jesus

          …With the small bezels, Samsung can do it. LG can do it. Sony can do it (sort of).

          Why not HTC?

          • Amine Elouakil

            Samsung does not have a small Bezel, only LG Does, Sony Xperia phones have huge bezels, Apple iPhone has huge bezels, Huawai phones has huge bezels, Panasonic phones has huge bezels, I think that the black accent add to the effect (besides the Boomsound) that it’s huge which is not really the case if you compare it side by to side to a Z1 for example.

            As from a technical perspective I’ve answered this before(my opinion) on the previous artical about leaks if you want more informations

          • Jesus

            I odn’t know what we’re talking about anymore. But if LG has small bezel, then so does the Samsung. I’m talking about bottom / top bezel; the Galaxy S4 and the G2 are practically the same in top/bottom bezel size.

          • Amine Elouakil

            No they aren’t, the S4 has a smilar bezel size as the Nexus 5 not the G2, The G2, the N5 and the S5 has almost the same dimensions,with each having repectively screen size of 5.25″, 4.99″ and 4.95″ screens. The only Samsung phone that has a tiny bezel is the Note3, but that’s an exception to the rule, and HTC Alaso has devices that have tiny bezels (of course since they don’t have the boomsound).

            And of course I didn’t take Samsung as a reference for my argumentation, since they make 12154121546554141521 smartphones and there must be some a few here they managed to have a small bezel, but nothing comes close to the G2 right now. On the other hand I mentioned some brands with bezels as big if not bigger than the One in terms of bezel

      • cizzlen

        Lol my thoughts exactly.

      • Fred Chiang

        sigh this is just a leak/rumor… calm down jesus. at least wait until the phones announced before calling it retarded?

    • nebsif

      So practically the phone stays 4.7 inch but becomes even longer #htcfail
      + the asymmetry of the bottom bezel and top bezel is just hideous, much more than it is on GS3 for example

  • Dave Weinstein

    Really? You’re all complaining about the bottom bezel and the HTC logo?

    What about he 2013-level specs? They’re launching a 1080p device when everyone else is releasing 2K devices. And they’re using a Snapdragon 800 when a 2014 device should be using a 805. And, and, and.

    This device seems like a phone that should have been launched 6 (or more) months ago and is very late to market. Wait, it IS a phone that’s 6 months late to market, we were seeing spy shots of the thing at least 6 months ago!

    Considering that it will be launched as HTC’s “cutting edge” flagship, it’s just not competitive. Perhaps as a mid-range option, but that’s not what they’re selling.

    • TweoBeo

      Yeah I know, but that is caused by the fact that chip suppliers don’t like working with HTC. They aren’t selling much these days, look at the epic fail of the One Max, which came out with a Snapdragon 600 in the last quarter. Companies like Qualcomm rather work with Samsung, Sony and LG. These companies have money and aren’t on the verge of dying.

      • Amine Elouakil

        The S5, G2 Pro, the Z2 will have the S800 please get your fact straight instead of hating for the sake of hating.

        • TweoBeo

          HTC will probably opt for the Snapdragon 600.

          • Amine Elouakil

            lol I’ve said this before you are just hating for the sake of hating, you lack any objectiveness, not like every single leak till now said it’s an S800 or better till now, but whatever you say.

    • madmills92

      The 805 isn’t available yet, the s5 won’t have it either and the 2k display nonsense is just that nonsense on a phone screen the 1080p pixel density is all ready higher than the human eye can distinguish from average viewing angels , I mean are people really gonna sit there with there noses to the screen counting pixels ? A little extra ram/ a cheaper price is what it needs more than more pixels

      • Dave Weinstein

        805 is eminent. Probably a bunch of announcements at MWC.

        • Amine Elouakil

          Qualcomm them selfs said the S805 won’t available for consumer product till mid Q2, yes there will be devices presented with the demo unites of the S805 but not launched before late Q2 and probably not before Q3

    • Amine Elouakil

      2K screan? 2048×1080? you mean 1440p ? all Flagships coming in Q1 Q2 2014 will have the S800 that’s includes the S5 the G2 Pro, the Z2 and the One.

      • Dave Weinstein

        Yes, 2K if either 2560×1440 or 2560×1600. Silly naming convention, but I’m just using it, I didn’t invent it.

        The jury is still out on 800 vs. 805. The G2 Pro is only 1080p device and is underwhelming in its own way.

        • Bishop

          You’re correct in calling it 2k as 2560×1440 falls under 2K, just like 1920×1080 is 2K. 2K Is just a marketing term like HD. But like with HD, they try to diferrentiate the different resolutions, which is why 1280×720 and 1920×1080 fall under the HD terms, but we differenciate the two. It’s best that they are calling it QHD since they will not end up marketing the higher resolutions as 1440p and 2160p. They will now focus on the horizontal resolution.

        • Amine Elouakil

          It’s not underwhelming, Samsung devices might need extra ressources due to their inefficient software, but the other might need as much to perform better. There is no Jury about it Qualcomm them selfs said the chip won’t be mass produced till the end of Q2 of the 805 (while production has already started it’s going to ramp like with any industry and this take time and they’ll have no where enough to supply the demand of anyone).

          The deal is clear, any device released during Q1 will have the 800, there might 805 variants later on, but tbh the difference between the 805 and the 800 in it’s most powerfull variant is only on the GPU side for the rest they are basically the same

  • madmills92

    Ooof that thing has too many ugly features, even the “sleek unibody design” doesn’t smarten it up.
    What’s with the non-symmetrical speakers , the huge bottom bezel , the overly-rounded edges .
    Looks like some Chinese knock off or at the least some kind of m8 mini

  • Mike Bastable

    Can you hear the death bells ringing? Truly awful design, looks like a knock-off, the bezels are huge. HTC needs a homerun on this and if these images are true they have struck out again. The clock is definitely ticking down on what was once the best OEM for innovative attractive Android phones. A REAL shame. Ho hum…the new LGs look good…..

