Alleged HTC M8 image leaks, shows off the device’s front

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 11, 2014


Earlier this month, @htcfamily_ru brought us one of the first leaked images of what is allegedly the back of the HTC M8 (above, to the right). While the validity of the image is still up in the air, the design at least fit in very well with previous rumors suggesting that the device would have a dual camera system. Now the Russian-based HTC Family is back with a second image (above, to the left), this time showing off the front of the device.

Although it’s not guaranteed that the image is the genuine article, the HTC M8 in the photo once again follows the rumored design language for the M8: this time including a design that is without physical buttons. It is also interesting to note that the M8’s screen shows off Traditional Chinese characters, which are commonly used in Taiwan as opposed to the simplified characters found in mainland China. Considering that HTC is a Taiwanese company, this seems to lend a bit more credence to the idea that this is a legitimate photo of the next-gen HTC One out of Taiwan.

As you can see, the HTC M8 looks strikingly similar to the last-gen model, aside from the lack of physical buttons and the inclusion of what may be some form of LED notification light on the right side of the upper speaker.

So is this the real deal? Only HTC knows for sure, though speculation is advised. Still, with all the rumors we’ve heard about the HTC M8, even if this isn’t a legit photo, odds are the actual device will come out looking pretty close to this.

What do you think of the design of the HTC M8 based on the leaked images and rumors? Glad to see that they aren’t reinventing the wheel with the handset’s design, or were you hoping for a dramatic departure from the HTC One’s design language?

  • AndroidBoss

    I like the software keys and the thin bezels.

    • dogulas

      Except the bottom bezel…

      • AndroidBoss

        Yeah… I just noticed that.
        There is a big HTC logo on the back, why not just get rid of the one on the front?

        • slimdizzy

          Yay for an unusable bottom 1 inch of your device due to speaker, black HTC bezel and now the soft keys!

          • AndroidBoss

            I know right, I love that HTC logo.

  • As long as it performs as well as the current One, the build quality is the same or better and the camera is much improved, I’m in for it!

    • Tanner Hoyt

      It’s basically the exact same but with better specs. In other words, freakin’ sweet.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    That looks ugly

    • Uncle Ruckus

      Definitely. I prefer the original design of the One…even with it’s awkward capacitive buttons.

    • Kassim

      Ugly is just the wrong word…

      I mean, come on – design-wise, it looks exactly almost the damn same as the original for crying out loud (unless you also thought the first one was ugly, which is ofc another matter)!

      I would use the word “ungainly” because they made the area where the original capacitive buttons were even more useless/under-utilised than it was before…a lose-lose situation.

      And if that’s a 5″ screen nestled in there, it’s going to be even more stretched for one-handed use since the whole footprint wil have had to get bigger.

      I call bullshit on this image ’cause it makes no sense. Someone had a bit of Photoshop time here…

      • Grman Rodriguez

        The original One is gorgeous, but this is more curved, making it lose on it’s elegance. Also the logo and capacitive buttons look awful.

        • Kassim

          Personally, this image below demonstrates how bullshit the image yesterday was – this one is far more viable.

          Kudos to all who thought that was even viable…in the least!

          Peace out…

  • master5hake

    So they got rid of the soft keys, but left the space where the soft keys??

    • AndroidBoss

      Hopefully this isn’t the final model…

      • Shark Bait

        its probably a fake, I made something similar in 5 mins on my chromebook! that shows how easy it is to fake

        • AndroidBoss

          Nice lol.

  • AndroidBoss

    New features and specs are a nice thing, however the current HTC One looks better.

  • dogulas

    All for the sake of that HTC logo on the bottom, they leave that huge space?

  • J_Pod

    Why asymmetric speaker grills? Why the large HTC-logo waste of space on the bottom? Why? My HTC One cringes at it’s successor.

  • dandroid13

    Still crappy, with more gimmick.

  • José Martins Neto

    HTC designs are the worst… seriously guys…

    • Finley

      You pompous wanker

      • namesib

        Lol wtf?

      • José Martins Neto

        Seriously… it is like a chinese larger iPhone running Android. They had beautiful phones back in the HTC One X+

  • Dehaha1

    I wish I could say that it was beautiful, but sadly, I must say that I don’t like it that much, like at all.

    The original One is way better. This one is to rounded.

  • Groud Frank

    HTC 1S

  • E

    This has to be fake. Why would the top speaker grill be smaller then the bottom one? The One has the fromt camera more on the right, compared to that one in order to fit the same size speaker grill.

  • Kepas

    That is SO wrong…

  • moein

    bad design,,,,very look like HTC ONE,AND WHY HTC DONT USE FINGERPRINTER?

  • Harvey

    Immersive Mode? :P

    Hopefully HTC can draw something better than it. It would be better to have soft keys, or even just get rid of the entire black in the front and go for something new. ” Innovation “

  • João Grácio

    Bezels everywhere….Why HTC ?