    • TweoBeo

      I can hear the very clearly.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Don’t like the bezel buy an LG, you want premium phone with the best built quality, material and process get a One simple as thing, it’s nice that Android OEMs offer choice, but some people just like to criticize for the sake of doing so, I’m pretty sure the One bezel is smaller than 90%+ of the phones if we don’t count the boomsound speaker.

    As for me, it will most likely be my next, final judgement when I’ll hold it on my hand and compare to it rivals, the current One was a jewel and nothing came close in terms of smoothness (while I tried a Nexus 5 and it’s definitly very smooth maybe smoother but Chrome….), and multimedia I/O quality.

  • Jimmybro

    i seem to recall seeing another leaked image that showed the phone without the front logo that seemed like the actual thing (eg. asymmetrical speakers, front camera and sensor placement, round edges). i hope this image is the prototype and the one i mentioned the the final one. otherwise, i can see that this is going to be one long phone top to bottom.

  • Josh Johnson

    This could have been the perfect phone. Remove the bottom bezel and fill it up with screen

  • Julian Essex-Spurrier

    Meet the HTC Flask…

  • Brendon Brown

    What if the HTC logo vanishes and makes software buttons ! :D

  • cizzlen

    The Galaxy S5 is rumored with an almost bezel-less display and meanwhile HTC does this? I loved my One but I’m going to be looking elsewhere this year.

    • RusticKey

      If your phone is still great, I’d recommend you to keep it. I have a feeling that the S5 just won’t be worth buying.

      • cizzlen

        Yeah it’s getting pretty laggy actually but perhaps you’re right and I should wait for the G3!

        • RusticKey

          Great choice! Well, I’m personally waiting for the Note 5 or something.
          Or at least a decent pro-5.5 inch device other than the Note line.

      • RusticKey

        I was right, maybe I guess I should trust my guts more; the S5 wasn’t all that interesting.

  • Noel

    If these pics are the real deal…My million dollar QUESTION will be, What is wrong with HTC, why do they have to constantly do this to themselves with their flagships? Why the hell will they still need that huge black bezel on the bottom of the screen. That is valuable screen space if they gonna make the device that big Or shrink it by taking off that black band. I hope it isn’t so HTC…pls i hope not.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    I think people are overreacting about the bottom bezel…

  • RusticKey

    Dangit, at least they could’ve tried and made the phone shorter. That black bottom bezel makes no Sense if they could do it at the top.
    Also with that overly shiny finish, I have the highest hope in the world that this isn’t the final product.

  • Kassim

    Did anyone else look at that shiny metal finish and think…”fridge-freezer”?


    Just me…?


  • Brian Shieh

    I wished the HTC logo would go on the front. It’s a waste of space and they apparently did nothing to state why the logo remains without the capacitive buttons. Unless the navigation is done by swiping like on the yotaphone, there is no point for the silly button

  • madmills92

    The more i look at this the more it seems like it’s the m8 mini :/

  • talarico

    For me to even remotely consider the M8 (or whatever it will be called):

    – It needs at least an 8 mp(ultrapixel) camera.

    – and at least a 3000 mAh battery.

  • Cody Lamson

    The bezel on the bottom is atrocious and the back looks like a time capsule themed dildo. I really hope this is fake.

  • Cody Lamson

    Also, HTC really needs to put the power button on the side. 5″ phones shouldn’t have a top mounted button. Its much too far of a stretch.

    • Noel

      Yup I agree…I wrote abt a similar point when the Butterfly came out.

  • Common HTC

    HTC’s Fix list (DO IT OR I LEAVE)
    1. Make the top speaker grill same size as the bottom
    2. Move the front camera further right
    3. Move the light and proximity sensor to the top centre parallel to the speaker
    4. Finish the aluminium in matte please, makes less fingerprints and looks better with the chamfered edges
    5. Bloody get rid of that HTC logo and the empty space, or put capacitive buttons back in!

  • Libano-Barcelonais

    i think HTC are not that dumb to make such a move (in keeping the large brezel at the bottom and apply on screen bottons!)
    in the pictures nothing says that the black at the bottom does not include captive bottons … rumors only from here and there … i think there are captive bottons and the HTC logo will play as the home botton ! of course … this is what i think ..
    in any case .. we shall see very soon …

  • The only way I see the HTC logo being useful is if they mapped a power button into it. Something that people can tap to turn the phone on and off, but it wouldn’t really be practical necessarily. Otherwise, what the hell were they thinking?

  • João Grácio

    OMG god those bezel is huge…To be honest the current htc one seems more like a 2014 then this M8.

  • João Grácio

    Power button on top again….Are you serious HTC?

  • Rijoenpial

    I noticed now that they are blatantly copying the two-tone flash on the iPhone 5s… And that HTC logo bezel… Man, what a terrible waste of space… That’s what, a full inch wasted? With the sound speakers and HTC logo, this phone’s 5,2 inches are justified… It must be the equivalent of the iPhone 5 against the 4s, taller and yet not wider… LOL Jokes aside, I hope HTC markets it this time and in the right way, because if the phone’s existance is not out there, how can they expect it to sell well? And number two, make midrange and entry phones as well… Risking it all on a high-end device on an already saturated high-end market is suicidal… Cheers

  • Tommy

    It’s a hell of a smartphone. It’s an imperfect one, sure. The camera still trades resolution for features, but the features tend to be pretty compelling, and it’s not like you aren’t able to take some beautiful shots. That’s probably our single complaint about the new HTC One. And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.