  • Luka Mlinar

    Guess this is the end of the road for HTC. Shame :(

  • CookieDude_2332

    Even though it has a large bezel (which i pray is the finger print sensor or there is no reason for it), I feel like this is still gonna be a smashing phone. I currently own a HTC One and have had one for about 8-9 months. There are sooooo many great phones i wouldn’t mind switching to (Nexus 5 & LG G2) but i can’t as i love the speakers on the phone too much (due to a tremendous amount of time spent on YouTube).
    So i do hope that this meets my expectations.

  • M3D1T8R

    Hopefully this isn’t final. Not a big fan of the more rounded corners. And they could get rid of the HTC logo, or if they must have it, still reduce that blank logo space to half as tall as this. The side bezels could be smaller as well. If they’re making it with 5″ screen, it better still be smaller overall than the current One (or my over year old DNA with 5″ screen), especially the width. And I want a 64GB option if there’s no SD slot, as I assume with an all alum design.

    In any case, eagerly awaiting seeing the final design. It’s still looking like the most promising device this year since the switch to correct on screen buttons. Maybe a Moto X2 will be interesting but who knows now with the sale to Lenovo.

  • Andrew Hope

    Looks like this will be the last flagship HTC will ever make if this is all they’ve come up with…I’m totally underwhelmed. What was the point of switching to soft keys if you still use the same gap underneath for the bloody logo?! The bezels on the sides still look identical. Yes, curving the metal around the sides & ditching the plastic is good though. The camera is gonna have to be a big spec bump also, although 5mp front facer as rumoured would be cool. I’m gonna hold out judgement, for now, because I still don’t believe this is real, but it could be that Sony get my money this year or I might even just stick with my HTC One for now…

    • Amine Elouakil

      Any phone comming out in Q1 2014 will not have the S805, this was said several times, the S5, Sony whatever it is, the LG G2 Pro …. will have an S800. All the phones coming out in Q1 2014 will have the same specs, appart maybe some will have more ram to cope with their laggy/buggy software.

  • Devo

    The screen is already off center on the original one with its horrible bezel, on top of bezel design, now it’s bezel, on top of bezel with soft keys pushing the main display even more off center… “But the use of its metal body is so mergerd pretty” looks like 3, ugly phones put into one horrible phone.

    • CJB

      Exactly! The off-center screen is the exact reason I didn’t purchase the first version (M7). Wanting to keep the HTC logo in front of your face is killing the flow of a beautiful device.

  • Shaun Hammond

    This better not be the final design. Corners are way too round, no need for that line of blank space with just a logo on it, get rid of it, the speakers and front camera/sensors are way too squished together and the back looks rather messy now. Is the One that I’m holding in my hand HTC’s fluke?

    • Amine Elouakil

      They are exactly the same corners as the original one look at back picture, the front picture has the edges hidden by the flap cover edges.

      As for the logo see my comment above

  • namesib

    LMAO don’t you love the wasted bezel space created by onscreen buttons?

    Samsung has it right.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Looks neet, I’m curious to know, the reason behind the “HTC besel” is it technical (they didn’t have enough room to pack too camera on top and they had to come up with some space for the hardware) or is it due to the screen size/keeping the same dimensions as the One (so they can use the same manufacturing process which also makes sense) and finally maybe it’s because they don’t have room for the branding elsewhere due to the boomsound speakers, bur most likely the reason behind it is a combination of the above.

  • wat

    Looks shit, RIP HTC

  • Kassim

    Personally, I’m more inclined to believe this leaked image below (from Techradar) relative to the one above in this article.

    Now, this new leak may still not be the real deal but, how many would openly confess to believe that Photoshop job above over this newer leak?

    Certainly not me…

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    No way this is an M8. Might be a prototype, likely someone’s conceptualization (everyone gets upset at saying Photoshop). With the rumored larger screen, this thing would be close to 7 inches tall. Redonq. While HTC may not always turn out the prettiest phone, surely they wouldn’t market that. Anyway… Interested to see the real finished product.

  • John Jb Bruce

    Why have the soft keys in the screen instead of outsid it and have huge ass HTC logo below but above the speaker taking up screen space. Looks like it’s been photoshop

  • ben moliere

    The fact is everything we have seen as leaks exist just to throw off the competition. Before the One last year, images were poping up till two days before the expo. When the day arrived, they beat all expectations in both specs and design. Call me crazy but I personally expect both specs and frontal design to be better than 80 to 90 % of the said picture leaks. I have been an HTC fan since before iPhone was even conceived. I have watched them developed into an excellent company despite theur financial issues. I believe they are smart enough to understand that in order for them to gain a good share of the smartphone market, they have to deliver something better than the rumors are suggesting.